Exterior Design Trends for Gardens


Gardens have become even more desirable than before in the past year, and with this has come some stunning design trends that homeowners are implementing. Whether you’re looking to update your garden for yourself, or you’ve been wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” and you’re focusing outside, this is the article for you!

1. Make the most of the space

A lot of homes have stunning gardens, but they aren’t being used to their full potential which lets them down. There’s much more to a garden than to offer an outside space; you can design it to offer an extra room of the house or you can build an enclosed patio, which will really make your home stand out and can even increase your property value if you’re looking to sell.

Creating a patio area with a table and chairs is a great option, providing seating in the summer and offering more space than the interior of the house. Vegetable patches or sports equipment in a garden also make it more interesting and show that it offers more potential than simply being a garden. Some homeowners are even designing their own garden bars and offices, really maximising the use of the outside space while increasing what the property can offer without cutting into the space inside.

2. Greenhouses

A lot of homeowners love the idea of growing their own flowers, fruits, and vegetables, but think that it’s too much work or too expensive to get started. In reality, there are actually plenty of ways that you can encourage your green fingers that suit you.

Grow-bags are an excellent choice for those who don’t want to dig out allotments in the garden, and you can get a huge variety of greenhouses that differ in size and shape to fit your garden best. If you’re interested in gardening but have killed more plants than you care to admit in the past, there are some really resilient options that will thrive regardless of your plant knowledge. Radishes, potatoes, and tomatoes don’t require a lot of care, and will also make your garden look amazing!

3. Archways

In gardens that have any sort of path running through them, adding an archway transforms it into a stunning feature with almost no work at all. You can design the arch to fit your style, changing the material, size, colour and shape – whether you prefer sleek and simple or want something a bit more extravagant, there’s an option for you.

These arches are a beautiful feature, and can be added to so they stand out even more. Some homeowners will grow plants like ivy over the arch, which gives an almost fairy-like feel to it, whereas others choose to wrap LED-lights around them to add extra colour and light to the garden in the evenings as it gets darker. Both styles are absolutely gorgeous and make an incredible addition to any garden.

4. Big and bright

Gardens are the perfect place around the home to dive into colour and make the most of the different shades that nature can offer, and with so many stunning options available, who wouldn’t want to make the most of them?

There are all sorts of flowers and plants that you can add into your garden and brighten the place up, adding in shades of pinks and purples among the green that will immediately catch the eye. Choosing plants like lavender or honeysuckle will also come with a delightful scent, filling your garden with the fresh smells and making the place even more welcoming.

5. Fire pits

This is a perfect option for nights in the garden, offering light and warmth easily. There are various sizes, shapes, and styles available, letting you pick something that not only works in the space you’ve got, but also looks uniform with the rest of your garden furniture to be flawless.

These pits are a great addition to gardens as you can use them through the spring and the autumn as well, letting you really get the full use out of them. They’re also a big talking point and will really stand out when lit, giving your garden something unique.

These trends are just some of our favourites, but we’re seeing new ideas throughout the year and we can’t wait to see what other ideas develop!

Martha Stewart
With a profound passion for the outdoors, Martha Stewart has worked in the for the perfect gardening for over two decades. After graduating with a degree in European History and Architectural History, her journey began with a keen interest in the practicalities and aesthetics of gardening. She worked in landscape architecture and garden design, amassing a rich practical experience. Her previous experience includes a tenure at a renowned landscape design firm. She enjoys pottery and exploring botanical gardens in her free time.

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