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7 Things To Consider Before Installing A Swimming Pool


Owning a swimming pool either a portable pool or otherwise might sound cool but it involves a lot of prior preparation and requirements. Since it is a big investment you have to be thoroughly informed of everything before taking a leap.

Given below are things you should consider before installing a swimming pool.

1. Consider Whether The Pool Will Be Used Often

The first thing you need to do is to determine whether you really need a pool. Installing a pool is no doubt expensive and is only worth it if people are going to be actually using it. Furthermore you need to invest a good amount of time and money to maintain it.

If you have kids, a pool can be a great and fun way to promote physical activities and family time. On the other hand if you are a very busy person without any time for recreation, then investing on a pool might not be an ideal choice.

2. Do Thorough Research On The Zoning Laws And Regulations Of Your Area

Your site needs to meet certain requirements before a swimming pool installation can be carried out. Many areas and cities have strict zoning laws which have to be met and adhered to. For example, some places make it mandatory to build pool fences around your pool.

Instructions will also be given regarding the measurements of your pool’s circulation and filter systems along with distance regulations. Not every pool requires a permit but it is best to contact your property manager before you proceed with anything.

3. Check If Your Site Meets The Space Requirements

Installing a swimming pool requires a good amount of space. If you want to include additional amenities around the pool, the space requirements will be even more. It is important to make sure the site for your pool does not break any zoning laws.

You also have to be careful about the positioning of the pool. There are many factors to be taken into consideration like property boundaries, shading from trees and buildings, soil type of your site, and presence of electric wires or poles. It is always best to have an experienced builder review your site.

4. Determine The Style Of Pool You Want

There are many different kinds of pools each with different space and money requirements. You can choose between two main kinds of pools, in-ground pools and above-ground pools. In-ground pools are more expensive and last longer than above-ground pools.

Concrete pools are the most common kinds of in-ground pools because they can be customized according to the individual’s needs. They have good durability and repairs can be performed easily if needed. Above-ground pools include fibreglass pools. These kinds of pools are positioned above the ground and require less maintenance than in-ground pools.

5. Take All The Prices Into Account And Determine Your Budget

Installing a pool is definitely not cheap. There are many different costs you have to take into account and this includes the circulation system, landscaping, surrounding amenities, pool deck and maintenance costs.

The average cost of a pool ranges from $40,000 to $50,000. In-ground pools are more expensive to build and maintain than above-ground pools. Other additional costs for repairs and maintenance can amount to an average of $3000 every year.

6. Invest In A Good Pool Builder

It is always good to have professional expertise when building a pool. Don’t just hire a cheap pool builder just to save money. Invest in a well reputed pool building company which has the necessary permits and is properly qualified and experienced to build a pool.

If you have specific design requirements it will also be beneficial to hire a good pool designer.

7. Establish a Good Maintenance System

Don’t build a pool if you are not willing to maintain it. If you are too busy to maintain it on your own you can always hire a professional pool cleaning company to maintain the pool for you. The grass near the pool also need to be trimmed regularly using a trimmer or other device.


After you have carefully reviewed and gone over the various requirements and investments you have to make, you can start building your own pool. With the right expertise and professionals, you can have the pool of your dreams right outside your home.

Erica Puisis
Erica Puisis holds a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in outdoor structures and recreational spaces. Since joining our website as a platform in 2020, Erica has provided insights into above-ground pool selection, installation tips, and maintenance practices. Her background includes roles in civil project management and as a freelance outdoor living consultant. Erica is a keen swimmer in her leisure time and participates in community environmental initiatives.

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