What is the Best Wattage for Outdoor Flood Lights 

Best Wattage for Outdoor Flood Lights. Here Is A Quick Guide 

Outdoor lights are the best thing if you want to spend some time outside at night. If you have a security system installed and you will have Flood Light outside your home for sure.

But if you have a playground outside your home and want to spend time at night outside with your friends or family, then outdoor lights need to be installed.

Let us think about a night when you decide to spend it with your friends outside in your backyard with some drinks and barbeque, and you need to install outdoor lights. But will any outdoor light work?

What should be the specifications and things you need to take care of while installing the outdoor lights?

The main thing you need to take care of is the Wattage of the outdoor light that consumes less electricity. All you need to know about the Wattage of the outdoor light is here!

Classification of the Outdoor Lights Depending on the Wattage

Outdoor Usage LED Floodlights

Wattage plays a vital role in outdoor lights. So, here are mainly three categories in which the outdoor lights Wattage can be classified. 

The Wattage helps you serve the purpose and the need you want them to be installed.

Lights with Low Wattage

This is the first and the most used category of Outdoor lights. It is used for home decoration and beauty purposes. These are used widely to ensure less use of electricity.

When you use these lights, they may be nice for some but a little bit frustrating for others as per the purpose they use them for. Sometimes these lights are used in a chain to serve the cause of filling up a large area.

To carry out this arrangement, the lights are installed so that the ending edge of one light is attached to the starting edge of the others, not to leave any little space without light.

These can be used if you have a casual meeting with your friends to talk and not do anything else that needs concentration.

If you plan for dinner and barbeques, then these lights are no use for you. It is not an option for you to have low wattage lights and have a better dinner. It may be frustrating for you, as these will not give you clear visuals.  

If you plan to play something and fortunately you have your playground outside your home, again, low wattage outdoor lights will not be a wise option for you.

The Low wattage lights are usually with a wattage value of fewer than 40 Watts and this information you can check on the label while purchasing them.

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Outdoor Lights with Medium Wattage

These Outdoor lights are widely used to serve the purpose of someone coming to have dinner or a date. These have the wattage range lies between 40-80 Watts. This information you can check on the label before purchasing them.

These consume more electricity than the low wattage lights, and you better make sure while purchasing them as it may increase your monthly expenses.

It is wise to connect them at some high mounted place for more coverage with these lights; however, positioning is critical.

Proper angle of light is an essential thing to be noticed to cover most of the dark areas at night when you switch on these lights.

If you connect these lights on the pole just outside your bedroom window, then it may be a pain for you. The light-emitting from these lights will disturb your sleep for sure.

It is better to decide where to connect them, perfectly mounted, and cover the maximum area at night with these lights. There are wide varieties of these lights available globally.

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Outdoor Flood Lights with High Wattage

LED vs. Halogen Flood Lights: Learn the Difference 

These are the most powerful lights, and they need to be mounted high to cover the maximum area. These have a watt range of more than 80 Watts.

These are having a wattage range between 100 watts to 400 watts as per the use and requirements.

These lights are used for the roads to serve the purpose of best vision at night while traveling.

These are mounted on such a level so that this will not direct the light on cars or other vehicles that may disturb the vision of rider and it may lead to accidents too.

So perfect positioning of these lights should be critical while installing. These are installed at most important places like Parking Lots, Next to Public Institutions, Roadsides, etc. 

These high wattage lights consume a lot of electricity, and they are used mostly during sports tournaments like Cricket, Football, Tennis that may happen at night.

As they have an extensive range and high illumination to see each detail of the pitch or ground just like the natural daylight.

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To Get Best Out of Your Outdoor Lights

So, the best wattage outdoor lights are with different ranges, and these may have different fixtures. Also, these lights have different purposes of achieving as per the wattage range.

Lower wattage lights are used for household purposes, and higher wattage lights are used for large scales and platforms.

Some details you need to take care of while getting the best out of your Outdoor Lights:


Outdoor lights are available at different brightness levels and wattages, so you need to make sure that how much brightness you need for work.

You can have from 900-20,000 Lumens of light with these Outdoor lights. 20,000 is very high for big platforms and not used for household needs.

You can make a combination of several different lumen lights to get the appropriate lumens you want, and it also helps you get a better idea about the Wattage of lights you should choose.

Level and Positioning

This is an essential and significant aspect to take care of while using the Outdoor Floodlights at any place.

The fixture needs to be built and set up with the fact that you will get the best of the light experience. The level should be at such a height, and another important thing is the angle to which the light’s fixture to be tilted or adjusted.

If you have a sound knowledge about these facts, no one can beat you in this. You will get the best experience ever.

Coverage and Features

Halogen Flood Lights Outdoor Usage

The coverage you want always depends on the lumens you want and the purpose you want to be served.

So, if you want to light up a cricket stadium,n it may need more than 20,000 lumens, and according to that, you need to have a combination of high wattage floodlights. Another thing is the features of the floodlights you are using.

When you go somewhere in the hotels and restaurants where they have used the floodlights outside, they lit up when you go there and when you enter inside, they blow off.

The lights go from dim to high as per the movement detected by the sensor called Motion Sensor, and those are fitted in these lights. So, it is also a great thing that can help you to save electricity too.

The light will be lit up only if there will be specific movement from your side, detected by the motion sensor, and for the rest of the time, it will be off.

Final Views

So, the Outdoor Flood Lights are the best thing to see the world at night and clear vision. It depends on the area you want to illuminate, the purpose you want to fulfill, and the angle you should be aware of to mount them to get the best out of them. 

Illuminate the outdoor now with the best suited Outdoor Flood Lights keeping in mind the above facts and outliners. 

Let us enlighten the nights with the best memories and plan a dinner with peace of mind!

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