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Eating Squirrels: Yes, They Are Edible

Eating Squirrels Yes, They Are Edible

Are you a big fan of meat? Of course, you are; that is what bought you here. We do not believe in creating suspense, so, yes, squirrels are totally edible. However, it does not happen to have a lot of meat content, but when added to the stew, the flavor is just outstanding.

Shows like MasterChef are becoming popular dad by day, and the audience could not get enough with the invention of new dishes.

From classic chicken to twisted fish meat, the cooking style is making its own space, and the latest addition to the list is squirrels. Americans have started loving the element of squirrel meat in their meals and restaurant owners in their dishes.

What Would Squirrel Taste Like?

Wondering how your taste buds will react once you treat them with squirrels? Well, it will taste something between chicken and rabbit. It will give you a hint of nuts and is a little on the sweeter side. It is light green in color and is textured finely.

If you want to pick an ideal flavor that will enhance the squirrel meat, it must do something with nuts and berries or creamy dishes and tomato sauces.

Either way, this is an adaptable ingredient and goes with a large plate of flavors. If you have some recipes that include bacon, sausages, or pork, then the same will help in keeping the meat dry.

If you do not have any recipe then you can get a recipe book and cook amazing meals for you and your family.

Squirrel Recipes for the Zombie Apocalypse: A Doomsday Prepper Cookbook to Survive the End of Days...
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  • English (Publication Language)
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Different Cooking Styles that will Compliment the Squirrel Meat


Once you are done with the hunting process, you can cut the meat into 1-inch chunks. To brown all the sides, you can dust them with a seasoned flour mixture in neutral oil.


If you are bored of eating regular chicken wings, then you can make an outstanding crunchy dish out of squirrel meat. You can drain the oil later using tissue paper and enjoy it with your favorite sauces.


There are endless ways in which you can enjoy the squirrel meat. It can be a squirrel jerky or marinated squirrel kebabs or whatever makes you content.

Is It Legal to Hunt Squirrels in your Backyard?

The first thing you learn as a hunter is that you require permits and licenses, and the same applies when you want to feast on squirrels from your backyard. In some cases, the landowners might overlook this requirement, but you should contact the state DNR to stay on the safer side.

Giving some treats like nuts or peanut butter can attract a lot of squirrels, and you will go home with a bag full of squirrels. Depending upon where you live, answering few questions can help you conclude.

  • Inquire about the rules and regulations of killing squirrels.
  • What can be the methods of hunting and trapping?
  • And the recipes that you enjoy after all the hard work is done.


If you are still confused about hunting a squirrel in your backyard, you can have a good talk with any hunter before moving ahead in the game.

They will not only give hundreds of tips but might also do one or two hunting with you to give a better perspective.

Squirrel might not be your topmost preference, but once you get habitual with cooking techniques, it won’t be easy to look back.

Is It Safe to Eat Squirrel? No matter how tasty squirrels taste, the majority of people are still paranoid about eating squirrels from their backyard, and they are not totally wrong. Although small rodents are out of the rabies zone, they still carry tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease. A little study on squirrels and some precautions can keep you away from this risk.

In a nutshell, you can minimize the risks by wearing gloves when you are field dressing them and performing the tasks promptly. As soon as you are done, shift the carcasses into the refrigerator.

If you have more questions wondering in your mind, then our comment section is always open. Stay connected for more tasty kinds of meat.

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