How a Bad Night’s Sleep Can Affect Your Daily Productivity


Sleep is often considered a luxury taken for granted and fitted into the day in the spare hours available, leading to a bad night’s sleep. However, people would rate sleep much higher on their agenda if they realised how much of an effect it could have on their productivity.

It is recommended that adults should have between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep in 24 hours to function at their optimum. So, what if, for some reason, you don’t get that?

How a Bad Night’s Sleep Can Affect Your Daily Productivity.

When we sleep, our whole body relaxes, our brain goes into a sleeping state and the process of refreshing the body begins. This process helps to clear our minds and keep them ready to learn new things, manage emotions, and maintain a strong cardiovascular system and immunity to fight germs.

However, all this takes time, and you must get your required sleep to make these repairs. Over a short period, a bad night’s sleep can affect your concentration, mood, memory and ability to fight infections.

Significantly lower reaction times.

When you have had a difficult night’s sleep, your thought process slows down, lowering alertness and concentration and making decision-making more challenging. A bad night’s sleep can also make learning more difficult, as it is harder to concentrate, pick up new information, and retain it. This is because a lack of sleep affects our memory.

Sleep deprivation can also slow down reaction times so much that it can be the equivalent of being drunk, which can be a problem if you drive or have a job requiring quick reactions.


Now we know how a bad night’s sleep can affect you, how can you increase the odds of getting a good night’s sleep?

Add some comfort.

Being comfortable makes getting to sleep and staying asleep so much easier. Check your mattress, and if it’s sagging, unsupportive or old, it may be time to upgrade to a mattress which will transform your sleep, support your body, and allow you to rest and rejuvenate, ready for the day ahead.

The bamboo hybrid mattress is a breathable mattress that provides everything you need to get an excellent night’s sleep—working in harmony with your body to keep you fully aligned as you sleep.

Many people take their pillows for granted and feel they are just something to put their heads on. However, a good quality pillow is far more than that and will support your head and neck.

A lousy pillow can often cause neck pain and lead to problems over the long term, causing frequent bad nights’ sleep. A bamboo pillow which is soft to the touch, breathable and hypoallergenic is an excellent option. Its unique design will keep you fully supported all night and allow you to wake refreshed and ready for a new day.

Stay cool

Often people have a terrible night’s sleep due to overheating; they get too hot, take off the covers, and either can’t get back to sleep or wake again because they are too cold. This is frequently caused by bedding which is not breathable. The hot air gets trapped in the bed, which causes the sleeper to overheat.

Choosing soft and breathable bamboo bedding can make a huge difference, as it helps keep you wrapped in softness and prevents you from overheating, ensuring you sleep all night peacefully.

Many things, including an uncomfortable mattress and pillow and overheating, often lead to a bad night’s sleep, affecting your productivity considerably. Hence, it is essential to look at ways to prevent them and ensure you get a restful night’s sleep.

Deepak Chopra
Dr. Deepak Chopra is a well-known figure in integrative medicine and holds an MD. His previous roles include professorships at medical schools and leadership in holistic health organizations. He is a prolific author, with works focusing on the intersection of science, spirituality, and health. He is a keynote speaker at various global health conferences and has authored numerous articles and books on health optimization. He is deeply involved in philanthropy, focusing on global health initiatives. His hobbies include astronomy and exploring ancient healing traditions.

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