7 Best Places to Buy Vegetable Seeds Online 

The 7 Best Places to Buy Vegetable Seeds Online 

Growing vegetables is an activity that is the foundation of agriculture. Best practices essential because they help to provide vegetables that are nutritious and very beneficial for human wellbeing. 

But growing vegetables have in recent times become a sport, and individuals need to be applauded and motivated in their attempts to eat healthier home-grown vegetables. 

During this phase of sheltering indoors for most of America, vegetable growing has rapidly become one of the country’s top leisure activities. Not only is it a fine choice to get outdoors, but it is done well, it can also (subsequently) minimize the number of trips you will have to make to your local supermarket. 

If you are concerned regarding growing vegetables, but you are not sure where to start, look no further than the best direct-to-consumer seed companies specializing in organic produce that would deliver vegetable seeds online. 

The good news is that whether you have a whole backyard or a small window shelf, there are more than enough choices for growing your little garden, from wall planters and small indoor window boxes to portable garden beds that you can use to start planting your vegetables. 

There is an explanation of why nothing can compete to growing and consuming yield out of your garden. The cherry tomatoes taste tastier on your salad, the basil is more flavorsome, and the berries produce the finest pies. So, get planting! 

Although several seed companies faced delivery delays and have had to take a short pause to keep up on orders earlier, most are now back to taking future contracts. It is a beautiful time to purchase and try to plant all the tomatoes, zucchini, and eggplant seeds. Buy vegetable seeds online from the sites listed below.

Hudson Valley Seed Co

At Hudson Valley Seed Co, all seeds are open-pollinated and just never GMO, with several heirlooms and conventional alternatives. Here you can find an extensive range of vegetable, floral, and herb plants.

Plus, their Art Packs, accentuated with original artwork by artists all around the U.S., create beautiful presents to the gardeners in one’s daily existence. You would probably like to buy a few boxes for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the coming special days this spring.

On their blog, you will find photographs and artwork that provoke your horticultural imagination, along with advice on how to make clients’ garden dreams come true.

Territorial Seed

Territorial Seed Company, a family-owned service provider for the last 30 years, is just another favorite place to buy vegetable seeds online. They have a wide range of vegetable seeds, flowers and herbs, and fruit and vines. As the company is headquartered in Oregon, its variants and plants are best optimized for growing in the Northwest, but they offer a wide range of seedlings that are well suited to changing climate across the country. 

The company also provides a broader range of tools and materials than other online seed companies. Stuff such as fertilizer, pest control, irrigation equipment, trellising, labeling, and perhaps even soil testing kits can be found. All the company’s products are also supported by a full guarantee so that you can explore to the fulfillment of your soul.


As America’s oldest provider of vegetable and flower seeds, Burpee has been a constant on the market in the united states since 1881, far before even the Internet’s invention took place. Even now, Burpee is indeed one of the best places to purchase seeds, particularly online. The company has a wide variety of seeds accessible for all growing areas and conditions. 

Pick from hundreds of vegetable, herb, and fruit seeds; essentials such as tomatoes and parsley, as well as heirloom hybrids such as rainbow carrots and golden watermelon. Every year the horticulturists of Burpee grow newly designed varietals. This year they brought in the newly designed – the disease-resistant tomato plant and the new Lemon Drop squash hybrid. 

Alternatively, you can buy a wide variety of flower seeds, from incredibly quickly growing zinnia to popular tulip bulbs. Additionally, all seeds are non-GMO to retain integrity and quality. And, perhaps the best part of it all? Each commodity that Burpee sells is verified, so you can feel assured about your order. 

When it comes to delivery, the company takes the trial and error out of the equation, particularly for newcomers who ship all seed purchases to arrive at the desired time for growing, based on where they are.

Direct Gardening

As one of the leading online distributors of gardening supplies, Direct Growing provides a wide variety of quality gardening plants, seeds, bulbs, and supplements. You will find just about everything you want, along with a vast array of edibles—even rare fruits such as kiwi, heirloom tomatoes, and nut trees—as well as beautiful plant species and shrubs like roses and azaleas. 

Thanks to their volume and direct-to-consumer model, Direct Expanding can sell each of these high-quality offerings for one of the most attractive and affordable pricing. They also give a favorable guarantee: whenever the object you have bought somehow does not live, the company will repair it at no charge to you for a full year from the day of the original investment.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Another fantastic online shop with a massive catalog of vegetable seeds is Rare Seeds. They even supply their customers with a wide variety of vegetable seeds to pick from and provide the “new items” segment, highlighting all the newest updates to their webpage, offering gardening nerds innovative ideas about what to grow next. 

Rare Seeds provides free delivery for orders made in North American territory, including Canada and Mexico. It usually takes approximately one to three working days for the supplier to send the package shipped to the U.S. Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is another brand that has been in operation for around 50 years. They are devoted to serving gardeners with a fruitful vegetable growing experience by concentrating not just on providing premium seeds, but also on offering customers a full online guide where they can explore as much as necessary about the commodity they want to purchase before they finally buy it. 

It is one of the original companies to join the Safe Seed Pledge, and the firm has sworn that it will never knowingly sell genetically altered seed. With an extensive range of vegetable plants, the business sells it all from leeks to shallots and tomatillos. 

The shipping costs are solely contingent on the amount of the final order. E.g., people who buy fewer seeds for lower than $10 would have to incur a regular shipment fee of $4. Those that purchase more than $200 will take advantage of the free delivery. Few shipping areas may be subject to significant shipping taxes, so ensure you review the list to find a little more about the costs you may have to pay.

Harris Seeds

Since the company was started in 1879, Harris Seeds aims to create quality seeds for a better gardening experience. Their range of vegetable seeds includes untreated, processed, and sustainable items designed to satisfy the needs of about each gardener out there. 

There is a standard delivery and storage price for your orders, which depends on the shipment size. E.g., orders under $15 would have to spend an extra $3.95 for delivery and storage, whereas orders over $150 will not have to incur additional costs. 

It usually takes 48 hours for the supplier to put out a shipment, except for orders made over the weekend. If you wish to collect your order faster, you can indeed opt for expedited delivery at checkout. Standard delivery shall cover deliveries by UPS or U.S. postal services. 

There are a few essential tips that you can adopt when you are trying to purchase vegetable seeds online (tips that can extend to just about everything you choose to buy off the web). However, some specific tips can help you escape the hassle of purchasing too many/not good seeds or wrong quality products that cannot even make it through the germination process. 

Certain things like asking for advice, doing your research, starting low, checking the climatic conditions, shipping charges, reading the fine print, and checking the seeds’ expiry dates are of utmost importance. 

It is necessary to look after companies that have expertise in the industry while purchasing vegetable seeds online. Service providers who have built a reputation for themselves have been in operation for decades and know much about the highs and lows of gardening to supply you with a range of premium items while still clarifying what fits for you and what does not.

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