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8 Tips to Choosing the Right Commercial Electrician


To choose the right commercial electrician, look for extensive experience, communication skills, licenses, and insurance policies.

Choosing the perfect commercial electrician is important if you plan to retrofit a place or completely remodel the area. Commercial electrical work is more complicated than domestic work. Hence, the proper selection of electricians is crucial.

However, it’s always daunting finding the perfect commercial electrician. You need to have a clear idea about the different expertise of these commercial electricians. Since some work on land, building construction sites, or high-rising projects, their sectors can be different than the domestic electricians. Their skill sets play a vital role in this regard.

Therefore, the following tips can help you choose the perfect commercial electrician.

1. Extensive Experience

Experience plays a crucial role in procuring the right commercial electricians. As mentioned before, commercial electrical problems are different from domestic ones. Also, these problems tend to be unique and intricate at the same time. That said, the job would be too challenging for a domestic electrician if he was to handle such commercial problems.

A commercial electrician has to deal with heavy buildings, projects, and sites. Therefore, he has to have sufficient knowledge regarding his field. The best way to gain knowledge is through experience. So, always prioritize experience and expertise when hiring a commercial electrician.

Find out how long he’s been in the business, how many projects he’s completed, and who he’s worked with, etc.

All these questions are important to verify his credentials. It’s unwise to hire a commercial electrician who doesn’t have a strong portfolio or extensive experience. A good commercial electrician company can handle all sorts of cases and types of equipment like trimmers. One such company is Bates Electric. They can handle all sorts of industrial, commercial and even residential cases.

2. Good Communication Skills

Another important criteria for hiring a commercial electrician is how effective his communication skills are. If you hire someone who doesn’t talk much or talks too much, you might have some problems. You are handing over the responsibility of a huge office or business place. Unlike a house, if anything goes wrong, you will be to blame, and the recovery process won’t be that easy because you need to answer to many people. As a client, you have the right to know what’s going on as well as the commercial electrician.

Therefore, hire someone who is friendly, punctual, knowledgeable, honest, and professional.

While hiring, you need to make sure the electrician will be available 24/7. Also, have a regular scheduled meeting to remain aware of the work progress at all times.

3. Staffing and Equipment

Since commercial electrical needs are much more than gun or nail hammer, an entire team is needed for the job. Hence, a group of workers is always preferable over a solo electrician.

No matter how experienced an electrician is, he can’t do everything or know everything. This industry is vast, versatile, and constantly shifting. Hence, an excellent commercial electrician should understand the need to keep his team ready to undertake big commercial tasks.

Apart from staffing, a good commercial electrician should have sufficient equipment ready to do any commercial electrical tasks. If he has to waste time looking for tools to repair something, clearly he lacks focus and dedication and is probably not fit for the task.

4. Legal License & Insurance

A commercial electrician must have a license to conduct business. Never hire someone without a license in the first place.

Without having legal permission, hiring a commercial electrician can put you at risk. If something goes wrong, you can’t hold the person responsible because you don’t have any solid proof.

You may find a commercial an electrician at a much lower price, but if he’s not legally licensed, then hiring such electricians will potentially hinder and affect your company’s reputation.

Therefore, look for insurance and license copies from the commercial electricians while hiring. If they don’t want to give the documents or hesitate, it’s a red flag. Try somewhere else instead.

5. Recommendations

As you are retrofitting or remodelling your workplace, recommendations are a great way to know who is the best commercial electrician in the business currently. This way, you won’t need to go through the hassles of searching for a quality commercial electrician. Also, after hearing a name, research it yourself before making the final call.

Keep asking your colleagues to get recommendations. Learn from them what they have to say regarding that electrician (how satisfied they were, how much he charged, how cooperative the guy was, and most importantly, how well did he serve, etc.).

Lastly, assess all the recommendations and advice then decide what to do next.

6. Evaluate First-Hand Client Experiences

Even if you have had the best recommendations from your close ones, you need to make sure all this info is correct. That said, it’s necessary to talk to a client who has used the commercial electrician that you plan on hiring.

That client can tell you precisely how much the service was. Afterwards, you can do the math & understand whether or not to hire.

Try going through online reviews & testimonials too. If you don’t find anything negative, then maybe it’s too good to be true. However, do more thorough research before you come up with a decision.

7. Commercial Demands Adaptability

Commercial electricians need to adapt to any recurring conditions in commercial workplaces. He has to be versatile and ready to cope with any radical changes.

As the industry shifts every now & then, the problems become much more intricate. Hence, commercial electricians should be flexible & excel in making sudden changes, repairing, adjusting utilities, etc.

In large offices, sometimes, more than one group of workers need to collaborate. Hence, your chosen personnel should be able to adapt to those conditions too.

8. Assess Credentials and Training

Finally, you need to assess all the information provided. Do a thorough background check on the supplied credentials. Also, keep an eye on the training & certification of the potential electrician team.

How they performed previously will aid you in deciding. Well-trained, quality leadership, good collaboration, etc. are the qualities you want to seek.

Final Thoughts

If you find a commercial electrician that fits your jobs needs and within your budget, then he is the one for you. Take your time & follow the basics to find the perfect guy for your next commercial electrical job.

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