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Does Aluminum Joinery Affect Your Home’s Visual Appeal?

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When you’re planning to upgrade your home’s overall look, one can’t argue how essential it is to emphasize the window’s designs. A crucial component for your windows is the joinery. Thanks to the constant innovation of the construction industry, aluminum joinery has become sturdier, lighter, and aesthetically pleasing more than ever.

Windows play a huge role in protecting your home from external elements and various threats. Going for windows that have sturdy sidings can’t be overstated enough. However, aside from durability, one shouldn’t turn a blind eye over the importance of aesthetics, too. If your concern is whether aluminum joinery can improve or affect your home’s visual appeal in a good way, you should get to know more about them through this guide.

Comparing Aluminum With Other Materials

You can check out window factory.co.nz/ and other reliable aluminum joinery makers for more information. To better understand how aluminum joinery differs and compares with other joinery options, get to know their strengths better through the following comparisons:

  • Aluminum Vs. Fiberglass

Various aluminum frame designs have been readily available for a long time, giving it a significant advantage over fiberglass, which is relatively newer. Compared to fiberglass, aluminum joinery comes with edge spacers and can accommodate different glass panes that offer good sealing features and high insulated glasses.

  • Aluminum Vs. Wood

While it’s true that wooden joinery looks elegant and beautiful, aluminum offers unparalleled durability and strength like no other. They also come in different colors and designs, making them visually appealing for any kind of home. As a result of climate changes, wooden windowpanes will likely warp, contract, or expand with time. Moreover, wood is much more costly in terms of repair and maintenance. They also come with limited color offerings and finishes compared to aluminum joinery.

  • Aluminum Vs. Vinyl

Vinyl frames differ from aluminum frames in that they are thicker and can be made to look more realistic by creating smooth textured faux wood surfaces. The same feature can be applied to aluminum joinery, though. Good-quality aluminum can be coated with enamel, contributing to its aesthetic value. Both aluminum and vinyl joinery are durable and beautiful, but what sets aluminum apart is that they’re priced cheaper than vinyl.

Different Types Of Aluminum Joinery Windows

Many home improvements boost your home value. One effective and proven way to do this is to upgrade your windows. When using aluminum joinery, here are some types of windows that perfectly match them. You can find the best style depending on your house design.

  • Sliding Windows

In sliding windows, each panel slides behind a fixed panel connected to a sliding track. They are great for adding airflow into your home. Aside from making your windows look beautiful, sleek, and modern, they’re also a safer option for areas that are near walkways.

  • Awning Windows

Sashes open from the top and are hinged at the same location. When opened, the sashes allow air to circulate in your home. Awning windows are better at blocking rain than other window styles, even when they’re left open. Many buildings use this window design.

  • Bi-Fold Windows

The large opening is created by folding back a panel or several panels. The easiest way to operate bi-fold windows is to ensure they have an even number of panels. This is an excellent design of windows, depending on your home’s style.

  • Stacking Windows

A stacker has two or three sliding glass panels instead of one big window that opens completely. This allows you to control the opening or closing of the entire window size.

How To Choose The Right Aluminum Joinery

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It is critical to choose the right aluminum window for your living space after knowing its benefits. When shopping for the right aluminum joinery, it’s vital to consider some aspects before your final purchase.

Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Prioritize Quality

Never undermine the importance of quality for your aluminum joinery. Aside from checking its materials, make sure that they’re capable of producing air-tight windows. If you want to eliminate gaps between the frame and the wall, consider fusion-welded structures and silicone sealants.

  • Decide What Color Is Suited Best

Aluminum windows come in various colors, so achieving the desired aesthetics wouldn’t pose too many problems. You can make your aluminum windows stand out creatively by going through the different color ranges available. Choose the most suitable color of aluminum joinery that can add more aesthetic value to your home’s curb appeal.

  • Go For The Design That Appeals To You

When selecting aluminum window frames, design is a crucial factor to consider. There are many styles of aluminum windows to choose from, so choose a design that compliments your home’s architecture. Decide what style goes best with your aluminum joinery, and ensure that they fit your windows right. Remember to measure the window space accurately so you can determine what style is most suitable for your home.


When building a house, you should invest in quality windows, so it also means finding the best joinery is crucial. With all the information listed about aluminum joinery, you can better assess how it can positively impact your home’s visual appeal. By knowing their strengths over the other joinery types, you can decide whether it’s a better investment for your home’s windows. Apply the tips and use the information given here when selecting the right aluminum joinery.

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