As a car enthusiast with one or more classic cars in the collection, buying a new house comes with special considerations. You want to ensure that your new abode is as comfortable for your beloved car as it is for the human inhabitants. With that said, it pays to know what things to consider before buying that new house to ensure you have everything needed.

Walk-in, Build Or Extend

For car owners with a collection of vehicles requiring storage, it may be harder to find a suitable existing property. Which opens the question of do you try to find a house in walk-in condition, even if options are limited, buy to extend the garage, or build a house and garage from scratch. Availability of options, budget, and time frame for moving are all factors that will affect this decision. If waiting for the ideal existing home or building from new is going to be too long a wait, finding a spacious property with room for expansion could be the perfect compromise.

Car Transport

If you’re undertaking a long-distance move, perhaps interstate, consider how you’ll get precious cars and motorbikes to the new location. If you have more vehicles than drivers, or older cars that you’d prefer not to make the long drive in, budget for car transport in the moving costs. Knowing that you’ve entrusted your motors to experts will give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on other things.

Parking Space

Classic cars need to be appropriately housed in a weather-proof spacious space to stay in excellent condition. Therefore, when viewing houses, ample garage space should be a non-negotiable on the list of needs. A carport may suffice if the car isn’t valuable and environmental conditions are amenable, broadening search criteria. However, if the vehicle is valuable or being outside may cause

damage, then a contained garage provides the required security.


Also, consider how much space you may need if you enjoy working on cars. If additional space isn’t an option in the new home, is there somewhere local you can rent space to tinker in peace? HOAs may have bylaws that prevent vehicles from being taken apart in driveways etc. Look for a neighborhood that’s welcoming of your car hobby to save on headaches later.


Buying a house with enough parking spaces may not be enough. A car enthusiast who works on and maintains their cars will need ample storage space for tools and equipment. Add a workbench and utility sink to the shopping list so you’re looking at garages that’ll genuinely fulfill your needs. Even if these things aren’t preinstalled, you’ll be looking at spaces to ensure they can be installed and leave enough parking places.

Everyone has a list of specific needs and wants, and house hunting and car lovers are no different. Regardless of the size of your collection, by paying attention to the needs of your collection, like availability of garage space, garage utilities, and how to transport cars to the new house, you and your vehicles will be settling into your new home in no time.


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