Guide to Hiring a Pest Control Company in Albuquerque

Guide to Hiring a Pest Control Company in Albuquerque

Residents in Albuquerque, New Mexico are no strangers to household pests. The most common bugs you’ll find in Albuquerque homes include ants (harvester, fire, carpenter, etc.), cockroaches (German and American), fleas, silverfish, and the dreaded termites. As a result, dealing with these bugs is an important aspect of home maintenance.

Rodents are also common pests you might have to deal with. The current rise in rat infestation is further cause for concern. If you’re dealing with a pest infestation in your home, then you need to hire a pest control company. But how do you go about that?

That’s the question this article will answer in detail. We’ll provide you with steps on how to hire these professionals. If you’re ready to find out, let’s get started…

Identify the Pests and the Affected Areas

Identify the Pests and the Affected Areas

The first step is not to call a pest control company unlike what many people think. The first thing you need to do is to identify what kind of pest is in your home. If you’re dealing with insect infestation, you can use an online tool to help you identify it. Mice and rats are the common rodents you might find, and their control/extermination process is usually the same.

Why is identifying the pests important you might wonder? Proper identification before calling in the experts will enable them to do a great job. They’ll know exactly what pests they are dealing with and apply the right measures to control and eliminate them from your home.

Therefore, apart from identification, you need to also confirm the areas in your home where they move and operate. You can read this article to find out the common areas where bugs hide in homes. You’ll have to share this information with the experts when you contact them. Knowing the areas, the critters are in would help the professionals focus on those areas rather than having to do a full house sweep.

Finding the Pest Control Company

The next step is to find pest control companies. Notice how we used the plural “companies” instead of the word “company”. This is deliberate because you need to find several companies and then make your pick from the lot after extensive research and comparison. Do not be tempted to just hire the first professional you encounter.

The fastest way to find these experts is to run a Google search. In the search bar, type “pest control companies near me”, run your search and you’ll find several options to choose from. While this process is a sure way to find these professionals, many folks tend to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies that the results show.

Therefore, if you feel overwhelmed using the web search method, you can speak to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. about your problem and ask them for control company recommendations. Don’t be shy about it since infestations especially insects are somewhat common in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

You can click this link: for a list of common insects found in New Mexico. By asking people around you, you’ll likely find a good number of companies that you can later research to pick the best.

If your contacts are not providing you with enough recommendations, then another method is to use advertisements found in locally printed publications. During your search, do your best to ensure that you only consider local companies.

This is important because it will make the whole process easier compared to hiring a company that will need to come from another area to do the job. Whichever method you use, it’s expected that you’d have a list at this point of the potential professionals you would like to hire.

Find Out the Services They Provide

Pest control companies offer a wide range of services. Most of them offer inspection, extermination, and protection services. Let’s quickly run through these services to give you an idea of what to expect.


Once you contact these experts, any pest control worth their salt would recommend a property inspection before they are hired. New homeowners should always request a property inspection by pest control companies because you literally do not know what might be heading in your walls. The inspection allows these professionals to be fully aware of the details of the infestation to enable them to deal with it accordingly.

If a control company doesn’t request a property inspection and just wants to get the “job” done, we advise you to strike their names off your list. Furthermore, during the inspection, carefully assess how the professionals do their jobs. If they are unprofessional during the inspection, then don’t hire them. Property inspections offer the homeowner a great opportunity to decide if the professionals should be hired or not.


At this point, the infestation has been confirmed and this service involves getting rid of the pests. Note that some companies do not deal with all kinds of pest extermination. You can check out Hadlow Pest Solutions to find out all the kinds of pests these control companies exterminate. Therefore, if you are dealing with wildlife problems and the company you are thinking of hiring doesn’t offer that service, there’s no point hiring them.


This involves ensuring the pests do not return. A good professional will provide you with guides and recommendations to prevent the return of these intruders. If you agree to their recommendations, they can help to treat doorways, windows, and other areas the pests like to operate with traps and pesticides.

Compare the Offer and Make Your Selection

After the inspection, the company will provide you with a quotation for their service. Remember you still need to contact all the companies on your list. Once you receive the quotation, compare them. Based on your assessment of their professionalism so far, the services they offer, and the cost of the job, you can then choose the stand-out company from the list.


Pests are unwanted guests no one wants in their homes. If you are dealing with such guests, the service of a pest control company is just what you need. This article above serves as a guide on how to hire these professionals to help you recover your home from these invaders.


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