How to prepare your business for office relocation?


Office relocation can stop the work of the company for a long time, leading to loss of profits and losses of the enterprise. Indeed, in the process of transportation, furniture is often scratched, equipment breaks, valuable and fragile things are damaged, and securities are lost. So that the move does not turn into a nightmare and does not lead to losses, you need to prepare and properly organize the process thoroughly.

Preparatory stage

To begin with, you should decide whether you will move on your own or use the services of commercial movers. Of course, the first option looks less expensive at first glance, but it will really be cheaper to move on your own only if you have a truck and your office staff is ready to help you lower and raise furniture, clean rooms, and so on.

If you do not have such opportunities, you should contact companies that can do everything for you for a moderate fee. The perfect option, according to many, is a combination: part of the work can be done by yourself (for example, preparing tables and chairs), and part can be transferred to the reliable hands of specialists.


Let’s start from the very beginning – the packaging of all transported property. A specialist from a moving company can help you pack it. But if you don’t want to use employees in this business, you should think about packing already about a week or two before the move.

You need to decide what things you will actually take with you to your new office and what should be left or thrown away. Next, you should find the right amount of suitable packaging materials. Not much needed and rarely used things can be folded in advance.

When packing things in boxes, they should be sealed with tape and also marked so that everything can be found quickly and on time at a new place of work. Be especially careful with computers. It should be well packed during transportation using bubble wrap and cardboard.


So, things are packed, cabinets and tables are dismantled, and everything is ready for direct movement from place to place. Transportation is one of the most important parts of an office move. And we have to admit, this is the part that most of the moving people are worried about.

When the load is brought into the office, try to arrange the furniture exactly there immediately and exactly the way it will stand. Place boxes with small items and appliances separately from other things so that the boxes do not interfere with arranging cabinets and tables.


Preparing for office-to-office relocation may include insurance. Unforeseen events can always happen, and even if you use the services of professionals whose vehicles have special fasteners, expensive equipment and machinery can be damaged. That is why, in order to prevent the occurrence of any unpleasant situations, the equipment should be insured.

In addition, at the preparatory stage, it is necessary to draw up a plan for arranging workplaces in a new place, especially in cases where the office is occupied not by one employee but by several. During packing, each box must be labeled.


If you decide to move, it is much easier and safer to use the services of a company that will provide you with specialized services and helps you complete your office move. Thanks to the right approach and good organization of office relocation, you can avoid many problems and safely move to a new location with your employees.

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