Can You Use Normal Balloons as Water Balloons?

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Balloons are a great hit among children, from adding vibrant charm to birthday parties to making hot summer days fun with water fights. However, this generalization of balloons differs when we dive a little deeper; the balloons are designed specifically for the task.

The balloons used for decoration, aka normal balloons, are typically made of latex and have more width and can be stretched wider than water balloons, which are highly specific based on the smaller size, aperture, material used, and tighter seals.

But the question arises: What do you do when you do not have enough water balloons to put in your water balloon cannon? Can the normal balloons be used as water balloons? And the answer is yes.

There are various factors to be taken into consideration. Let us dive deeper.

Normal Balloons vs. Water Balloons

  • Design: Water balloons are designed for their purpose; the material stretches to hold the water and does not explode with its pressure. Also, the smaller volume prevents it from bursting while being filled up. The openings are designed to prevent wastage of water and make it easier to fill them up, and the smaller size makes them easy to carry and helps make people targets in a balloon fight. However, the normal balloons do not meet the criteria or have proper material, openings, sizes, and seals suitable for water.
  • Cost: Water Balloons are comparatively more expensive than normal balloons, given their specialized technique. This, in fact, makes normal balloons a cheaper option; even though they generate more wastage, they offer a nonstop fun time.
  • Sustainability: Guess what! Water balloons are comparatively more harmful to the environment than normal balloons; not only do they take a long period to degrade, but poor disposal in open areas can cause animals to mistake them for food. However, normal balloons may contain chemicals that are bad for human skin and eyes and thus can harm children.

Using Normal Balloons as Water Balloons

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  • Using normal balloons instead of water balloons can be a fun, creative activity that can keep children occupied longer, giving parents a break. DIY provides children with a sense of achievement and educates them about basic science.
  • Normal balloons are widely available and do not require extra effort for procurement; the different shapes and sizes make them more attractive to children, and the activity of filling them up without premature explosion can be an amusing challenge.
  • The nostalgia for parents in using the old age method of filling up normal balloons with water can be a fun remembrance of the past and a bonding opportunity with the children with a few tricks regarding the uncertainty of normal balloons as water balloons.


  • During a Balloon fight, normal balloons can be a terrible choice and test your patience; the smaller openings with thinner necks make them burst while filling up, making the process slow and intricate.
  • Normal Balloons are unpredictable and have thicker material, sometimes leading to serious injuries when used as water balloons. The forceful stretch can also damage the eye if contacted upon compression caused by the explosion.
  • Water balloons are comparatively more fun as they do the job right; the uncertainty of normal balloons can be frustrating; also, they have poor durability and thus can burst while being stored.
  • Normal balloons have poor seals and lead to more wastage of water, increasing water bills and harming the environment. The different shapes make them harder to handle, and they are more likely to soak you than the opponent team during a fight.

How to Use Normal Balloons as Water Balloons

  • Pay attention while filling up the balloons and watch DIY videos to ease the process. Avoid overfilling as they will burst out quickly, address the safety zones on the body, and teach children to avoid the face, gut, and private parts.
  • Make sure to wear thick clothes like denim while playing, and wear eye protection when filling and throwing the balloons. Instruct children to maintain a safe distance and avoid using slingshots with normal balloons; if successfully launched, it can cause serious injury.
  • The balloons must be disposed of safely after the fight to prevent harming wildlife. Do not bury the balloons as they can be toxic for fertility, and collect and dispose of them in the hazardous waste (non-biodegradable) category. Do you prefer to purchase recyclable balloons?


So the bottom line is normal balloons can be used as water balloons circumstantially as they are easily available and cost-effective and are a fun way to add a new twist to the balloon fights. The unpredictable nature of normal balloons can also become an element of surprise. However, using water balloons or water balloon kits is a safer option and should be kept at the highest priority.

Normal balloons, if not handled safely, can lead to serious injuries. So our final take is to go for water balloons, but in times when you run out of water balloons, using normal balloons can be an option. But don’t make it a habit.

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