Do Outdoor BBQs Need to Be Covered?


Outdoor BBQs, those fun get-togethers with delicious food and friends, make many of us happy.

But do we have to put a cover on them when we’re not using them?

What happens when the weather isn’t so great? Rain, snow, or too much sun can harm your BBQ.

Why should you use a cover? A cover can keep your BBQ safe from rain, prevent it from getting rusty, and keep it looking nice.

But it’s not just about the weather.

Covers can also prevent annoying creatures like birds and bugs from getting into your grill, so you won’t be surprised when you use it next.

We’ll look at some benefits that help you decide whether your outdoor BBQ should wear a cover or if it’s better without one.

Let’s get started!

What is an Outdoor BBQ Cover?

What is an Outdoor BBQ Cover?

An outdoor BBQ cover is a strong shield for your grill.

It’s made of tough materials such as polyester or vinyl and comes in different sizes to fit different BBQs.

The cover protects your grill from rain, snow, dust, dirt, and even the sun’s harmful UV rays.

A good BBQ cover usually has straps or drawstrings to hold it firmly so your grill stays clean and protected when you’re not using it.

These covers are super important for making your BBQ last longer and keeping it in great shape.

Should BBQs Need to Be Covered?

Should BBQs Need to Be Covered?

Yes, it’s a good idea to cover your BBQ when you’re not using it.

Covering your outdoor grill has several advantages. It keeps your grill safe from bad weather.

Dust and dirt can also get inside and mess up the burners and vents, making the grill poor.

Using a cover keeps your BBQ safe from these problems, so it lasts longer and needs less fixing.

Plus, a covered grill is cleaner because it prevents birds, bugs, and animals from using your grill as a temporary home.

All in all, getting a good cover for your BBQ is a smart move to protect and maintain your outdoor cooking equipment.

Benefits of Covering Outdoor BBQs

Benefits of Covering Outdoor BBQs

1. Safeguard Your Grill Against External Factors

When you put a cover on your outdoor BBQ, you’re protecting it from rain, snow, and the strong sun.

This cover keeps water out of the important parts, stopping any harm from happening.

Too much sun can make the BBQ look old and weak, but a cover acts like a shield, making your grill last longer.

2. Prevent Rusting

One big problem with unprotected BBQs is that they can get rusty. When it rains or it’s humid, the metal parts of your grill can start to rust.

This makes your grill weaker and might even make it unsafe to use.

But if you have a good cover for your BBQ, it stops moisture from getting in, which means no rust and a much longer lifespan.

3. No More Dirt

If you don’t cover your BBQ, it can get dirty from dirt, leaves, and ash.

This can make it look messy, and when it rains or gets dewy, it can turn into a yucky, ash-filled mess.

But if you cover your grill, you won’t have to clean it as often, and it’ll be ready to use whenever you want.

Outdoor BBQ Covering Ideas

1. BBQs with a Pergola

Think about enjoying the delicious smell of burgers and kebabs sizzling away while hosting a fun BBQ in your backyard.

If you’re thinking about whether to cover your BBQ area, think of using a pergola.

A pergola is a structure with an open roof, often made of wooden beams or a crisscross pattern. It provides some shade but still lets a nice breeze through.

The crisscross roof design also lets some sunlight shine through, creating a cool pattern of light and shade.

2. BBQs Under a Pavilion

A pavilion is a great choice if you want to stay safe from bad weather while having a BBQ outside.

A pavilion is like an outdoor roof made from strong materials like wood, metal, or shingles. It keeps you dry when it rains or shields you from the sun.

You can have BBQ parties all year, no matter the weather. Having a BBQ under a pavilion also has other benefits.

You can put comfy chairs, lights, and even an outdoor kitchen.

3. BBQs with a Gazebo

For those who want a stylish and protective cover for your outdoor BBQ area, consider getting a gazebo.

A gazebo usually looks like a round or eight-sided structure with a roof and no walls. When you have a gazebo, your BBQ parties get a comfy vibe.

For extra beauty, you can decorate the gazebo with curtains, pretty lights, or even special netting to keep those pesky bugs away during the evenings.

For those planning to enhance their outdoor cooking space, examining different BBQ area ideas can provide valuable insights into effective protection against various weather conditions.


Covering your outdoor BBQ can be the best idea, but it’s not always necessary. It depends on your specific situation and where you live.

Covering your BBQ can protect it from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight.

This can make it last longer and stay in great shape. It also keeps it clean, so you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning before cooking.

It’s up to you whether you cover your outdoor BBQ or not. Just think about your weather and how often you use it.

That way, you can keep your BBQ in good shape and enjoy delicious outdoor meals.

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