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6 Small Design Touches that Make a Big Impact 


Our homes say so much about us, and one of the easiest ways to convey who you and your family are through your home is how you decorate it. Many decorating ideas can boost your home’s beauty while adding comfort at the same time. But if you’re like many people, you may be limited by factors like budget, space, and more. If you’ve been looking for small ways to make a big change in your home, keep reading for tips that work with any space or budget. 


The trend of being a “plant lady” has been in full swing for the last few years and doesn’t show signs of stopping. While you may not want your home to resemble a rainforest, one houseplant can make a big statement. If you’re limited by space, opt for a bigger plant like a banana plant, ficus tree, or fiddle leaf fig. You can also install a ceiling hook and hang a beautiful hanging planter for maximum impact without taking up any floor space. Even a small but vibrant flowering plant, like African violets on the windowsill, brings a pop of color with a tiny footprint. 


Home is where the heart is, and a huge part of making a house a home are the familiar scents we associate with home and family. You can likely still smell your childhood home if you sit and remember it. Filling your home with candles is an easy way to make a big impact on its atmosphere and your mood. Candles also add a soft lighting touch and can set the mood for a cozy night in or a romantic dinner. Light a candle and be transported! Not all candles are created equally, so shop for 100% vegetable wax, beeswax, or soy. 

Fresh Paint 

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint makes a home feel new again. Whether you’re a minimalist who prefers bare walls or renting and doesn’t want to hang art, adding a fresh coat of paint in colors that make you feel at home can make a huge impact. Some colors have been shown to positively affect your mood and mental health – yellows and pinks are fantastic for making you happy, reds are comforting, and blues and greens are known to bring calm and peace. The best part about painting is it’s affordable and easy to DIY. 

Mural Wallpaper 

Whether updating your child’s room or looking for a statement to bring to your dining room, mural wallpaper is a one-and-done decorating tactic that makes a big splash. Many companies sell murals that easily peel and stick to your walls, and the style genres are unlimited. From bold and modern to a charming woodland scene, you can create an entirely new feeling in less than thirty minutes. While many of these wallpaper murals are sold to be non-damaging, ensure you follow all directions during application and removal to ensure you don’t damage your wall’s paint. 

Swapping Hardware 

We’ve all seen articles or videos where people upcycle jewelry they found on the side of the road or in a thrift store. One of the biggest impacts, but a minor change to these pieces, is the hardware, like knobs and drawer pulls. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to furniture when it comes to swapping out the hardware. Give your kitchen an instant upgrade on the cheap by switching dated hardware out for more modern styles. You can do this anywhere from the bathroom to the bedroom, typically with just a screwdriver. 

Large Mirrors 

Does your living room feel small? Perhaps it’s your bedroom. One large mirror can make a big difference in opening up the space you feel is cramped. Depending on the size and weight of the mirror, it can sit on the floor, while others should be anchored and mounted on the wall. Large mirrors are easily found in thrift stores, estate sales, or big box retailers like Target or Walmart for incredibly affordable prices. 

Updating rooms with small touches like scent, lighting, and paint can revitalize a room, or entire apartment you may feel is drab. Use the above ways as inspiration to update your home to feel more like “you” today.

Nate Berkus
Nate Berkus, a distinguished interior designer with a Bachelor’s in Design and Environmental Analysis, has been transforming spaces with his unique aesthetics for over two decades. His professional journey includes working with top design firms before venturing into freelance design consulting. His expertise was cultivated through years of working on high-end residential and commercial projects. He joined our editorial team and offers readers a blend of contemporary style and practical decorating solutions. He is also an ardent traveler, drawing inspiration from different cultures to enrich his design philosophy.

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