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WORX GT2.0 20V MaxLithium Trimmer-Edger Review

Worx GT2 Trimmer

There must be an ever-enthusiastic gardener in you. How do I know this? I guess that is the reason why you visited this page.

So, a gardening lover is nothing without his gardening tools. If the gardener is a warrior, then these tools are his weapons. 

A gardener is as curious and caring for his tools as he is for his garden.

A basic toolset that every enthusiastic gardener has consisted of a lawnmower, a weed eater, and an edger. 

All of these are available in engine run variants, which run either in gas or electricity and help in doing loads of gardening work. 

A passionate gardener cares for his gardening tools like his very own child and uses it and shows it to others with a lot of pride and a sense of honor.

Why So Many Tools for Gardening?

The reason behind a gardener having so much of a toolset is that it is not just one kind of problem that you face while gardening. Someday you see that the grass is all grown up and it needs a trim. 

You can use your very own lawnmower to mow the whole grown-up grass within a short duration. You can use the trimmer that you have purchased to kill the weeds grown up in your garden and are competing with other plants for food and nutrients. 

If you have places that need a little trim in your yard but are inaccessible by a mower, you will bring your edger into action. 

But if you think judiciously, you would conclude that getting all these tools all aligned in your collection may cost you a fortune. 

If you have all the money in the world to support your passion, buying all these tools will be the best thing you can do, but if like me, you have a limited budget and want the work to be done, you certainly have a way out. 

WORX GT 2.0 


Worx gt 2.0 20 V is a machine produced by Worx which will suit you if you fit in the second category of people, just like me. What is so special about this machine? This machine is a multipurpose machine that can be brought to a lot of uses. It can be a mower if you want to mow out the overgrown grass, it can also be a weed eater if you want to trim out the weed, and if that’s not enough, it can also be an edger which will help you trim at places which are inaccessible by a regular mower. 

And you get the benefits of all three devices on a single device. So today, it will be all about Worx gt 2.0. We will review it for you and let you know of all the pros and cons and all the benefits that this product has to offer. This work gt2 review will help your miles if you are looking to purchase a cost-effective trimmer. 

Before discussing anything, you should first be aware of the right situation you need to fit in to buy a weed eater or an edger.

When to Buy a Weed Eater or Edger?

Before buying a weed eater or an edger, you need to do a quick survey of the house. You usually require a weed eater or edger when there are obstacles on your lawn like stairs, stones, fountains, trees, etc. 

These obstacles make it impossible for the regular lawnmower to get hold of them and remove them. So, this is where a weed eater or an edger comes in to play. Being light in weight, these edges can be lifted easily and be targeted to a specific spot. 

WORX 32-Volt GT2.0 String Trimmer/Edger/Mini-Mower with Tilting Head and Single Line Feed, WG175
  • 3-in-1 Capability with dual-position wheels for grass trimming, edging, and mowing
  • Converts from a trimmer to an in-line edger in seconds with no tools
  • Quick-release lever for fast telescopic height adjustments, and for the 90-degree tilting head
  • 12-inch cutting diameter with automatic 100% single line feed (no bump)
  • Comes with 2 32V MaxLithium batteries, 3 trimmer spools, charger, and Free Spools for Life

But if your lawn does not have any obstacles whatsoever, then you do not require a trimmer or an edger. So only think of spending your money on trimmers and edges if your lawn has that sort of topography. 

We will start our WORX gt review by looking at the pros and cons that this machine brings to the table. 


  • Worx gt 2.0 can eliminate the need for an edger or even a mower sometimes.
  • It is very light in weight compared to its other counterparts.
  • You do not require any tools whatsoever to turn your Worx weed eater into a mower or an edger.


  • It has a shallow battery life. Owing to this problem, you can face even more significant problems of your weed eater turning off automatically in the middle of the work.
  • Many people also complain about it being short in length, which results in back pains for many users.

