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Five Unique Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything


Some men can be confoundingly impossible to shop for when it is time to get them a gift. It seems that they have everything they could possibly want or need. Therefore, what could you potentially buy that would be a unique gift he would appreciate?

The answer to this challenging question lies in the man you buy the gift for and what interests him. Here are five broad categories of gifts with some interestingly unique ideas for you to think about:

Dress him up (or down)

For the man with a sartorial flair, a gift of clothing or accessory would be the ideal answer. A stylish blazer or a statement pair of high-quality eyeglasses can do impressive wonders. While going to one of his favorite shops and picking out something similar to what he already wears could take some time, why not opt for online shopping. Many well-known brands such as J. Crew, East Dane, and Nordstrom for clothing and Overnight Glasses, Ray-Ban, and Warby Parker for specs offer a wide variety of beautiful-designed clothes and eyeglasses respectively and save you quite the time.

Other gift ideas include more traditional options, such as shirts and ties or watches and cologne. While they may not be to every man’s taste, some will appreciate them. However, if you are trying to impress a special man, remember that such gifts tend to be gifts from family and friends, and you are looking for something that stands out.

Appeal to his inner kid

Many men are still little boys at heart, although they get few opportunities to express their inner childlike side. If you find out what a man’s childhood passions were, this could guide you in buying the ultimate gift. When you demonstrate an understanding of what makes a man tick, including his inner child, finding the right gift will not be such a challenge.

For example, and this may come as a surprise, but Lego is not exclusively for kids. Some Lego kits are complex, such as the Star Wars Millennium Falcon kit, which contains over 7,000 pieces. This would be a dream gift for any Star Wars fan. If you know that a man loved model trains as a youngster, why not restimulate that interest? Get him a starter kit to start building a new model train setup and if he is a football fan you can gift him a football field by learning how to make a football field in your backyard


Any subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. The concept of subscriptions has undergone radical changes in recent years. Gone are the days where buying a magazine subscription was your only alternative, although it is still a perfectly great gift idea. Consider whether he would prefer an electronic copy or a hard copy of any magazine you choose. Many men still like the feel of paper between their fingers when they flip through a magazine about something that interests them.

These days, you also have the choice of subscription boxes. At regular intervals, he will receive a box of goodies from a service provider. Most subscription box companies specialize in personal hygiene products, including shaving supplies or curating wine selections.

A gift that gives to others

The man who has it all might prefer it if you spent money for his gift on a worthy cause. With so many organizations in desperate need of financial resources, this is a great time to consider doing something completely out of the ordinary for his birthday.

For example, you could sponsor an animal at your local zoo or somewhere on the other side of the world. Alternatively, make a pledge in his name to a humanitarian organization that ensures that the less fortunate receive food, education, and medical treatment.

Geek attack

Most men love gadgets, so buying them one is a surefire way to make them happy. The challenge is finding one that he does not already have. You will need to put your sleuthing skills to use to determine what gadget he would like but has not got around to buying yet.

From fancy coffee makers to a garden trimmer to drones and everything in between, you are likely to find a gadget that he wants or might not have known he wanted. Look online for the latest devices and gadgets to see what is available.

Bonus gift idea

If your man is the sporty kind, get him the best headphones for working out, so he can enjoy his workouts more. If he loves to cycle, then a power meter for his bike will be the perfect gift to help him track his performance and progress. There are so many options to choose from these days that it won’t be tough to find him the best sports gear for any occasion.

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