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Almost everyone wants to be on the go when it comes to technology. However, staying updated requires the internet, which might be costly for some people. Luckily, there are several pocket-friendly internet deals you can choose from.

If you are unsure of some reliable, inexpensive options like the patio, this article covers your need –read on for the best deals.

Cost-effective unlimited internet plans

Check out the list below for the cheapest unlimited internet deals.

1. iPrimus

iPrimus has cheap internet deals like NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100, and these plans are offered monthly. iPrimus unlimited internet plans come with their modems, and a customer can choose to add $10 to their plans to enjoy Fetch TV services. The NBN 25 plan goes for $70 per month, although if you have a well-matched connection, you can advance to NBN 250, which has a monthly cost of $135.

2. Vodafone

Vodafone offers unlimited NBN 25, which costs $75 per month. It does not have a lock-in contract. To the users who have postpaid mobile plans, they will enjoy bonuses and discounted periods.

Vodafone also provides a Wi-Fi hub which costs $180. Every time you subscribe to this plan, you get a $5 discount.

3. Southern Phone

Southern phone package offers affordable internet deals to regional and rural councils. Some of these plans are Premium, Standard plus, and Standard. The price of these plans begins from $65. The plans are free from contracts, and they are available every month. Modems are also available, and you can buy them at $99.

4. iiNet

iiNet offers pocket-friendly unlimited internet deals, and some of them have Fetch TV packs that are free of charge. It also offers bonuses, and your internet package will determine how big they will be.

The six-month plans include an entertainment channel and Fetch TV premium bundle pack and are the ones that have bonuses. Its price is just $5 more than the cost of your monthly internet charges, although there’s also $59.99 for the set-up fee.

5. Exetel

It offers unlimited home phone calls (VoIP) that costs $10 per month. Exetel charges range from $60 to $95. These plans are accessible every month, and they don’t require installation fees. Customers who subscribe to the six-month package or more will receive a free modem. If you cancel the subscription before six months, the cost of the modem will be $79.


How can I opt-out of my unlimited internet plan?

When you opt out of the unlimited internet plan subscription, you contact your provider’s customer care. After the appeal is made, the data option is removed from your account, and it will take effect on the first day of the following new month.

Do unlimited internet plans slow down?

Yes. Unlimited internet plans slow down when there is congestion on the network or when the consumer has used a certain percentage of data.


The need for inexpensive unlimited internet is quite common among users who are sticking to a budget when they want to browse music while relaxing in a hot tub. This piece captures some of the best affordable internet plans. Since each caters to different needs, it will be best to choose a convenient one.

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