27 Fun Water Balloon Games to Play with Your Kids! 2021

27 Fun Water Balloon Games to Play with Your Kids! 2020

Water Balloon Games are super fun to play along with your kids. Not only are they going to love playing with them, but they also will keep them busy for hours so that you can have some spare time alone.

They are also a great game to cool yourself off in summers, by the surprise popping of balloons on you. In this article, we will show 27 water balloon games that you can play with your kids, and not worry about fun activities for your kids anymore. 

Best Water Balloon Games

1. Water Balloon Words

Water Balloon Words

This is a fun way with words. All you must do is fill up the water balloons and write words on them. Ask one child to read aloud the word, and the other one would toss it at one of the hoops. The kids can even learn some words in this way.

2. Water Balloon Batting Game

Water Balloon Batting Game

This is another fun and active game to play. Assign one of the kids to throw the balloons at others, while the rest of them will have to bat them, much like cricket. Count who batted the most balloons and maybe included a prize for them?

3. Water Balloon Hunt

Water Balloon Hunt

Just like Easter Egg Hunt, kids love to play games where you must hunt something down. Hide orange-colored balloons and give the kids a plain bucket to collect it. You can hide some clues for them or say “go” and see who returns with most of them.

4. Water Balloon Cold Potato

Water Balloon Cold Potato

Make everyone sit or stand in a circle, instead of passing the balloon. It is thrown to any specific player in the circle; the person to whom the balloon is thrown should catch it. If it breaks, that person is out of the game. The same goes for the person who is throwing it. He/she should not throw it hard or with extreme force but softly

5. Water Balloon Race

Water Balloon Race

Start the game by splitting four or more players in a team of two and have dozens of balloons filled. Map out the course for the runners. All the players will stand in a queue and, upon hearing go, run with the balloons in their hands. Whoever finishes the line with the balloon still in hand, wins and whoever pops it is out.

6. Water Balloon Basketball Game

Water Balloon Basketball Game

All you need is a basketball hoop and bracket. Keep a bucket full of dozen balloons. Some kids go for the slam dunk, whereas some kids can throw it from afar. Any kid who is a basketball lover or even not can have fun with it.

7. Water Balloon Splat Painting Game

Water Balloon Splat Painting Game

Mix water with cornstarch and food color. Please fill up the balloons with them and shake them well. Let the kids pick up one balloon at a time and throw it. When the balloon pops on the floor, and color comes out, not only will it look aesthetic but fun too. You can even keep a whiteboard and throw it there to make a painting.

8. Hanging Water Balloon Game

Hanging Water Balloon Game

Ask your kids to hang the water balloons in line with a clip. Set a timer and challenge them to complete it on time without breaking any balloon. Keep a prize for whoever wins, making it more fun and thrilling.

9. Racket Water Balloon Game

Racket Water Balloon Game

Use rackets to play with balloons, like table tennis. Throw balloons intentionally near the kids so that when they hit it with the racket, the balloon splashes on them, and they get wet. Isn’t that fun? They are going to love it.

10. Blindfold Water Balloon Game

Blindfold Water Balloon Game

Tie two or more balloons with a string over a tree branch or a pole. Cover the kid’s eyes with an opaque cloth. Please give them a bat and tell them to hit the balloon. You can even make it more interesting by keeping a score. This is a great way to beat off the heat too.

11. Water Balloon Fight Game

Water Balloon Fight Game

Take out the biggest plastic tub you can find and fill it up with lots and lots of water balloons. For a surprising fun, without telling the kids, fill the water balloons with paint, so that when they throw it at each other, they are colorful and at the same time fun.

12. Water Balloon Baseball Game

Water Balloon Baseball Game

Just like basketball, you can play baseball with balloons. Be careful not to get wet; otherwise, you will lose the game. Keep up the scores and may the best team win.

13. Water Balloon Spoon Race

Water Balloon Spoon Race

Not only will this game help the kids balance their abilities but is also very fun. Balance the balloon on the spoon and cross the line without dropping it. Want to make it more interesting? Try doing it blindfold while the other players guide you.

