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Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Butterfly Gardening

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Butterfly Gardening

Butterflies are the most beautiful creatures that exist on earth. Whenever we hear the word butterfly, our mind automatically associates the word with beautiful flowers and gardens.

This is because we often find most butterflies in our garden or anywhere among the plants and flowers.

Everyone likes to enjoy a beautiful morning in their garden with many butterflies and various beautiful insects that live in plants and flowers.

A butterfly garden is all about planting those flowers in the garden that attract most butterflies and insects. The goal is to attract butterflies and insects and create an environment in which butterflies and insects find their home and feel comfortable.

In this article, we will discuss everything that we need to know to make an indoor butterfly garden.

What is a Butterfly Garden?

Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden is a place for different butterflies’ varieties to find their homes and a comfortable environment to live in. This garden is specifically built to attract butterflies.

To attract different butterflies, the garden is planted with bright, colorful flowers, which can attract butterflies. If you have a large space in your garden, you can choose to plant bright color flowers in one row.

A butterfly garden is generally planted with nectar-producing flowers that look like a rainbow and have the most authentic fragrance that attracts different butterflies. These gardens are visually appealing and, simultaneously, the best place, or we can say, the best home for butterflies.

Starting your butterfly garden will create a haven for butterflies to find food, water, and shelter without facing any issues. As day by day, many forests are cut for development and urbanization, so a better idea will be to make an indoor butterfly garden so that they can find a suitable place to spend their lives.

How to Make a Butterfly Garden?

Making a Butterfly garden is a beautiful but lengthy task. The first and foremost task is to do your research about the types of butterflies that are mainly found in your area. There are different types of butterflies found in different areas.

The first task is to know about your native area to know what types of butterflies are found in your area. You can consult a professional, or you can take some time to observe the species that are found in your area.

The next step is to plan the garden. In this step, you will have to plan the garden so that it will be beneficial to you and the butterflies. If you choose to plant the flowers in a group, butterflies will find their home and food easily. On the other hand, you will have to plan the landscaping of the garden so that you can watch the butterflies and their activities all day long.

Now, the next thing is to plant flowers so that the garden will look beautiful. Place the large plants in the backside and the small ones in the front. This will make a suitable layout for your garden that will look more appealing and beautiful. Plant all the flowers in the sunlight so that they can absorb energy from the sun all day long.

Try to plant nectar-producing flowers because these flowers produce warmth to the butterflies and insects. Sunlight is essential for flowers to absorb energy, and it is equally essential for butterflies and insects. At least six hours of sunlight is needed for plants as well as butterflies. 

One of the most straightforward methods to attract butterflies in the garden is to plant pollen and nectar-producing flowers. The nectar-producing flowers should be planted in the sunlight to receive sunlight and energy for at least six hours a day.

Butterflies also require warmth to fly, and thus, they only feed on flowers directly in the sunlight. One of the easiest ways to attract butterflies in your garden is to plant nectar-producing flowers.

With the nectar and pollen-producing flowers, also plant some other types of vegetables and bushes so that butterflies can find a suitable place to lay their eggs. Such plants include carrots, chives, or sages. Butterflies do not just rely on the sense of their smell, but they are also attracted to the flowers’ bright colors. More so, butterflies can determine whether the nectar is edible or not.

The most crucial thing in making a butterfly garden is that you should not apply pesticides and chemicals to the plants. As the butterflies directly feed themselves from the plants, it can be harmful to them. So, go organic when it comes to a butterfly garden. If you want to save your plants and bushes, apply only biological items such that they do not damage the flowers or harm the butterflies.

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden?

Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Now comes the most critical question. After you are done with making a butterfly garden in your home, the next thing is to attract the butterflies in your garden to find a shelter in your garden and start laying their eggs in your garden only. For this, you should first do a little bit of research about the species of butterflies found in your area.

After this, you will have to plant only those flowers that are pollen and edible for nectar production so that they can attract a large number of butterflies to your garden. At the same time, butterflies also get attracted to bright colors, and hence, it will be useful if you plant bright color flowers and some bushes to attract them.

Try to plant those flowers which blossom more and more. Butterflies want spring flowers to come out of hibernation and autumn flowers so that they can build their reservoirs for winters.

The most crucial thing in planting flowers is to provide them enough water to grow well. The nectar-producing flowers absorb a little more water than the other flowers, so you will be needed to water these plants more often so that they can absorb water and grow.

Provide food for caterpillars and all the insects that will eventually find a place in your planted bushes and flowers. When the butterflies lay eggs, they choose only those comfortable plants for the caterpillar to eat and survive. So, remember to plant these flowers as well. However, if you do not provide enough food for the caterpillars, the butterflies will not lay eggs.

The next thing is to make a damp and swollen ground area so that the soil will be enriched in nutrients by mixing water and soil. Also, provide holes in trunks of the trees so that butterflies will find a place to hide and rest.

Soil and Planting

Soil and Planting

Plants and flowers need a specific type of soil so that they can grow in a better way. This soil should be enriched in nutrients and other items such as minerals so that butterflies can find their food in them.

Not only this but also the plants and flowers should be weeded regularly, and at the same time, watering is also necessary for these plants and flowers.

Plant flowers and bushes in such a way that they can maximum sunlight and energy all day long. Remember to leave some space for stones and rocks to build a resting place for butterflies where they can sit and expand their wings.

How to Make Butterfly food?

Although butterflies love to feed on nectar and pollen flowers, they also love to eat sugar from rotten fruits. There are various ways to make food for butterflies and make your garden alluring to attract butterflies and several insects. Leave fruits to ferment and release sugar that can be fed by butterflies.

If you want to plant plums, cherries, and pear in your garden, you can certainly do so and leave the fruits as it is when they are in their rotting stage. It will be a good and healthy diet for the butterflies, other than the nectar and pollen flowers.

Make a fruit feeder and add overripe fruits and their seeds in the pot so that butterflies can find them and eat them. Also, add some fruit juice to prevent the food from drying and make the sugar a bit juicy.

Observe and Enjoy

Now, you are done making an indoor butterfly garden with flowers and plants that will attract different types of butterflies. Besides, you can also plant some flowers and fruits specifically for butterflies to feed them.

Now, all you need is to sit back, relax, and enjoy having so many butterflies in your garden. Locate your butterfly garden in such a way that you can observe them while sitting on the patio also.

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