7 Reasons Why You Should Grow an Aeroponic Tower Garden

7 Reasons Why You Should Grow an Aeroponic Tower Garden

Gardening is pursued as a hobby by many individuals. Ask a gardening hobbyist about their gardening passion & you would instantly befriend them. Moreover, you can grow your favorite plants though most garden hobbyists mostly plant food & flowering plants.

The dynamics of gardening are changing. There are emerging ways of gardening that you must try at once. One of those methods is aeroponic tower gardening.

There are many factors that a gardener looks into before planning to plant. These factors range from yield, safety, resources, growth speed, space, and many more. If any one of these factors can be more enhanced & improved, then the gardener would be very proud.

Aeroponic tower garden helps you to achieve it. In this article, we discuss why you should ponder over the aeroponic system & the advantages of an aeroponic tower garden.

Aeroponic Tower Garden:

Aeroponic tower garden is an emerging gardening method that every gardening hobbyist must try at least once in their lifetime. It has improved yield, enhanced growth speed, improved safety against diseases, reduced the space required & utilizes resources much better than traditional gardening.

Aeroponic Tower Garden

Aeroponic tower garden is a soilless gardening method. Yes! You read that absolutely correctly. There is no need for soil. This method is also researched by esteemed organizations like NASA, which proves the significance & future of this method. Let us look at some important advantages of why you should move to aeroponic gardening.

Aeroponic tower gardens can be directly bought by the gardener hobbyist. But a DIY tower garden can also be preferred due to its lower cost. Though it means that you need to invest a lot of time.

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Advantages of an Aeroponic Tower Garden

1. Aeroponics Tower Garden increases the Yield

It has been found that aeroponic gardening has an improved yield compared to traditional gardening. The improved yield varies from plant to plant & ranges from 10% to 70%. Interestingly, the yield increases only in terms of the quantity of produce, while the nutritional value remains the same. Also, the yield can be maintained the same all around the year by using grow lights.

2. Aeroponics Tower Garden enhances the Growth Speed

It has been found out in research that the plants may grow up to 3 times faster in aeroponic gardening when compared to traditional gardening.

3. Aeroponics Tower Garden uses less Space

Aeroponic tower gardens are vertical in shape. In traditional gardening, it is not possible to utilize vertical space. Thus, there exists a space constraint. You will require a lot of space for traditional gardening. What happens if you don’t have enough space for gardening? Especially if you live in urban areas, space is the biggest obstacle to gardening.

. Aeroponics Tower Garden uses less Space

No need to worry anymore. Aeroponic tower garden requires about only 10%-15% space that a backyard or a garden would have utilized. Thus, it saves about 85%-90% space!

4. Aeroponics Tower Garden uses fewer Resources

Aeroponic gardening is a soilless method of gardening. So, you won’t require soil. This means that you are saving big over resources like mulch, fertilizers, pesticides & insecticides. Water is another vital resource that a plant requires for sustainable growth. In aeroponic gardening, plants grow in water. Water is conserved in aeroponic gardening.

In the areas where there is acute water shortage, aeroponic gardening can be a blessing. Moreover, setting up a recycling system for water & nutrients can help achieve greater results by effectively utilizing the resources. According to a study by NASA, aeroponic plant growth requires as much as 98% less water.

5. Aeroponics Tower Garden improves Safety

Being a soilless growing system, aeroponics gardening eliminates any chance of weed growth since weeds require soil to grow. Moreover, there is no question of soil pollution & erosion. It is unlikely that the pests may damage the crop growing under aeroponic conditions. The absence of soil greatly improves the safety aspect of the plant.

6. Aeroponics Tower Garden is easy to Handle

If you are buying an aeroponic tower garden, then buy a USDA-approved one. It should be made up of food-grade plastic. These tower gardens are easy to use & clean. You need to clean it after every growing cycle. Plants are easy to maintain & grow with minimal hassle.

7. Aeroponics Tower Garden is Transportable

Yes! You can disassemble & move the aeroponic garden tower from one place to another. If you frequently change jobs & relocate yourself, then you can carry your garden along with you. Also, there is no need to transplant too.

Aeroponics Tower Garden is Transportable


The aeroponic system has been widely viewed as a potential farming & gardening method. Owing to its advantages, many farmers, gardeners, gardening hobbyists are moving towards an aeroponic growing system. People who can invest heavily buy a tower garden. The ones who are interested in the system go for the DIY tower garden. So, what are you waiting for? Try the aeroponic system now!

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