The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Frisbee Golf Disc Straight 

Frisbee Golf Disc

Any sport can be interesting and fun when you know how to play it. You probably will not ever get tired of playing it all the time. But it might get on your nerves if the case is the opposite. If you do not know how to play a game or are not good at it, then it would probably be all boring and irritating, right? When it comes to games that are quite challenging to be good at, you cannot miss frisbee.

Disc golf is quite an interesting game to engage in when you are outside. Not only disc golf but all other games that can be played with a frisbee are amazing. However, it might not be the case with someone who does not know how to throw a frisbee properly. Even if you somehow manage to play, it is just not worth it if you cannot throw it straight.

If you are also someone who struggles to throw a frisbee disc straight and clean, here is the solution for you. Here we have got you some tips and tricks on how you can throw a disc straight. Read through, and you will also come across a few possible reasons behind your non-straight disc throw.

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Methods For the Perfect Throw

The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Frisbee Golf Disc Straight

Throwing a frisbee disc straight in golf or any other game includes numerous aspects to consider. Since we are talking about the how-to part of throwing a disc straight, there are mainly only two options-

Use a Stable Disc with Flat Release

In this method, you take your straightest disc and throw it as flat as possible. To determine the stability of your disc, look at its flight rating. It can be found printed on the disc itself, and the third number of that sequence is the turning rate. A rating from 0 to -1 would work great here. You can also go with an overstable disc that flies quite straight for you.

You need to release the disc flat and do the pull throw in a straight line. Pull throwing here needs to be done straight across your chest. Your disc will be hyzer or anhyzer if the pull throwing does not go well. Also, make sure that you do not start high and release low or start low but release high.

Moreover, do not curl your wrist in this technique. Keep your wrist straight when throwing the disc and start right from your run-up when approaching for the perfect straight path.

Use a Non-Stable Disc and Release with a Hyzer Angle

If you have an under-stable disc, release it at a hyzer angle to get a straight throw. This is called hyzer flip. Just like with the stable disc case, look at the flight rating system of the disc. For a good hyzer flip disc, a rating of -2 or lower will work great. A stable disc with a really flippy beat may also work here.

Once you have the right disc, let us start the throw. To get the disc flip to flat, you must release it will be an extreme force. The trick here is to pull your arm through quickly and generate a snap. Observe the hyzer on which you release your disc. You may have to release the disc with more hyzer if it still turns after flipping to flat. Make sure to release the disc low with noise slightly down for more success.

This is a hard technique, yet you might not get the perfect straight path. So, practice it first and then decide whether you can or cannot go with it.

Other Aspects to Consider

As said earlier, there are a few aspects to consider when aiming for a particular flight path. These are the basics of throwing a disc and should be included in the method you are using. The very first thing you need to pay attention to is the release angle. If your release angle is not established right, no way, you are going to throw at the right path. Mostly flat release angles work well for a straight throw.

Other aspects that can affect your throw are your grip style and throwing power. Both these aspects are quite important yet do not have any specific rules to follow. The way to hold a disc for a throw differs for every human. There is also no right or wrong in doing it. So, your grip style needs to be analyzed by yourself and make necessary changes after the analysis.

How your disc goes also depends on how you throw it. Throwing it too hard or too soft might also ruin the path. All these aspects can be analyzed and improved while practicing and playing.

Now, practice!

There is a huge difference between reading about a game and playing the game. Now that you have read all the methods and tips of throwing a disc straight try them out. Practice is the key to perfection. Keep practicing until you are confident enough to throw a disc straight to the goal. Once you learn it, all the best with ultimate frisbee disc games, it will become even more exciting and fun.

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