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Gutter Guard by Gutterglove vs. EasyOn: Which One to Choose? 

Gutter Guard by Gutterglove vs. EasyOn: Which One to Choose for Your Gutters? 

Have you heard of the gutter? Well, the term went on to be misused by people to refer to trash. But the actual meaning is somewhat different than what we use. Gutter systems are channeling that people install attached to houses’ roofs to make the rainfall in a certain way.

 The gutter system makes sure that the rain does not slip all over from your top. Before we go on discussing gutter guard by Gutterglove, let us know what gutters are. Gutters carry rainwater from the roof, and through a pipe, they make sure that it falls only on one spot.

It is a relief to have gutters installed, while it is also a nightmare to maintain them. Imagine getting on top of the roof every time you must clean the system. If you wonder why we even need to clean them, then you should think about other things that rains bring other than water.

With rains come winds, and with winds come leaves, dust, pests, and things that you do not want on your house. If you leave your gutter without cleaning for a long time, there is a danger of infection.

Not leaves, but if there is some pest or a dead animal stuck in the gutter, it is a nightmare. Also, you do not want your gutters to clog. Hence, it would help if you clean them frequently.

But imagine having to clean them up, getting up and down the ladder, and doing a lot of physical work just because you had a gutter.

You might think it is better not to have one. But no, you can instead install gutter guards. Many companies offer gutter guards that protect your gutter from all kinds of things.

Gutter Guard by Gutterglove vs. EasyOn Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard by Gutterglove vs. EasyOn Gutter Guard

There are so many gutter guards available in the market, but you need to purchase the one that works. But how do you know which one works?

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think about gutter guard is gutter guard by Gutterglove.

Gutterglove, by their name, are professional manufacturers that concentrate on products that help your gutter.

While the gutter guard by Gutterglove is famous enough to get your attention, the product that competes with them is EasyOn Gutter guard.

But Why Gutter Guards?

Even after the above discussion, it is quite ordinary to have this doubt. You might be confused about the very purpose of gutters. But let me explain why you need gutter guards by what they are.

Gutter guards like gutter guard by Gutterglove is a mesh-like structure that covers your gutters. These meshes are on top of the gutter catching the dust and debris from the rains. The water, however, flows down, and the dirt gets stuck.

These guards reduce your physical job by 90%. You do not need to get down, place the ladder on the other side, and clean the drain on every corner. If you install a gutter guard, you can relax on your couch till the rains stop.

You do not need to worry about clogging because the things that cause clogging are no longer in the gutter.

These gutter guards provide you with relief from jobs that you cannot even predict. Imagine a squirrel getting stuck in your drain and making sounds? Well, they cannot anymore.

EasyOn Gutter Guard

EasyOn Gutter Guard

EasyOn Gutter guards are steel mesh filtration systems that are excessively good at their job. They have micro-mesh on them and as many as 90 holes per square inch. With filters as such, they will not even let a lot of dirt in.

Even bigger droplets cannot directly fall into your gutter systems. Besides the steel mesh, this gutter guard’s body is aluminum, which is highly durable and long-lasting. 

EasyOn provides you with different types of systems that ease your process. The installation is so easy that you can even call it DIY. Some basic models supplied by them are so easy to install that all you need to do is tape the mesh.

EasyOn has a fine mesh that prevents dirt or leaves from entering. The possibility of clogged gutters is almost null. Clogging might happen in the long term, but the period that secures the drains is longer than an average gutter’s lifespan.

The technology EasyOn uses is V-bend technology. With the help of V-bend technology, anyone can install these EasyOn gutter guards. This technology allows you to fit the gutter guard to gutters of any different shape.

Because of this flexibility in installing the EasyOn, it quickly gained popularity among many households. Still, unlike gutter guard by Gutterglove, they do not have many options and ease of access. Let us explore gutter guard by Gutterglove.

Gutter Guards by Gutterglove

Gutter Guards by Gutterglove

Gutterglove being a brand that makes products, especially for gutters, has mastered their technique and established themselves in monopoly for many years. Not only do these products offer micro-mesh, like EasyOn, but they also provide durability. 

This micro-mesh provided in gutter guards by Gutterglove, there is a corrosion-free technology. Gutterglove provides wear-proof guards that not only prevent your gutters but also prevent themselves from wearing out.

Gutter guards by Gutterglove have high-grade steel coated with a corrosion-preventing coating. It is durable because you can see that they are the densest gutter guards you can get in the market.

