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6 Signs To Replace Your Old Air Purifier

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Air purifiers have become necessary since the emergence of airborne diseases, including the COVID-19. Buying one at home or the workplace is vital to eliminate harmful pathogens and chemicals indoors. In addition, air purifiers neutralize foul odors and remove allergens that may trigger skin and respiratory diseases.

Suppose you plan to buy and install private or commercial air filtration soon. In that case, you must know to keep them spotless and functional. You may consider knowing the signs to replace an old purifier for that purpose. So, think about reading this article and learning more about it. R read on for additional information.

1. It Produces Unusual Noises

Generally, unusual sounds indicate clogs and damage inside the air purifier. The forcing often causes these out of the air blocked by the dirt and molds. In many cases, the louder the noises are, the dirtier the purifier interior part.

Thus, you may consider buying a replacement if the sounds don’t die down, even if you regularly clean your purifier. Yet, before doing that, you may check the parts as changing some replacement parts can be a cheaper option for you.

2. Its White Sheet Has Turned Black

Some air purifiers have replaceable white sheets indicating the appliance’s amount of dirt. If these sheets have darkened, you may need to replace them or replace the appliance. And if your purifier doesn’t have a white sheet, you may consider putting slightly damp tissue paper in front of the space where the air flows. By doing so, you may see if the air is dirty.

In many cases, dirty air means that your appliance may need immediate cleanup. It could also mean that you may need to replace it at once if normal repairs don’t suffice. Thus, if you’ve been using your air purifier for years and it keeps turning its white sheet black despite regular cleaning, you may consider buying a new one for better functionality of a purifier, especially in an underground room.

3. It Produces A Strange Or Unpleasant Smell

In some cases, old purifiers produce the smell of rotten eggs. It could mean a puddle of water may have been stocked inside the appliance. It may also mean that the purifier has broken portions, resulting in leaks and stagnant water.

In other cases, the air purifier produces burning smell caused by the forced exit of air. Initially, you could manually remove the dirt and mildew attached to the filter and the spaces where the air flows. However, if the problems continue, you may resort to installing a new purifier inside your property.

4. It Consumes More Electricity

Some air purifiers consume more electricity because they require more power to push the air out of the appliance. And because of this, your energy bills may skyrocket. Thus, consider checking and fixing your appliance if you notice that the sudden spike in your electricity bill is caused by a problematic air purifier.

If it seems irreparable, you may replace its parts or consider buying a new one. And if that happens, you may choose an eco-friendly purifier that’d set the appliance on an energy-saving mode. In choosing a new air purifier, consider the products with a known extended lifespan and easy-to-fix features for a more manageable use.

5. Your Room Becomes Dusty

Woman hand open air purifier for clean dirty air purifier HEPA filter.

Dusty rooms could mean that the air filter for your air purifier isn’t working well. It could also mean that the appliance is too dirty or damaged. Because of this, allergens may be present in your place and trigger asthma and other lung-related diseases.

Another option is to clean your purifier manually. And if your appliance has permanent High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, you may only need to remove the dust and debris. For better results, you may deep-clean and vacuum your property or room to remove the dust that could improve indoor air quality.

6. Your Air Purifier Becomes Too Hot

Typically, air purifiers do not heat or cool your room. They often circulate and clean the air in their immediate environment. Yet, because they function for hours and work extendedly for hours, they become hot to handle literally.

Because of this, you may need to inspect your air purifier if it turns too hot after a short time. If its temperature remains hot even after its seldom used, you may consider buying a replacement.

Wrapping Up

Replacing your old air purifier can be easy if you have the resources and time. However, it is difficult to replace it when you lack knowledge about what to look for. That’s why reading this article could help you identify the signs you’ll need to watch out for. With that, you’ll know exactly when to buy a new one for you and your family’s comfort.

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