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Can I Use a Tarp as a Grill Cover?

Can I Use a Tarp as a Grill Cover?

Grilling is an absolute summertime activity.

When the temperature outside is pleasant, it’s time to gather the family or friends around the barbeque.

When you wrap up your BBQ party and the grill is no longer used, keep it covered.

A grill cover is an excellent method to ensure your grill stays safe and protected.

Most grill covers do not come with a machine, so you may have to buy or make a cover.

You can use a bungee cord or tie-down to keep the tarp over the grill in place.

It will not rip, tear, or puncture the tarp when installed.

Moreover, the material is durable and reusable if you don’t mess with it.

These grills may contain apertures that expose the internal mechanisms to weather damage.

Tips to Use a Tarp as a Grill Cover

Tips to Use a Tarp as a Grill Cover

First, you need to let a hot grill cool down.

Charcoal grills have a longer cooling time compared to propane grills.

A hot grill can quickly melt regular tarps unless you invest in a heat-resistant tarp.

Choose the appropriate dimensions and quality.

An inexpensive tarp will do the trick as a barbeque cover, but a heavy-duty poly tarp will last longer and provide excellent protection.

Lock it down as tightly as you can. You can’t just throw the tarp over the barbeque.

You must hold the tarp down to prevent it from being blown away by the wind and revealing your grill.

If you want a snug fit around, choose tarps with grommets to string rope through them.

Tarps make excellent outdoor grill covers and have several other uses at a barbeque.

You can make a grilling area cover out of a tarp and use it to cook burgers or whatever you choose, regardless of the weather.

Put it up high enough so that it won’t cause any damage from the heat.

You can use mesh tarps as fencing if your area has a roof. It keeps out insects and allows air circulation through your mesh shade enclosure.

How to Make a Tarp Cover for The Grill

Now is the time to make a tarp grill cover.

Since we usually keep it outside, the grill is vulnerable to weather conditions.

Grill covers come in various styles and materials, but you may also easily construct them!

1. Arrange the Necessary Tools

Collect tools like duct tape, bungee cords, tarps, etc.

The tarps must be big enough to cover the part of the grill you wish to shield from the elements and sturdy enough to stay put in the great outdoors.

2. Cut as Per The Measurements

Cover the machinery with the tarp now that you’re ready to go.

Verify the folds in the corners to make sure it worked.

Remove the excess pieces so you can drape them over the barbeque.

3. Thread Off

Remember that this covering will remain outside, where the wind can blow away and expose your grill to the elements.

Barbeque covers are easily lost, so secure yours with a bungee cord or other means.

Find the metal grommets on the tarp’s edge and thread through them.

Complete the procedure by knotting the bungee cord ends.

To enhance your outdoor grilling experience, consider incorporating some innovative covered BBQ area designs to protect your grill and provide a comfortable cooking environment regardless of the weather.


You should not risk losing your expensive and attractive BBQ tools. When buying the tarp cover, ensure it will fit all your appliances.

Sometimes, the price tag of a grill cover is just too high to buy.

You can make your tarp cover for the grill.

You can start with the tarp, duct tape, and bungee rope.

Investing in a high-quality tarp is essential because you need it to last long.

If you want to protect your gear from the elements, a heavy one is preferable to a light one.

If you want to keep your barbeque pristine, a considerable tarp is the way to go.

The duct tape will allow you to trim off the excess easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do to Keep My Barbeque Dry?

Most grill buyers also invest in a cover to keep their investment safe.

Using high-quality, custom materials, such as tarps or woven polyester fabrics, can provide superior protection from the weather and longer life.

What Happens if a Grill is Not Covered?

No matter how often you cover your grill, taking care is essential.

Erosion due to trapped moisture can occur if your grill is not covered, primarily if you reside in a humid or damp region without enough ventilation.

What is the Expected Lifespan of a Grill Cover?

On average, a grill cover should last between three and five years.

A grill cover’s lifespan is relative to its material and construction quality, the conditions to which it is exposed, and the frequency you use it.

Can I Wash the Cover for My Grill?

Scrub the cover with a soapy sponge or soft bristle brush.

Let the soap lie on the cover for a few minutes to release any stubborn stains or mildew.

Scrub one side of the cover, rinse off the soap with water, turn the body over, and repeat the process on the other side.

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