How Can I Make my Backyard Private, for Cheap?

How Can I Make my Backyard Private, for Cheap?

Isn’t it essential to maintain privacy and safety for your house? A fence gate is a prime thing you need to install on your property.

I know that you do not want to sacrifice your security, but it is quite expensive to fence gates or fencing.

The fence keeps you and your family protected from trespassers and animals and sets boundaries for your house so that children will not cross that and stay safe inside.

What if I would tell you about inexpensive and cheap ways to keep your backyard private and safe? I am going to share cheap tricks.

Hang Curtains or Cloth

The super-easy way is to hang a few curtains and cloth around your area or porch; you can hang them up using nearby trees, rods, wire, or rope. 

It will look unique and beautiful. You can add a little bit of boho and aesthetics stuff for cool decor.

It has another benefit: you can change curtains or cloth anytime in any season and wash them off whenever required.

Retractable Dividers

Nowadays, various stuff and items are available in the market, out of which dividers, wooden screens, and panels are best when installing a wall in between.

Why should outsiders see inside happening? So put this screen between you and them. It is very cheap compare to fencing and adds a decent look to your house. You will fall in love with the results.

Use Old Furniture

Do you have old doors and big wooden sheets at your home? Well, do not throw them away and convert this wasted old stuff to build a wall or partition in your backyard.

You can paint these doors and sheets for inspired looks and adding a chic touch to your backyard.

You can also decorate them with pasting cloth or paper sheets and use some laces for a bohemian look. Give a retouch according to your mood and need.

Choose Artificial or Real Plants

Yes, you read it right. Use plants for screening in a balanced manner or in a row to arrange them according to your area or porch.

Either choose real big size plants or buy some artificial flowers and plants. Of course, you can choose and combine both.

The greenery will not only set boundaries but will also add fresh air and green beauty to your backyard. This is a super easy and quick way to execute.

Lattice Fence works

A Lattice board or frame is the best substitute for a fence. It will keep your privacy as well as fresh air will not get blocked. Lattice panels can be designed with different sizes and gaps.

All you need is wooden boards and slats to cover it up. You can always paint and decorate according to your mood or match it with home paints and decor.

If you are more creative, go ahead with some pots and vases to pop up in your backyard.

Self-Clinging and Wall Climbing Plants

You can win the game by just adding wall climbing plants to your board or panel and see them growing beautifully.

These plants will get stuck on your walls or other lattice surfaces, and the transformation will give you awesome vibes and positivity.

A few climbing plants are Boston ivy, Jasmine, Hardenbergia, Passionfruit Vine, Wisteria, etc. Do check your surroundings and sun exposure to these plants.

These plants will give full coverage to your surface, so be ready for the fun.

Trees and Walls as Fence

You can always plant and grow trees around the edges of your porch, and it will ultimately make a boundary to your house.

Trees are refreshing and green nature will never let you down. You can use simple bricks and wooden pieces to build a wall-type fence around your house, which will keep you safe and secure with celebrating your privacy on a low budget.


Hence, you do not need to spend so many bucks on your fence gate.

Just use the ideas mentioned in the article and your creativity to give beautiful decor to your backyard.

Play with colors to add vibe, and you will love the look.

Sandy Jensen
Sandy Jensen is the founder of OrganizeWithSandy and Works with Champalimaud Design where she curates and creates fresh ideas for designing and styling your life.

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