14. Balloon Through Hoop Water Balloon Game

Balloon Through Hoop Water Balloon Game

Let one of the kids hold the hula hoop, whereas the other kid passes the balloon through that hoop to the other kid. Make sure to count who loses and who wins. It is challenging yet very interesting.

15. Fast Fill Water Balloon Game

Fast Fill Water Balloon Game

This is an exciting and fast game. There are high chances of getting water all over you and have unlimited laughter. All you need is a stopwatch for this. Please fill up the water balloons and tie them before the timer hits. Doing this, you may spill water on yourself too, which is so much fun.

16. Water Balloon Towel Toss Game

Water Balloon Towel Toss Game

Group out the team members into two or more. Hand them a beach towel, and keep a water balloon at the center, now it is their job to toss it to the other team without dropping it; if the team who is passing it drops, they are out, and if the other team doesn’t catch it, they are.

17. Water Balloon Target Toss Game

Water Balloon Target Toss Game

Keep a hoop far away from the central place. Tell the kids to throw the balloons in the hoop, keeping an aim. Not only is this a fun way to play, but their aiming skills can be good too. You can keep 5-6 players in one team so that they boost up the confidence of the member throwing it.

18. Water Balloon Jousting Game

Water Balloon Jousting Game

Attach many balloons to a kickboard and hang it. Use jabber for popping them up. Everyone will get three turns to jab. Keep up the score too. To make it more fun, you can make a kid stand underneath it, and whenever someone pops the balloon, the water will fall on them.

19. Kick the Water Balloon Game

Kick the Water Balloon Game

This is the fun game to see who has more focus and who does not. Take two water balloons and kick them without popping around your backyard; whoever pops first loses, and whoever completes it gets the reward.

20. Water Balloon Sky High Toss Game

Water Balloon Sky High Toss Game

This game can keep kids busy for an extended period, so it is a win-win for the parents. Take out any net which you use for your swimming pool or to catch insects, keep the balloon in the net and toss it high in the air without dropping it. Whoever drops, loses, feels much like playing badminton.

21. Water Balloon Yoyos Game

Water Balloon Yoyos Game

Every kid loves to play with yoyos. Tie a rubber band on the top of the balloon and play with it. Whoever plays with it the longest wins, and whoever loses, well, he/she is soaked in water then.

22. Water Balloon Squat Race

Water Balloon Squat Race

Place the balloons on a bench or stool and make a line of kids far away from it. Have the kids race to the water balloon, and whoever pops the balloon first is the winner.

23. Duck, Duck, Splash Water Balloon Game

Duck, Duck, Splash Water Balloon Game

Just like how the kids used to play Duck, Duck, Goose, you can change it by replacing goose with a water balloon. So, when someone’s turns come, they can splash it onto anyone, and this way, everybody gets a chance to be wet too.

24. Water Balloon Ring Toss Game

Water Balloon Ring Toss Game

Use a hula hoop for this game, lay it on the ground, and make it as a target for the balloon ring/toss. Aim at the target and start hitting. You can even use chalk and mark a target if you do not have a hula hoop.

25. Water Balloon Pinata Game

Water Balloon Pinata Game

Just like you make pinatas for your kid’s birthday, make one out of water balloons for a fun game. Follow the same rules for both, blindfold the kid and hand them a bat. Then while the other kid gives the directions, let them hit it as hard as they can.

26. Water Balloon Roll Game

Water Balloon Roll Game

This game is all about your mind, focus, and fun. Give each kid one balloon and tell them to roll it as far as possible without popping it, or you can make a finish line very far away. Whoever pops it is out. Make it more interesting by telling to roll with their nose and not hands or mouth.

27. Water Balloon Darts Game

Water Balloon Darts Game

This is also one perfect water balloon game that you can play. For those who do not like water to be splashed on them can play this dart game. Stick the water balloons on board with tape, and adjust it on a wall, give each kid five darts to pop balloons. Make it enjoyable by keeping a score and reward.


These 27 water balloon games are the most fun to play with your kids; not only will they learn and have fun with it, but it is a great way to beat off that scorching heat. All the parents will be thankful for these games, and they can be played at any time of the day or any season. It does not require permission to play. So, what are you waiting for? Let the games begin!

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