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6 Important Reasons Why You Need an Australian Made Shed


Sheds are a great way to add value to your property. These structures are typically single storey roofed buildings built in the backyard or on a piece of land that is used as a storage facility or workshop. Smaller sheds generally have wooden or plastic floors while the larger and permanent ones are built on a concrete foundation. For storage, these structures are mostly used to store garden tools or to make outdoor door storage and equipment such as mowers and tractors. It is also used to store garden supplies such as fertilizers or compost, pesticides, herbicides, and even seeds. Some people have even modified their sheds into lofts with others turning them into a mini garage for their vintage cars.

Australian-made sheds are the best option for you if you are looking for quality work using the best materials for a long-lasting shed. Here are some of the reasons you need to consider an Aussie made shed for your yard or garden.

You are Guaranteed of High Quality

Sheds from Australia have over the years gained a reputation on the international market. Most of their clients are from the United States and several other countries in Europe. This is because of the high-quality standards attached to sheds made by Australian manufacturers. Despite the high price tag, clients are still willing to pay for these sheds. Aussie sheds are made from high quality steel and are pre-painted to prevent discoloration over time.

These Sheds are Compliant with Australian Building Standards

Every regulatory authority insists on certain standards for their building materials, something most manufacturers try to dodge. However, with Aussie sheds you do not have to worry about substandard goods. The sheds are made from materials that strictly follow the rule and regulations of the Building Code of Australia. Some of the sheds in Australia are made from imported materials some of which may not conform to the laid down rules by BCA.

Australian shed manufactures are usually subjected to close government monitoring to ensure they conform to the standards laid down. The government also ensures the manufactures use processes that are eco-friendly for a sustainable future.

They are Built to Withstand the Australian Climate

You can decide to go for imported options because of their cheap nature, however you may be compromising when it comes to standard. Imported sheds are built based on functionality however they may not serve you effectively against the harsh Australian Weather. Australian manufacturers take into account the strong winds and scorching sun when building their sheds. The sheds are designed to stand strong against the harshest of weather conditions. For Aussies living in Cyclone prone areas, they do not have to worry much about their property being blown away, as standard Australian made sheds are built to withstand winds of up to 316km per hour.

Helps Support Jobs

When buying Aussie made sheds you are securing the jobs and livelihood of several individuals across the country. Your purchase may seem like a drop in the ocean but you are actually making a significant contribution to your country’s economy by promoting local manufacturers. Buying locally is a good way to ensure the manufacturers are conforming to the regulatory instructions to provide you with high quality products. In short you are supporting sustainable economic growth.

You are Guaranteed of Reliable Warranties

Warranties are designed to protect the consumer from faulty goods. Probably every shed manufacturer offers a warranty for their products, imported or locally made. The problem comes when you have to reach the company in case you run into problems with the product. With locally manufactured Aussie sheds you can get a shed builder over to your residence to check your problem and probably fix it. Pursuing a warranty overseas can be strenuous and many times you may fail to get the response you are looking for.

Flexible Designs

Australian sheds are made to cater for different living conditions and arrangement. Aussie manufacturers provide sheds that can work for both rural farms and urban dwellings. The flexible designs are meant to cater for the different needs of the modern population. Manufacturers have moved away from the traditional designs meant to serve your storage needs, new designs are fashioned for small business owners looking to set up a home office, or even a budding astronomer who wants to set up an observatory.

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