8 Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced D.I.Y. Ideas for Your Backyard


If you feel like you’ve attempted every indoor D.I.Y. project imaginable, then maybe it’s time to take your skills to the outdoors. Outdoor D.I.Y. projects may seem intimidating, but there are many that are beginner-friendly and others may only look harder than they actually are.

So whether you’re trying to add new additions to your yard or you’re looking for a quick and simple D.I.Y. decor piece, here are eight D.I.Y. ideas for your patio and backyard.

#1: Build Your Own Fire Pit

Fire pits are very popular on a cool or even a warm night. Instead of buying one, you can build your own for your patio or backyard. According to Family Handyman, you’ll need to mark off where and how large you want it and then remove the soil. The bottom flagstone should sit one inch below the sod. Once the base is finished, you can start assembling the stones.

#2: Copper Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are a very simple outdoor D.I.Y., and you can make them out of almost anything. Some of the most common items include:

  • Bamboo
  • Beads
  • Heavy glass
  • Metal pipe
  • Plastic pipe
  • Pieces of pottery or tile
  • Seashells

A more unique material to use for your wind chimes is copper pipe. The great thing about copper is that you don’t have to paint it— even as the copper begins to form the green patina, it won’t flake as rust tends to.

#3: Dream Deck

Simple decks are actually pretty easy to build, but you may need a little more skill for a more elaborate deck. The most impressive decks include built-in seating areas, a pergola, and cascading steps. Still, you should build your deck the way you want it. Adding a deck with a garden to your home will also increase your property value!

#4: Grill Gazebo

Backyards are perfect for grilling, and a gazebo housing your grill makes it even better. If you have moderate to advanced woodworking skills, then you can build a gazebo large enough to house a standard grill. To really show off your skills, customize it to accommodate seating, a small refrigerator (if there’s an outlet nearby), and whatever else you’d like.

#5: Patio Privacy Screen

These days, there are many yards that don’t have fences around them, meaning less privacy for you. You can attempt to build an entire fence, or you can settle on a small privacy screen. Build a simple 7ft. by 12ft. screen made of boards by cutting them and screwing them together. It may not be much, but it does give you a little more privacy!

#6: Plant Your Own Garden and Add a Garden Arbor

When you build your own garden bed, you’ll have the opportunity to plant the fruits, vegetables, and herbs of your choice, or you can stick with flowers. To take your backyard garden up a notch, build a garden arbor complete with seating. This can be a quaint little spot in your backyard, especially if you add a water feature and a stone path.

#7: Water Garden Stream and Other Water Features

Create your own backyard pond, stream, or even a waterfall with preformed shells or liners. This is more of an intermediate level D.I.Y., so make sure it’s something you’ll be able to tackle. Dig the holes where you want your pond to be, and place the liners in them and make sure they’re level. Once everything is situated and the water source is hooked up, you can start adding your stone decor.

You can also choose to create a smaller, simpler water feature, or construct an above-ground pond (also known as a “pond in a box”). Just make sure that there are no existing problems with your lawn before attempting to dig into it to create a water feature. If you’re unsure about the condition of your lawn, select a lawn care service that can help you determine its condition and get your lawn to where it needs to be.

#8: Wooden Bench D.I.Y.

If you like to host family gatherings, then you’re probably going to need a lot of seating areas— and patio furniture can be expensive. Create simple wooden benches or entire chairs, depending on your skill level. Just keep in mind that if you’re constructing a chair, you’ll need to buy the cushions first to get an accurate measurement. If you’re feeling really crafty, you also build a full table and/or small end tables to go with your seating.

Always remember to stick within the range of your own personal skills when it comes to the more complex projects. You want your D.I.Y.s to be fun and functional, not harmful.

Emily Davis
Emily Davis, who holds a degree in Ornithology from Cornell University, has shared her expertise with our readers. With over 11 years of field research on bird behavior and habitat conservation, Emily brings a deep understanding of avian ecology to her writing. She has consulted for various national parks, aiding in protecting avian species. She previously worked with international wildlife organizations, focusing on bird migration patterns. Emily is also a skilled wildlife photographer, capturing the beauty of birds in their natural habitats.

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