Is It ok to Leave the Chicken Coop Door Open All the Time

Is It ok to Leave the Chicken Coop Door Open All the Time

Caring for your chickens is therapeutic if you love being around these feathered creatures.

This can be your favorite hobby, and you will enjoy making new things for them, such as a chicken coop door appropriate for their little home.

You will also ensure their safety and well-being.

However, one common question when caring for these chickens is: Is leaving the chicken coop door open always okay?

This decision should be made only after knowing all the possible pros and cons of leaving the door open.

Thus, we have mentioned all the related details regarding whether always to leave the chicken coop door open.

Tune in to know all the details and then make up your mind about what you should do.

Best Practices to Follow When You Keep Chickens in Coop

Best Practices to Follow When You Keep Chickens in Coop

Keeping your chickens in the coop is a common practice to ensure their safety.

However, there are some good practices that you can follow to keep your chickens healthy and safe.

We have mentioned them below.

  • Regular Monitoring: Keep an eye on your chickens and their environment. Check the coop and surrounding areas for signs of predators and ensure that all entries, like windows and doors with appropriate dimensions for your chicken coop door, are secured before dusk.
  • Structured Door Schedule: Instead of leaving the door open continuously, set a schedule for opening and closing the coop door. Open it early in the morning and close it at dusk to shield the chickens from nocturnal predators.
  • Automatic Coop Doors: Consider installing automatic coop doors that can be timed to provide controlled outdoor access and close automatically at night.
  • Weather Considerations: Keep the door closed during adverse weather conditions to protect your chickens from storms or extreme temperatures.
  • Secure Outdoor Enclosure: Create a protected outdoor run for your chickens to enjoy free-range time, reducing the risks associated with an open coop door.

Should We Keep the Coop Door Open or Closed?

Should We Keep the Coop Door Open or Closed?

Several people believe that leaving the door open all the time can risk the chickens’ health, while others believe that it is beneficial.

However, you should decide only after you have considered the pros and cons of leaving the chickens out.


  • Leaving the coop door open allows for better airflow and ventilation, reducing humidity and preventing respiratory issues for the chickens.
  • Open doors provide natural light, which benefits the chickens’ well-being and egg production.
  • Chickens can roam freely between the coop and the outdoor area, promoting exercise, foraging, and overall healthier birds.


  • An open door increases the risk of predator attacks, putting your chickens in danger, especially at night when predators are most active.
  • Extreme weather conditions can threaten the chickens, including cold, heat, rain, or snow exposure.
  • Open access may lead to hens laying eggs in undesirable places, making it difficult for you to collect eggs and potentially leading to egg-eating or broken eggs.

Now, you can decide whether to leave your chicken door open or closed.

Possible Threats to The Chickens

There are some possible threats to the chickens when exposed to the environment all the time.

  • An open coop door makes stealing chickens or their eggs easier, especially in unsecured or easily accessible areas.
  • Open doors allow wild birds or other animals to enter the coop, potentially introducing diseases or parasites that can spread among your flock.
  • If chickens have unrestricted access to the outdoors at all times, they may wander too far, encounter unsafe or toxic substances, or eat harmful plants.
  • Chickens need a secure, quiet space for rest and laying eggs. An open coop door can disrupt their resting patterns, leading to stress and decreased egg production.
  • An open door could lead to chickens getting trapped, injured, or crushed, especially if they wander into dangerous areas or if the coop is not designed to accommodate an open-door policy.
  • An open door can invite pests like flies, mice, and other unwanted insects into the coop, potentially leading to infestations and unsanitary conditions.
  • Open doors can allow chickens to wander into neighboring properties, causing conflicts with neighbors or potentially harming the chickens if they enter unsafe areas.

You need to understand these threats as they can cause damage to your chickens.


Now, you are aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of always leaving the chicken coop door open.

So you can observe that the advantages are far lesser than the threats and the disadvantages.

Thus, leaving your chickens out in the open during the day is better than closing the coop doors after letting them in at night.

Moreover, Implementing a controlled schedule for opening and closing the coop door or investing in automatic coop doors can strike a balance between providing freedom for your chickens and ensuring their safety.

Regular check-ins, weather-appropriate measures, and a secure outdoor enclosure are essential components of responsible coop management, ultimately contributing to the health and well-being of your chickens.

Taking care of your birds is your responsibility, so ensure you do your job well and keep your chickens happy and healthy.

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