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Commercial Pest Control Issues to Watch for in 2022


It is important for owners of commercial property owners to be aware of some of the common pest control problems that they are likely to face. This will help them to come up with a good plan to fight off the rodents and pests, keep their property free of an infestation and ensure that they are not going to end up with a mess that can close their doors and ruin their reputation. Some of the commercial pest control issues to watch for in your property for 2022 include:

Expect More Rodents

Mice and rats can be adaptive creatures who will hide away from humans and like to find dark and quiet areas that they can nest in with expensive rocks. As supplies and labor remain in high demand after the Covid-19 pandemic, rodents are taking advantage of some of the spots that are unoccupied, as well as some of the materials left behind, in order to build their nests in the commercial property.

It is important to be prepared for the increase in rodents in your commercial property. This will help you to take the necessary steps to keep them to a minimum and ensure that your property will stay as safe as possible. Some of the things that you can do to look for rodents and determine if you need professional pest removal include:

  • Entrances: Consider weather-stripping around the outside of the doors. Rats are able to get into a small gap, one as small as a quarter. They can even gnaw through current gaps to make them bigger so get rid of as many gaps as you can.
  • Gaps in walls: Fill in the small openings and holes on the outside walls of your property to make it harder.
  • Roofs: Repair any roof damage you see and seal up the gaps to make it harder for them to get in.
  • Vegetation: Trim the vegetation away from the exterior of your building to make it safer from rats.
  • Sewer pipes and drains: Repair any damage to these areas as soon as possible to make sure that the rats are not able to get in.

Bird Populations Will Go Up

Similar to what we see rodents, birds are looking into empty commercial properties in order to find the food and nesting materials that they need. Although different climates and regions are going to attract a variety of birds, many are surviving and thriving through the winter as well, meaning that you need to be prepared for them to be in the way as well.

Even if you are using your commercial property, if there is a warehouse or another type of property nearby, they may try to make their home there and then will try to get food and other necessities from your property. You need to put up signage to discourage others from feeding the birds near your property, remove the trash and food sources around the property, and even have some decoys to scare them away.

Termites are Rising

Termites are estimated to cost $5 billion in property damage a year. Even buildings that are constructed on slabs of concrete, can run into problems with termites, who will then work their way up the structure, eating insulation along the way to get to the roof supports, wooden beams, and more. What is worse is that these are the silent destroyers, meaning they can potentially be in the property for years without revealing themselves.

For the most part, the do it yourself treatments are not going to be that effective against the termites. You will need to hire a professional to help you out. They can bring in the best solutions to make sure that you are able to take care of the problem for you. They will be able to find out where the termites are, how long they have been there, and then provide the best solutions to assist you in getting rid of the termites and protecting your commercial property.

Worry About the Bed Bugs

If you own an apartment or hotel, or even a hospital setting, you may need to worry about bed bugs. Bed bugs are going to be very resilient creatures. They have learned how to adapt and can survive a long time without a meal, so you do not want to count them out, even if you are not getting a lot of travelers in at the time.

Bed bugs can be really hard to clear out of the property and may ruin your reputation if a customer finds out about them being there in the first place. You need to be proactive about the bed bugs and take care to keep them out of the property and remove them as soon as possible if they are found.

  • There are a few ways to limit the risk of an infestation. First, make sure that there is a thorough scan of the room, checking for some of the hotspots for bed bugs before you do any kind of cleaning.
  • Place all of the personal items in a designated area so that they are not likely to pick up bed bugs or bring them home from the business.
  • Make sure that the dirty linens are kept in their own containers and far from the clean linens.
  • If someone on the staff notices something they are suspicious about, they need to notify management right away to get a second opinion.

You may find that you need to bring in professional pest control to help. They will be able to look for the bed bugs and other types of pests to ensure that your building is cleaned up and that your guests will be as comfortable as possible.

When it is time to handle your commercial pest control, you need to work with the best pest control company in the area. Our team at Sprague Pest Solutions in Las Vegas can provide all of the pest control that you need for your commercial property, including commercial cockroach control. Whether you are looking for someone to prevent a pest infestation in the first place or you would like to fight off an infestation that has already occurred, our team will work with you to ensure your commercial property is safe and secure from pests and rodents.

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