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A Closer Look at the Top Quality Quilt Covers Brands in Australia


Your bedroom is your place of retreat. One where you can peacefully read a book or get a good night’s sleep after a long tiring day at work

It is a place in your home to enjoy privacy and solace. That is why buying high-quality bedroom items may be necessary for building your comfort space to maintain relaxing energies there. Purchasing premium quilt covers may be something you want to focus on.

You deserve to take a rest and indulge in the most comfortable sheets. Ultimately, you want something soft, cozy, and long-lasting, and you might be thinking of the best brands to look at. Prepare your shopping carts because we’ve got you covered!

We have prepared a list of some quality quilt covers online in Australia. Read along to know the diverse options we listed. You’ll never know, you may find something for your room.

Loop Home For Your Minimalist Bedroom

Everything in your bedroom speaks a lot about your personality, from interior design to furniture covers. If you live through the ideals of simplicity and minimalism, you may want to check the products of Loop Home. The brand is based in Melbourne, and its team concentrates on creating and selling contemporary and organic covers and beds.

Loop Home aims to maintain a clean look for its cultivated and woven products in Turkey. They also ensure customers that they produce high-quality sheets by preparing them in line with the Global Organic Textiles Standard standards.

There’s more. The brand also performs sustainable efforts. They offer reversible designs and product recycling solutions where customers can return goods that the brand can upcycle into a new product.

Enjoy Playful Designs In Scottie Store

Another Melbourne-based brand that you have to check out is the Scottie Store.

What’s exciting about their products is not just the fact they create playful and functional designs. But they also collaborate with local artists to help them design their covers! Talk about uplifting local talents and culture!

Watch out for their creative and contemporary color palettes and high-standard French linen sheets.

Dri-Glo: Your Budget-Friendly Option

If costs are at the top of your considerations, you might want to explore Dri-Glo’s products. They offer affordable linen sheets that are of quality. You can buy a budget-friendly cover set containing pillowcases and flat and fitted sheets making your home look beautiful.

The brand has been around Melbourne since 1930. Fun fact, it has been hailed as the athletics towel of choice in the Melbourne Olympics in the 1950s. Dri-Glo has also embraced digital transactions through the years and has experienced a significant rise in its sales.

Luxurious Linens With InBed

Of course, let’s not forget about InBed. It is a timeless Sydney-based brand that has boosted the popularity of using linen material in bedsheets since 2013.

InBed sells luxurious earth-toned sheets that fit every bedroom. They also sell season-themed products, where different patterns and tones are applied in their designs every season.

But the brand is not only motivated to bring you the best quality covers. They are also driven to help charities by donating some of their sales monthly to a Women’s Community Shelter. Additionally, they give bedding sets to the organization.

Get Crazy Fun With Luxotic’s Creative Designs

If you want something bold, loud, and fun, you have to check out Luxotic’s florals and prints!

Their covers are striking and can attend to different bedroom aesthetics. Under the creative direction of Edward Li, Luxotic is the brand of the maximalists. It is fancy and can surely match any room.

If your idea of resting is to have good and high energies flowing in your body, this brand may be for you.

Enjoy Soft Covers Made From Bamboo With Ettitude

Not into linens? You might want to explore other options. Bamboo, perhaps?

Ettitude is an Australian brand that creates sheets 100% made from bamboo. Expect it to be soft and thermo-regulating. This innovative brand has its sheets imbued with antimicrobial bamboo charcoal that can maintain the cleanliness of your covers.

Exciting Patterns For Your Kids At Castle And Things

Make your child’s bedroom fun and energizing with Castle and Things’ playful bedsheet patterns and designs! The brand is based in Sydney and was founded in 2008. They give you modern and classic covers made from linen that can surely inspire your kid’s creativity.

Unique designs await you here, and they love putting flowers, hearts, sunshine, and rainbow colors in their products. They love art, and they know that your kids love them too!

Wrapping Up

You may not realize it, but the type and quality of your bedsheet contribute a lot to you getting your well-deserved rest. It is where you jump to loosen up all the stresses of your day.

In choosing your quilt cover brand, remember to prioritize your comfort. Choose the best material, design, and price that perfectly suits your preference.

Lauren Miller
Lauren Miller, who holds a degree in Consumer Sciences from Colorado State University, has been an authoritative voice in product analysis and consumer advice for over 15 years. Joining our team in 2020, Lauren elevated our buying guides with meticulous research and practical insights. She specializes in crafting detailed buying guides and reviews. Previously, she worked in product development and consumer advocacy. Lauren is a gourmet cook and a passionate advocate for sustainable living.

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