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Different Types of Snow Blower: Which One is Best for You?

Different Types of Snow Blower

Who does not like to play in the snow? It can be a great alternative to spend some time with your loved ones. But snow can become a big headache if it blocks the pathways, roads and reduces the friction to zero. Earlier throwing salt at snow is considered as the ideal method to lower down the freezing point of snow and clear the roads.

But this process can be a little slow for today’s ultrafast world. To solve this problem, we have snow blowers in today’s world. A snow blower is a machine that helps to throw away the snow and clear the path. A snow blower has the power to throw the snow to a larger extent. At once it can cover a large piece of ground.

We have different types of snow blowers according to the different demands. Some have a low-capacity motor while some have a large one. Some can clear the road within a half hour, and some can take a whole day. In this article, we are going to tell you about the different type of snow blowers which fits in different demands.

Gas Snow Blower

As the name suggests this type of snow blower uses gas as fuel. Gas snow blowers are one of the traditional blowers to wipe out all the snow. The sound of the blower is loud enough to break the silence of the streets. It has some advantages as well as disadvantages which are mentioned below:


  • First, these snow blowers are very eco-friendly because there is no use of electricity.
  • The durability of such snow blowers is very high as compared to the many other blowers.
  • A gas snow blower can wipe out maximum heavy snow at a time.
  • The variety in size is amazing. It is available in different sizes from 12 inches to 3-4 feet.


  • Gas snow blowers are very heavy and bulky and hence need more space for storage.
  • One needs to maintain the engine regularly. It needs time to time oil changes, fuel, and air filter cleaning.
  • They can disturb every neighbor of your street as the engine is very loud.
  • Pull start may need extra power to start the gas blower.

Electric Blower

Electric snow blowers use electric cords to clean the snow. The cleaning power of this snow blower is quite impressive. Highlighting points of electric snow blower are given below:


  • An electric snow blower is very light in weight and the bulkiness is also very low.
  • It needs fewer efforts for maintenance. You do not have to check the gas and oil again and again.
  • Electric snow blower makes very little noise and is hence environmentally friendly to use.
  • The price is affordable.


  • There is a fear of electric shock from the cords.
  • You cannot use it if there is no electricity.

Cordless Snow Blower

The snowblower use battery as their fuel. You need to charge the battery of the blower and you are good to go. The pros and cons are given below:


  • There is no use of electric cord and hence the chances of electricity accident reduce.
  • The expense to manage the gas and stuff is also cut from the list.
  • To start the cordless blower, you only need to push the on button. Similarly, an off button to switch it off.


  • The biggest disadvantage is you must charge the battery again and again.
  • The battery life is not that good. You must change the batteries again and again.

A Snow Blower with Different Stages

There are stage, two-stage, and three-stage blowers are available in the market. Everything is the same in the three, except for the cleaning strength.


  • You can always buy one out of three blowers, as per the requirement.
  • The cleaning strength is very good. The three-stage blower is stronger than the two and one-stage blower.
  • These blowers first break the snow and then, throw it away according to their respective strengths.
  • The blowers go deep in the ground and make the path all clear.


  • The price of these snow blowers is quite high.
  • If you buy a one-stage blower and that day ice falls a little more heavy than usual then, you will be in great trouble.
  • Maintenance requires more effort.

These are the most famous snow blowers that many people are using. You can buy them offline as well as online. If you are buying snow blowers online, you may face some common problems like snow blowers not starting or not performing well.

In that case, call the company urgently and ask them to help. Most of the models come either in warranty or guaranty. You can change the model or any part at any time.

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