As EasyOn’s micro-mesh filters many particles, gutter guards by Gutterglove tend to do their job even fine. Not even a speck of dust can enter your gutter with the micro-mesh that is carefully placed by Gutterglove. But because of this high filtration, you can see some of the water spilling.

The spillage problem occurs when the size of the droplets is massive. The advantage of gutter guards by Gutterglove is their most significant disadvantage. Their tight filtration system works so efficiently that anything more significant than that micro-mesh spills out.

But its durability makes you forgive the spill. Gutterglove can withstand 150 inches of rain per hour. You cannot find a gutter guard that can do this.



If you compare both the companies, they never compromise on the security and service of their products. Both being highly sold gutter guards in the market, they have a reputation for being durable.

From the above explanation, you can see that even though both the gutter guards are more durable than many others in the market, Gutterglove leads the way. Even EasyOn does not guarantee that their product can handle 150 inches of rain per hour.

Of course, if you live in an area where you do not have much rain, you do not need something as strong as that. But why would you have gutters if you did not have enough showers?

So, it is up to your decision to choose the factors that help you in both the companies. Being as close as this, it might be hard for you to choose one. Because choosing one from two is eliminating the other one.

So, think of it to eliminate features that you do not need and features that you need. In that way, you can choose either one.


While the durability points go to gutter guard by Gutterglove, EasyOn wins installation. As the name suggests, it is ‘easy-on.’ Gutterglove only has two types of installations.

You can either choose to buy the DIY pack with a manual in it or a professional one. But in EasyOn you have a lot of types that differ in installation.

As discussed earlier, EasyOn flaunts its V-bend technology that allows their guard to fix on any gutters.

EasyOn keeps in mind that many do not love to have professionals to come and fit their needs. EasyOn encourages its customers to DIY.


Without the warranty, you are just buying cannon fodder. So, it is a must that you check the warranty when you purchase anything. Especially for things like a gutter guard, you need to have a contract because they do heavy-duty work.

EasyOn offers a basic ten-year warranty like other gutter guard companies. But the beautiful thing about EasyOn is that they also extend the product’s warranty up to 25 years as per the registration.

Coming to the gutter guard by Gutterglove, it might come to you as a shock looking at their warranty period. Gutterglove offers a 40-year warranty on their gutter guards. Now, this number is four times more than what any company offers. 

It is more significant than EasyOn for almost two times. The number only flaunts their confidence in their product and their dedication towards customers.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a gutter guard with maximum durability, the highest warranty, and tight filtration, go for Gutterglove.

But if you are concerned about the price, you should purchase EasyOn. But a gutter guard is something that should come for a long time.

It is only better if you spent some more buck and just bought yourself a gutter guard by Gutterglove.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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  1. I think Sandy needs to study the product a bit better. The amount of rain for one thing.

    EASYON HAS YOU COVERED: Leaves, pine needles, seed pods, roof grit, birds, rodents and insects – nothing will get through these gutter guards. Our multi-patented micro-mesh filters out even the finest debris. Our proprietary V-Bend Technology allows water to flow freely and can handle over 150 inches of hourly rainfall.

    MATERIALS THAT LAST: We only use professional-grade materials that are built to last. Gutter guards made of plastic, foam, aluminum, or cheap metal materials can collapse, warp, promote mold growth, crack, blow off the gutter, or allow debris into the gutter. Our stainless steel micro-mesh withstands even the toughest elements and environments.

    EASYON IS FAST, FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE: Installation is fast on most roof types, and flexible when customization is needed. You can choose to screw it on with the included self-tapping screws and hex head adapter, or tape it on with the pre-attached 3M VHB tape. There is no need to worry about your roof or gutter type either since our innovative gutter guard is adaptable and will fit them all!

    WE HAVE YOUR BACK: Our install guides are easy to follow and help you along every step of the way. If you have questions, we have US-based, real people ready to help, just a phone call away. That way, you’ll have the confidence to Do it Right. Do it Once. Best of all you’re covered by our 25-year warranty.

    What’s in the box?

    24-feet of EasyOn Gutterguard- 6 Sections at 4 Nominal Feet Each
    Self-Tapping screws with Hex Head Adapter if you choose to screw it on
    3M VHB Double Sided Adhesive Foam Tape (pre-attached) if you choose to tape it on
    Installation Guide
    Warranty Information

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