Can You Pressure Wash a Brick House? Find Out from the Expert!


Most homes are made of bricks, especially the old buildings. Well, even though bricks add a retro aesthetic touch to your home, they might require better care than cement houses. Now, do not get me wrong when I say it requires ‘better’ care because I have met many people who think power cleaning is the definition of better cleaning. But that’s not true in all cases. Not every material can sustain power cleaning.

So now you must be wondering whether you can power wash a brick house. Well, I have discussed that in detail below. So delve into the guide without wasting any time!

Do Power Washing Damage Brick Buildings?

Yes and no, both, and it all depends on the uure you use. Suppose you use low pressure while power washing, there will probably be zero damage. But if you pressure wash a brick building using a high-pressure nozzle, it’s no surprise that your building will be damaged. This is because the bricks would loosen or crack due to the high pressure applied.

When the bricks get damaged, the house becomes open to safety threats and other issues like water intrusion. Hence, it is best to use low pressure while power washing brick buildings.

Is Low-Pressure Power Washing Fit for All Brick Buildings?

Generally speaking, yes, low-pressure power washing seems like a suitable solution for cleaning the mess from most brick buildings. But if the building is excessively old, it might be a concern.

For instance, if you are cleaning a brick property that is 90 years old, you need to understand that the construction of the building might have gone weak due to its age. Now on such weak walls, even the low-pressure nozzle can be harmful. It can break the bricks in one go or dishevel them.

Hence, before you start cleaning your brick house with a pressure washer, please find out the age of the building or the bricks used. You can easily hire home inspectors to determine the age of the bricks used in your house.

If the bricks are relatively new, then cleaning them under low pressure will do no harm, but if they are old, above 70 years, it’s best to avoid pressure washing and hire a professional soft wash cleaner.

Can You Clean Brick Walls with Power Tools Wire Brush?

Some may think that cleaning brick walls with power tools and a wire brush is safe, but I would like to give you two cents on my past experience.

One of my friends told me that cleaning brick walls with a wire brush is a good idea. Well, of course, I listened to him as I was inexperienced in cleaning matters then. At first, everything seemed fine, and the walls looked really clean. But after a few days, I saw that the paint was stripped off the walls.

I immediately called for a professional constructor, and he told me it happened because I cleaned the wall with a wire brush. He also warned me never to use power tools on brick walls. I got my lesson and never repeated it, and I hope you, too, learned from my mistake!

How Else Can You Clean Your Brick Walls?

Now that you know pressure washing isn’t the best choice for cleaning brick walls, you must be thinking what other ways you can clean the dirt off your brick house. Well, hiring a professional soft wash cleaner would be the best idea in that case.

A reliable cleaning company will use premium quality biodegradable cleaners that contain soft chemicals like Sodium Hypochlorite. This chemical can effectively kill algae and mildew from the brick walls without causing any harm.

If you want to do it alone at home, you can also combine warm water with chlorine bleach and use a scrub to clean off the walls. Even though it is easy to do, I recommend hiring a professional cleaner. They know which walls require what amount of cleaning solution, and they are also aware of the right cleaning techniques. In addition, the cleaning companies take safety measures before starting the work so that your home stays safe.

Best DIY Cleaning Solutions to Use at Home for Brick Walls

Besides using water and bleaching powder mixture, a few more DIY cleaning solutions that you can easily make at home are the vinegar and baking soda solutions. To clean stubborn dirt on bricks, you can take equal parts of vinegar and water. Baking soda solution can also help you remove stains easily. You can also buy Thompson’s WaterSeal Oxy Foaming Action Cleaner from these DIY solution stores.

Final Words

I hope that now you have a clear idea of whether or not you should be pressure washing brick walls. If you ask me, I would recommend you go for a soft wash by professional cleaners because that is risk-free and more effective for brick walls.

However, if you still want to pressure wash your brick building, please use low pressure. So are you going to pressure wash your house? Do share your thoughts with me and don’t worry about retaining the walls.

Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark is a renowned journalist with a BA in English Literature from Boston University. With over 12 years of experience, he has enhanced his skills in various fields of writing, including lifestyle and home improvement topics. His ability to simplify complex topics and connect with readers has made him a valuable asset. Apart from work, he loves volunteering at local literacy programs, showcasing his commitment to community engagement. He also enjoys woodworking and exploring historical architecture.

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