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12 DIY Plant Stands & Shelves to Flaunt Your Indoor Garden 

12 DIY Plant Stands & Shelves to Showcase Your Indoor Garden 

Plants not only assist in air purification; however, but they will also make your home appear marvelous.

Your indoor garden will look good if you pair your plants with the right plant shelf ideas.

You have landed on the correct page if you love creating and crafting things in a different style.

You can make the most out of your space and that with these DIY plant shelves ideas in your way. 

DIY Plant Stands & Shelves

Simple Plant Shelves

Simple Plant Shelves

It is among the beneficial and straightforward DIY plant shelves ideas if you have narrow and small spaces. This project will not be taking a lot of time to complete.

You will be having an entire set up of parallel plant shelves that are ideal for medium and small pots when the entire thing will be ready.

You will require a chop saw, some paint for finishing, some sandpaper, a nail gun, and some standard boards, and it is not at all a costly project.

It is not difficult to make as you need to cut some wood pieces, nail them, and then mount the wall results.

DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

DIY Hanging Plant Shelf

You can get benefit from the window space by creating hanging plant shelves. You will require a rope, some wood bits, along with some pieces of equipment that you might be having in your homes, such as sandpaper and drill, for this project.

It is effortless to make this one of the best plant shelves ideas for your indoor garden. Before you position the hanging shelves on the windows, you must remove the blinds from that place.

As most of the house plant does not need direct sunlight exposure, you must ensure that you are selecting a window that is not facing the sun straightly.

Suspended Plant Shelves

Suspended Plant Shelves

This needs only some investment in materials as it is one of the easy to make and basic plant shelf ideas. You will require some screws, some brackets, and some boards made of wood.

If you want your plant shelves to have a specific color, you can go for spray paint. However, if you are low on budget, then you can also skip this finishing part.

So, after collecting all the materials, you only must do the proper measurement of wooden boards, cut these into an exact size, make some holes by drilling and then mount the brackets on the wall. Hence they help in supporting the boards’ weight and the plants.

DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

DIY Outdoor Plant Shelf

This is one of the plant shelf ideas that are ideal for both outdoor and indoor plants. If you have some patience and some extra time, then it is straightforward to build.

The 3-tier shelf project includes two upper shelves having elevated edges to prevent the pots from falling off.

It is like other tasks that include creating wooden shelves and needs investment in the screws and wood that is most essential.

If you are planning to use it inside, you can paint the shelves with your favorite color or decorate the result with some string lights.

Wire Plant Stand

Wire Plant Stand

Well, it would be great if you know how you can build your plant stands easily. For instance, this project requires a lampshade having a set of wire cutters and a wireframe. If you desire to color the stand, you can also go and purchase some spray paint.

If you purchase a lampshade from the thrift shop, you can separate the cover and make use of the wire cutter to eliminate the middle portion that is mostly covering the light bulb.

You may find it a little bit difficult to look for the plant pots that need to accommodate into the wire gap, however that will not be much difficult if you purchased a standard lamp shade.

Copper and Marble Plant Stand

Copper and Marble Plant Stand

You may find this DIY project somewhat tricky, and this needs massive investment in things. However, you will be delighted with the outcomes.

You will have a marvelous plant stand when you integrate marble tiles, copper inch pipes, and some other equipment required for the task.

Well, it is not that much complicated as you think as it includes some copper pipes’ cuttings, making use of pressure times, including some powerful glue, and just some patience while the glue is drying.

DIY Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

DIY Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

If you talk about the DIY plant shelves ideas, then this is one of the most creative projects.

You will make use of an old drawer and then provide it a fresh appearance so that you can make use of it as a planter on the stand’s top.

You should provide a decent look to your drawers to paint them so that they will look more beautiful. 

You need to focus on the details seriously as there is not much difficult work to do in this task.

You can buy a folding tray for the lower portion of the stand, and in the event there is a requirement for paint, you can also give a fresh coat to that.

Plywood Plant Stand

Plywood Plant Stand

If you have some patience, you can make use of plywood to create plant stands that come under simple and cost-effective plant shelf ideas.

It just needs very few materials – a tape measure, a pencil, a bandsaw or jigsaw, and plywood.

It would help if you focused on the measurements before you begin to cut. If you have a coffee table made of wood, you have built a pictorial and useful plant stand that will add more charm to your living room.

Simple Ladder Plant Stand

Simple Ladder Plant Stand

These look beautiful; however, these will take some extra space compared to wall-mounted or hanging shelves.

Well, these are of great worth in the event they are consuming some extra space. This project will need some nails, pine boards, tape measure, glue, sandpaper, a table saw, and some other little things that you can easily find at your house or are significantly less costly.

It is a type of plant shelves idea that will be completed in less than 3 hours, given that you are not wasting a lot of time on the measurement and cutting of the pine boards.

DIY Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Ladder Plant Stand

If you have created a ladder plant stand to maintain all the planters and pots together, you can make a corner of the Zen plant at any location in your home.

Well, it is quite simple to build, and the outcomes are marvelous.

If you are following the measurement properly, you can make use of distinct kinds of wood for this task.

This project will not take more than 2 hours; however, most of the time is consumed because of the wood cutting.

Easy DIY Plant Stand

Easy DIY Plant Stand

If you want all your medium and small-sized plants in one place, then this is one of the perfect plant shelf ideas for you. It is practical and straightforward for indoor purposes, but you can also utilize it for outdoor purposes.

In general, this task needs making a standard ladder and then creating the shelves that will finish the entire A-frame stand structure.

A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

A-Frame Folding Plant Stand

If you are not having any succulent in your house, then it is a type of project that you want to attempt and DIY.

This stand appears to be a wonderful accessory to portray not only plants but also your collectibles, books, holiday souvenirs, and other things you like to be on this traditional stand made from cedarwood.

You need to understand that this is one of the plant shelves ideas that is somewhat difficult than the others.

If you do not have decorative tools at home to make this stand, you can also go for other ways.

You can go and buy the wooden bits that are in the required size already, or you can cut these on your own with the assistance of a handsaw. It may take much time, but it does not mean that it is not feasible.

Final Words

Now, you know various plant shelves ideas that are less costly and are very simple to make.

Well, you can buy ready-made shelves from an online and online store, but why waste money when you have a free weekend and all the required materials.

Begin to put your creative skills into these plant shelves ideas and add more stars to your indoor garden.

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