Favorite Pin Friday Pinterest Party – Week 7


I think Pinterest is so cool like best above ground pool and so useful. I find so many neat things on it and it’s nice to have a place to “keep” what you find online. I wanted to share some really neat entryway landing stations with you. I love the looks of them, and they are so useful like best zero turn mower for your big lawn.

I always love these! A central place where you can leave your bookbags, coats, shoes etc. and have your family organized for the day. I certainly wish I had an area in my house that I could make a cooler one than I have. I do have those same mailboxes that are on the wall below. I really like them. They just give that Pottery Barn feel (without the Pottery Barn price)

I think this one is the most innovative. I love when you have the room for the “locker” feel so that everyone has their own place for their coat and book bag. I also like when there is some kind of bench to sit on to take on and off shoes.

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If you like the pinterest parties you can go to Kim’s at Crafty Mama of 4. She has Pin it Friday

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