Benefits of Worx GT 2.0

Let us continue with the Worx GT review by talking about its benefits.

Powerful Engine

Worx GT 2.0 runs on an electric powered engine which is powered by a 20V battery. This scale’s power is certainly not a lot but is enough for a weed eater, which comes with a tiny engine. 

A 40V engine that is double its capacity can lower a potent lawnmower engine bigger than twice the engine’s work. This powerful engine makes it a mighty machine that virtually eliminates weed and other grasses.

Trimmer Mode

Trimmer Mode

This string machine contains a lot of modes, of which one is the trimmer mode. This mode is used to remove weeds and other no useful or destroyed plants competing with your dear plants for sunlight and other nutrients. This process is called trimming, and it is essential because otherwise, your plants can get fewer nutrients and might not grow properly. 

To enable the trimmer mode, all you need to do is hold the handle in a specific manner. You do not need any tools to convert it into a trimmer. All you need to do is hold it correctly; the machine will take care of the rest.

Edging Mode 

Edging Mode

In this work GT review, we tried to list the most important benefits of this machine, and one of those benefits is that it can be converted into an edge. An edger is used when you must either trim or remove weeds from places otherwise inaccessible by a lawnmower or a weed eater. And all you need to do to turn this machine into an edger is, once again, hold it in a specific manner. This is all that is to be done.

Mowing Mode 

Mowing Mode

Remember, Worx gt 2.0 can be turned into three different machines? Well, this is the third machine it can be turned into. The idea of using a low-priced weed eater cum edger as a mower instead of a much costlier lawnmower is fascinating, but it is not a wise decision at all. The area that a lawnmower can cover on an open lawn and the ease with which it covers it cannot be matched by this Worx GT. 

But that does not mean it is of no use. It can help you mow parts of your own which you cannot reach using your heavy lawnmower.

Worx GT 2.0 is Light in Weight

This Worx gt review will be incomplete if we do not talk about its weight. One reason that makes it so popular is that it uses light in weight. It is weighed at 3lbs, which is a lot lighter than most of its counterparts. 

This feature makes it easy to use. We can also switch between different modes easily because it is light in weight. So, you do not need to be a very muscular person to operate it nicely. Anyone can operate it.

Broader Coverage Due to Wider Diameter

The string attached at the bottom of the trimmer has a diameter of 12 inches. This helps it in covering a relatively more expansive area. Because of this, the work is finished more quickly. This makes our work a whole lot easier and fast.


As electric motor power, it does not produce noise. This way, it does not contribute to noise pollution and makes your gardening experience very peaceful.

Replaceable Battery

One big and widely popular complaint against this machine is that its battery runs down very quickly. While that is a big issue, you can easily replace the battery with an even powerful one that you think will support the running of the machine to do your work in one go.


Though the machine runs on electricity, you certainly do not need to connect cords to the machine for running it. This expands the working area or your Worx gt 2.0. You do not need to be dependent on the availability of a circuit point for your gardening. 


These are some pros and cons and some benefits of WORX G 2.0 that we think you should be aware of before purchasing or even thinking of purchasing this machine. 

It has received good reviews on Amazon and across other online stores. If you are tight on budget and want the best for your garden, you should give purchasing this machine a thought.

But suppose you have the budget to go upmarket and buy separate machines for different purposes. In that case, you should buy a lawnmower, a trimmer, and an edger separately instead of buying Worx gt 2.

Mel Bartholomew
Mel Bartholomew, a gardener with an illustrious career spanning over 18 years, is our go-to expert for Patio, Lawn, and Garden. He obtained his BA in Horticulture and has become an author on sustainable gardening practices. Joining our website, he has been a driving force in promoting eco-friendly and efficient gardening techniques. His prior experience includes managing a public botanical garden and hosting garden design workshops. His hobbies revolve around his love for plants, with a particular interest in cultivating rare orchids and bonsai.

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