Benefits of Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter


While it’s wise to find the right cat litter to benefit your furry friend, you also need to consider the type you’re using for your own health. Some litters can cause allergies or worsen respiratory symptoms for you or the people in your household. This is just one of many benefits of silica gel crystal cat litter in your pet’s bathroom box. It’s an ideal solution for both you and your feline.

Kitty Litter Crystals Are Dust-Free

Many litters produce dust. If you purchase a clay clumping litter, for example, you may notice gray dust particles on your floor from your cat’s paws. Aside from making a mess, this dust can cause harm to your lungs if breathed in regularly. Whether it’s spread around your house or you’re breathing it in while you clean the box, the worry remains. This dust can also cause asthma in cats. Silica gel crystal cat litter does not have the same problem. It is essentially dust-free. Even if a kitty litter crystal sticks to your cat’s paw, you will not need to worry about respiratory issues creeping up since there is no dust to disperse and travel into your airway. Simply sweep it up and you’re good to go.

Gel Crystal Litter Is Non-Toxic

Various things around the home are already potential toxins for your cat. For example, many types of succulents are poisonous to cats if ingested. Just as you need to be wary of which plants to keep inside, so should you use caution when selecting the litter you provide your pet. Cats lick their paws, after all, and can end up ingesting harmful chemicals that certain litters have within them. Silica gel crystal cat litter is non-toxic and does not provide a potential hazard as many other types do.

It’s Lightweight

As another added benefit to yourself, silica gel crystals are lightweight. Whether you’re trying to bring a fresh container into your home or attempting to dump the entire contents of your cat’s box into a bag for disposal, it will be much easier on your back to do so. Other types of litter, especially those that clump, are much heavier in weight. Attempting to lift them can be more than your back bargained for. Having a lightweight litter like this one is easier on your body.

Better Absorbency and Odor Control

Clumping litters are supposed to be absorbent. When the litter is all clumped together around solid waste, however, it cannot truly absorb anything else. It also will do little to control overall odors coming from the box. Crystalized litter has far better absorbency because it does not clump or stick together in any way. It controls odors far better than other options on the market.

Infrequent Changes

It is generally recommended to change your cat’s litter frequently. This routine chore is just another part of properly taking care of your pet. However, this isn’t actually necessary for all litter types. With crystallized litter, you have far less infrequent changes to worry about. You may even be able to get by with the same contents in the pan for a full month before you need to dump it for some new stuff. Clumping types and wood pellets spoil far faster and will need to be scooped every day or two and dumped weekly. Otherwise, it can become smelly, soggy, and incredibly disgusting for your pet to use. The crystal version is far friendlier to the environment.

Keeping your home clean and organized is a worthy goal. With the right type of litter, like the silica gel crystals, you no longer have to worry about excessive dust or tracked particles throughout your house. This litter provides many benefits to everyone in your household — your cat included.

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