14 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas to Try Out in 2021

14 Amazing Fire Pit Ideas: #7 is Stunning

Planning to have a backyard party? Well having a fire pit, be it day or night, will make the party more relaxed than it would have been otherwise.

The gathering of friends around the pit, to roast some marshmallows, or to share some horror stories at nights, or play some songs and jam, or enjoy the time. Fire pits account for a perfect time in a backyard party anywhere.

That is where here are some ideas for stunning and cool fire pits to try out.

Amazing Fire Pit Ideas

1. Russian Tree Torch

Russian Tree Torch Fire Pit

The Russian Tree torch, also known as the Finn candle or the Swedish torch, is a very famous fire pit idea. It is not that hard to make, provides much portability, and is fun to gather around during parties.

All one needs is a large wood log or a trunk of a tree, or a big enough piece of wood that is flat at one side. It will be placed standing at the flat side, and a Cross or X shape will be cut on the upper facing side of the wood. That can be done with a chainsaw or whatever is available. Drill a hole in the center of the X and one hold on the side.

Both holes should connect. Proper airflow can be maintained from one hole at the side to the one at the top. Use the sawdust produced during drilling as fillers for the holes, use some gasoline, and fire up the log from the top. The design makes an automatic airflow. Thus, no need to stroke it manually.

2. Drum from the Washing Machine

Drum from the Washing Machine

This one makes use of recycling an old drum of an irreparable washing machine. The steel makes it durable, and the holes everywhere allow for enough air supply and flow for the fire to keep burning continuously and adequately for a longer time.

3. Foldable Pit

Foldable fire pit

This is a portable fire pit, which can be folded. It is lightweight, as shown in the image, and is easy to carry anywhere. The best use of this one is for barbecue. The design has enough space at the top to grill the meat and veggies for a barbecue party.

It is made up of metal and can be placed and assorted anywhere fast, within a minute or so. It is not unsafe at all, as it keeps the wood or coal inside it only, and the flames are always at an elevated position—best for campers.

4. Flowerpot Pit

Flowerpot Pit

As the name suggests, this one is made from a flowerpot. However, not just any flowerpot, but one that is big enough, made up of mud, concrete or ceramic, or any substance that can withstand the heat well enough and safely.

It takes up less area in the backyard and can be easily used during bonfires. Easy to set up, this one is a creative idea and looks good in any season.

5. Wooden Fire Pit

Wooden Fire Pit

This one might seem like a stupid idea. The fire pit’s wooden structure generally might seem like a foolish thing to have because it will just burn down eventually, from the inside to the outside.

However, that is not what a wooden fire pit is about. It has a metal lining inside that prevents the wooden parts from catching fire. The net allows for air circulation, as shown in the image. The metal lining is thick enough, and insulation is present between the lining and the wooden structure. Therefore, it is safe.

This whole structure is portable as well. It can be carried to any location in the backyard where people want to gather around, and the party can be started then and there.

6. Steel Skill Fire Pit

Steel Skill Fire Pit

This one is for someone who has the skill of welding metal. The better the welder’s skill and creativity are, the more artistic, stunning, and spectacular the fire pit will look.

This will take the looks and feel of the party a notch higher. However, since it is made up of steel, the whole set-up can get rather hot when the fire is burning inside it, so it is advisable not to touch it with bare hands or stand too close to it. Unless insulation is used inside where the fire will be kept, or some layer is added at the sides that does not get too hot.

7. Fiery Cauldron Pit

Fiery Cauldron Pit

This is an expensive fire pit option. One can buy it online or find some shop that sells it. It is made up of very high-quality metal and materials and is big, durable, and stunningly beautiful.

It will make the whole yard look beautiful, let alone make the party fun. It is a product resulting from excellent craftsmanship.

8. Square Fire Pit

Square Fire Pit

This is a relatively simple design. All one needs to do in this is place four metal blocks in a square-shaped design, as shown in the image. Place some travels inside the block, and the whole set-up is good to go. The metal blocks can be welded together or just placed together temporarily using some screws.

9. The Pagoda Fire Pit

The Pagoda Fire Pit

This is a pagoda-style fire pit idea. It is available in the market, or one can get it welded and custom made.

It has netted on the four corners, a bottom and a top, the whole structure resembling a pagoda. The fire burns inside. This one is quite heavy since it is made up entirely of metal, so it cannot be shifted alone easily.

10. Steel Rim Pit

Steel Rim Pit

This idea makes use of the rim of a car tire or a truck tire, or any other big enough vehicle (not a bicycle). Relatively simple in approach and design, it serves its purpose well, is easy to make, and looks good enough.

One thing to do before using it is to paint the rims with fireresistant paint. It can be placed anywhere, and if it is placed on some concrete block for the bottom surface or something similar, it can be moved pretty quickly in the middle of the party due to its lighter weight.

11. Cover-Carry Pit

Cover-Carry Pit

The portable cover-carry fire pit is a favorite of many. It is one of the most portable ones, if not the most portable. Small, the diameter being somewhat around 20 inches or even lesser at times, can fit inside almost any car’s trunk.

It can be kept in any corner or area in the basement or garage till it is needed again after the party.

12. Buggy Fire Pit

Buggy Fire Pit

 Everyone has seen a shopping cart or a buggy in malls and Home Depot. Well, they are not just for carrying stuff; they can be used this way as well.

As shown in the image, one can place their wood and coal inside, and the whole netted set-up allows for proper air circulation. The heat goes out to the people around, or even the barbecue if the meat is put at the top of the cart.

Plus, Point: there is storage for extra wood or coal under the cart. Refer to the image for understanding.

13. Bowl Fire Pit

Bowl Fire Pit

Perfect for the beach party. Useful for barbecue parties. This a small and portable fire pit, which can be taken just about anywhere and can be carried in any car trunk. The fire goes inside the bowl, and then there is a metal-barred section to place the meat and other things above the fire. The net cap allows for more functionality in the barbecue to keep the heat circulating inside and provide better air circulation.

14. The Old-Fashioned Log Fire Pit

The Old-Fashioned Log Fire Pit

This is the oldest fire pit idea. Nothing to be done here, but to take a log of wood, put it somewhere on the grass or gravel, and light it up. That is all that needs to be done. Cheap and straightforward.

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