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Best White Picket Fence Ideas, Designs, Pictures in 2021

Best White Picket Fence Ideas, Designs, Pictures in 2020

Having our own house is one of the best feelings. Many are trying very hard to get their own house. While some have tried hard and after some time became the owner of their own house. Every house has a different aura and different themes as well.

People love to design their houses in such a way that their house resembles their personality and state of mind. You will find different types of houses in your locality. Some people will have a small house while some have multiple story buildings. It depends on every person’s choice and desires.

Apart from the design of houses, what most of the house owner shares as a common thing is their boundary and garden. It is almost similar in every house having greenery in front as well as at the back of their houses.

They do a lot of things to make their house look more and more beautiful. Whether it is flower beds, a friendly and clean patio, a beautiful lawn with some beautiful flower shedding plants, all of this helps your house to look more and more beautiful.

White picket fences are something that represents calmness and a state of peace in someone’s house. It represents an ideal middle-class suburban life—a house where lives a happy family where everyone is calm and positive. Therefore, we come up with some great ideas and designs of white picket fences. Look at them and use that idea to make your house look decent and beautiful.

Our Best Picked Ideas and Designs

Here we are presenting some of the best white picket fence ideas and designs for you. If you are planning to use white picket fences and want some suggestions, then you are in the right places.

You can get a lot of ideas from the internet where there is an ocean of pictures and designs which can confuse you. Therefore, to save your time and money, we have selected some of the excellent ideas and designs you can use according to your location. Hopefully, you will go from here with some perfect ideas and designs. Let us start now.

1. Greek Influence Architecture

Greek Influence Architecture

Making a boundary between your house and the outside world never meant to be done only by someone else. You can do it on your own. This white picket fence is a great example of this. This design is influenced by old German beliefs. According to them, columns represent a gateway to the spiritual world.

This design will suit every place you choose. It can be used around your garden as the main boundary of your house, surrounding your flower bed, and many more.

The columns will be beneficial at festival times for hanging ornaments or any beautiful things. If used in the garden, then you can also hang some flowerpots on it to make it look more flower embedded. Make your imagination and curiosity go wild with these columns to add an extra touch-up to this beautiful white picket fence.

2. Pointed Picket Fence

Pointed Picket Fence

This one right here is chosen for those who have a simple house. Pointed white pickets added adjacent to each other with two horizontal support to give it as simple a look as possible. It will be better if you use it as the primary boundary around your house. But we would suggest you use it for your garden and to increase its beauty you can also add a small gate of the same height for entering the garden.

This is quite a simple design and, therefore, will not cost you much. You can also do it by yourself, and maintenance is also quite easy. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for those who live in a small house with a small garden in front.

3. The Home Garden

The Home Garden

One of the best designs you can use in your garden. The flower beds will create magic. On the sides of your sidewalks, it can give a magical effect to your house, and if flower plants are planted behind it, then it will look more stunning.

it is round vertical part joined after some gap gives the more open look, and columns fill up the remaining void in its beauty.

A gate can also be attached to it if needed, as this is going to make it more attractive and nothing else.

4. French Gothic-style White Picket Fence

French Gothic-style White Picket Fence

It is called a Gothic-styled white picket fence. It is inspired by the French design and originally belongs to French history as well.

It is available in woods as well in other materials as well. But we would suggest you use wood as this will give this design its original look and charm. Cuts at the top of this fence give it its original vibe and aura.

5. Symmetric Fence

Symmetric Fence

This design may not seem attractive to many people, but some are fond of symmetry. This one specific design is for them only. There are only a few who will use this fence as it looks simple, but what attracts is its symmetry.

Perfect to use as the primary boundary around your house, and you can also raise its height as well if needed. But, do not make it too much tall as it will start looking unattractive and unpleasant.

6. White Picket Fence with Gate

White Picket Fence with Gate

This one is another simple design. As we all know that beauty lies in simplicity; to give your house a beautiful look through white picket fences, then go for the simple one, especially if you are going to use it around your house as the main boundary.

This one is perfect to use at the boundaries as it has taller sticks, and its columns keep them above the ground, which helps to make it look taller. Some greenery behind this fence can add some extra edge in its look.

7. Good Old’ Fashioned

Good Old’ Fashioned

Since we all know till now that the white picket fences are used from the colonial times, why not use the old classic ones. Therefore, we have selected this one. This has some classic designs and looks stunning if you have an old-fashioned house.

This will be great for those who are fond of classics and loves to use the simplest things for their houses. It can also be used in gardens and around flower beds as well.

8. White Picket Patio Enclosure

White Picket Patio Enclosure

If you live in a society where everyone’s houses are adjacent to each other, and you have just a small area in front of your house, then this could be the best one for you.

Its bottom horizontal wood plank gives it an extra edge. The thin and round vertical sticks also give it a more open look. Columns are the best part of it. It can help you in festival times as well to hang some ornaments to decorate your house. In Halloween, you can hang pumpkins full of toffees for kids as well.

9. Dalton Picket Fence

Dalton Picket Fence

This white picket fence has the best pattern ever. Its repeating pattern makes it look more attractive. It will be best if you must use white picket fences for larger areas. If used for smaller lengths, then you are not doing well in this beautifully patterned pickets.

Use it around your house and then see how beautiful it looks.

10. Bordered Picket Fence

Bordered Picket Fence

If you have a big house with some big family, then this can be perfect. This can easily attract anyone through its alternate column’s heights.

In this design, the vertical sticks are round and are attached very close to each other. This gives it a denser pattern, which is beautifully accompanied by designer columns of alternative heights.

You can also use it around your lawns and gardens as well. A house with a garden around it and some furniture at its front will look stunning when surrounded by these beautifully patterned white picket fences.

11. Springfield Style Picket Fence

Springfield Style Picket Fence

We have already discussed a converging pattern in the above options, and if you did not like that, then this can suit you better.

You can buy pickets of different heights and arrange them in this manner to achieve this beautiful design. The columns will add up in between and will make it look more stunning.

12. White Picket Fence Rose Garden

White Picket Fence Rose Garden

One of the simplest but gorgeous patterned white picket fences is here. It may not look as beautiful surrounding your house, and then it will look around your flower beds or your gardens. This has slim flattened white sticks, which are held together by two horizontal support. You can also add columns in between if needed. This can also help you to lift them from the ground to make it look more open and cleaner.

If you are a flower lover and have a lot of flowers and flower gardens, then this should be the first choice of yours. Flowers coming out of it and hanging between the pickets will take its beauty to the next level.

13. Florida Style Picket Fence

Florida Style Picket Fence

The use of white picket fences was originated in America, and it gets famous so quickly that people start using it in other countries as well. They then started doing experiments with their design, and they designed it with their ideas.

This design is one of the results of this. This picket fence, which has spikes at the top, is an innovation of Southern culture. It looks dense, and spikes are the best thing about it, which gives it its uniqueness.

This is all for you, and we hope that you liked them as well. We have selected these ideas and shared them with you. The designs can be used as it is, or if you want to add some more details into it, then you can also do it. Just let your imagination and creativity run free, and you will get the best results. Nothing could be better than our ideas. Therefore, take inspiration from these designs and add your creativity to gives them your uniqueness.

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