Should You Buy Boosted Boards For Your Teens? 


What’s the hype about boosted boards, and are they worth buying? Boosted boards are very similar to a skateboard but with electric power, as the name implies “boosted”.

They have been created to look just like a regular skateboard with all of the same features such as wheels.

Skateboarders absolutely love these boards because they are easy to control, are very stable, and have the advantage of higher speed over regular boards and therefore will not end up lying in the outdoor toy storage.

If you are looking to buy a boosted board then the best place to look is online as you might have already browsed online garden stores, groceries, and clothes on the internet. There are many reputable online retailers that have a wide range of boosted boards for sale. If your teen’s birthday is approaching and you’re not sure if a boosted board would be a good gift for him/her, then keep reading.

What Are The Features and Advantages of Boosted Boards?

The idea for Boosted Boards was to create a product that would help people to ride faster on a more balanced wheel. This increases safety. However, the rider should be at least 16 years old.

The speed of boosted boards varies according to the brand and model. It’s important to know how fast a boosted board goes before buying it. But just to give you an idea, models like the Boosted Board Dual+ have a top speed of 22 mph. There is a standard range of 7 miles and an extended range of 12 miles.

How Safe Are Boosted Boards?

If you’re concerned about safety, the boosted board stealth boasts a balanced core that improves ride on rough areas. It also comes with regenerative braking that can be activated by pulling on the trigger with the remote. While this can be convenient, activation leads to increased battery consumption.

Boosted boards are available in different shapes, allowing you to choose one that is either the most comfortable or easier for you to use. Boosted boards are made from a durable high-density urethane material, similar to that used in bicycle frames to reduce weight and increase stiffness

Unlike other boards, the urethane used in boosted boards does not shrink, run, or warp,

so you’re sure to get the most use out of them for years to come.

Disadvantages and Safety Issues

While there are more pros than cons to owning a boosted board, there are some inconveniences you’ll have to deal with if you decide to buy one. First is the battery life. The battery life of boosted boards isn’t exactly the best, accessing features such as regenerative braking can quickly consume the battery. Recharging fully takes up to one hour or at least forty-five minutes and that can be time-consuming.

Some are not waterproof which means they get dirty easily and you’ll have to clean them regularly.  Regarding durability, rock and pebbles can easily get stuck in their belt thereby causing wear and tear. Cut-offs during braking can be dangerous especially while riding on the roadside with a lot of incoming cars. Another con might be the price, as boosted boards can be expensive.


Overall, boosted boards are primarily safe and are worth buying if you can overlook the cons. Just make sure that your teen is of the right age, and allow some time for them to practice safely before taking it out on the street.

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