5 Must- Have Accessories for Ultimate Poolside Relaxation

5 Must- Have Accessories for Ultimate Poolside Relaxation

There’s nothing quite like relaxing by the pool, drink in hand, book by your side with the joy of knowing you have nothing else to do but take a dip whenever you feel the temptation. And with a few choice accessories, your pool game can be even better. Let’s take a look at some of our favourite must-have accessories for ultimate poolside relaxation.

1. Sun Protection with Style

For the ultimate fabulous-yet-sun smart accessories, invest in a wide-brim or bucket hat. Not only are both these options trending, but your skin will thank you! Next, add a pair of UV-protective sunglasses, opting for large lenses that cover your eyes as much as possible. This makes reading that book in the sun much easier on the eyes.Sun Protection with Style

And lastly, don’t forget that stylish poolside umbrella to prop up against your lounger and cosy up underneath to cool off. There are plenty of umbrellas in different styles and designs that are sure to suit your poolside space.

2. Reusable Bottles for Ice-Cold Drinks

Tired of having to get up or out of the pool to quench your thirst? There’s nothing quite like having an ice-cold drink within arm’s reach. While water is always best, it doesn’t have to be boring! Try some of these infused-water combos for your next pool day:

  • Water infused with lemon, strawberries and mint.
  • Sparkling water infused with lime, raspberry and rosemary.
  • Water infused with cucumber and lime.

An insulated bottle is the perfect way to keep your drinks cold while you soak up the sun. Choose one that’s leakproof too, so your drink stays cool and protected from the pool. If you want to up your poolside style at the same time, choose a colour that matches your swimsuit!

3. Add Serenity with Waterproof Speakers

Music is the perfect way to set the vibe for your pool day. It can also help reduce stress and make us feel happy, so it’s important to find the right playlist.

Add Serenity with Waterproof SpeakersYour playlist can be as unique as you want, with all your favourite songs, or a mix of faves from friends and family. Or, keep it simple and do an online search for poolside music to set the tone without the effort. Change up the playlist for different moods, switching from more upbeat party songs to smoother, slower beats as the day goes on. You can even transport yourself to a different country, playing the sounds of the Mediterranean, the Bahamas or wherever you like.

Make sure you have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker so you’re not worried about poolside splashes stopping your vibe.

4. Luxurious Loungers for Laid-Back Days

The right pool lounger will have you feeling like you’re poolside at your favourite hotel all day everyday. A pool lounger with an adjustable back will help you switch between napping, relaxing and reading within seconds. You can even throw in a couple of waterproof cushions to give you a little extra support, a lot of extra comfort, and added style to your space.

Speaking of adding style to your space, pool loungers come in endless styles, colours and prints. You can swap out your cushions and covers to suit the season, and easily store them away when not in use. It’s a simple way to change up the look of your outdoor spaces quickly and easily while you enjoy the sunshine.

5. Plush Comfort with Luxury Pool Towels

Investing in ultra-soft, oversized pool towels can take your pool days to a new level. Imagine stepping out of the pool, reaching for your favourite cup of cool soda and wrapping yourself in a matching plush towel, nice and relaxed. After all, comfort is just as important as style.Plush Comfort with Luxury Pool Towels

Higher quality towels can also be more absorbent and quicker to dry. No more piles of wet towels on the floor after you’ve just indulged in a pool day! They also tend to wash better, giving you that luxury comfort time and time again. It’s those little things that can make all the difference. Or go the extra mile and invest in high-quality plush pool robes to step more easily from the pool into the home.

You deserve time to unwind, and your pool day is the perfect place to do just that. With these accessories in tow, you can lay back and enjoy some fun in the sun, giving yourself the ultimate break in your own backyard.

Erica Puisis
Erica Puisis holds a Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in outdoor structures and recreational spaces. Since joining our website as a platform in 2020, Erica has provided insights into above-ground pool selection, installation tips, and maintenance practices. Her background includes roles in civil project management and as a freelance outdoor living consultant. Erica is a keen swimmer in her leisure time and participates in community environmental initiatives.

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