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Before putting your house onto the market, there are various jobs you need to undertake to get a solid and secure buyer. First impressions are everything to a buyer, so having your house in prime shape is essential. There may be a limit as to what you can do and by no means should you be putting lots of money into this property now, however, there are small jobs that can make a huge difference on first impressions for potential buyers.

Here are some tips on things you can do around your property to get it ready to sell; follow the following guidance to get your home ready to put on the market.

The Exterior

As already stated, first impressions do count. Photographs of your property will be the first impression for buyers, with many searching potential properties online or going into an estate agent to get an idea of what is currently on the market. Making sure the exterior of your house including the revival of the lawn is tidied up is essential; completing jobs around the front garden such as weeding, mowing the lawn, planting flowers if the exterior of the property is looking a little bare and bringing some life back into your front garden.

The exterior of the home may need a tidy up too, it is worth repairing anything that is broken outside of the house and give it a fresh lick of paint to get the best first impressions.

A Good Clean

After you have cleared your exterior of your property, it is time to concentrate on the interior. A deep clean of your house needs to be undertaken before it is shown to potential buyers. Deep cleaning includes toilets and bathrooms, hot tubs on decks, wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, cleaning rugs and carpets and making sure your kitchen is in quality condition.


When your house is on the market you need to make sure it is in pristine shape for viewers to come and see your home. It is time to declutter your house – get rid of any clutter that’s found its way to the surface of your home. Smaller things such as kids’ toys and books can be put away out of sight.

It may be a good idea to think about putting some bigger personal belongings into household storage if you need more space within the property for potential buyers to see your property in its most attractive state.

Repair and Refresh

It’s now time to do the repair and refresh jobs around the house. The small repair jobs that have been mounting up over the years are in need of some loving work, and this is the perfect time to do them.

Once you have repaired the things around the house, it’s time for a refresh – get those walls looking well-tended too with a new lick of paint. Giving the house a little love will show your potential buyers the property in its best light.

Depersonalise the House

Lastly, make sure you depersonalise the home. Potential buyers want to see a warm and inviting house to possibly call their own, not a house that has a personal touch by the current owners. This means putting away framed photos of family and friends, personal items, calendars and notice boards around the house.

Get Professional Photos

It is worth hiring a professional photographer to get the best images of your home. Remember you are marketing your home for your potential buyers; you want people to want to come and take a look at the property for themselves due to the beautiful photos they have seen of your house.

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