Can You Put Trellis on Top of a 6ft Fence?

We all want to get the house of our dreams. Some are lucky to have one, and many are trying to get one. Either be the case, we expect to have each part of the house according to our own choice.

From fences, doors, windows to floor and furniture, everything should be of our choice only. If we talk about fences only, they enhance the beauty of the house. Hence, most people want to have it.

But do you know that there are regulations for fences and their heights? Trellis above a certain height can bring an administrative notice to your house. Yes, that is true!

Let us read further to know about trellis and laws related to it. This article helps those looking to put a fence and want to know their rules and regulations.


A trellis (also known as treillage) is simply an interwoven framework of wood, bamboo, or metal. It is usually made to support climber plants (shrubs). They are made in both ways, as a single framework and to be attached to the fences.

A trellis is used:

  • As a tool to help plants grow indoors and outdoors
  • As a decorative piece in the garden
  • To add more privacy to the yard
  • To save space in the garden
  • It helps in the growth of plants by deterring insects, increasing air circulation, and allowing pollinators.
  • As physical barrier for animals and humans

Trellis on the Fences

When used on fences, trellis work both as barrier walls and at the same time serve all the functions effectively. People are aware of fences’ standard height, but they get confused about the trellis on it. You must know that there are regarding both.

Fence Regulations

Fences come in many different heights. Different sized fences serve different purposes. Depending on your needs and wants, you may choose a short 3-foot picket fence or an 8-foot fortress of privacy.

Unfortunately, local regulations may dictate height for you and limit your options. That is often the first concern for homeowners. Here are these regulations.

  • It is prohibited to erect a garden fence gate higher than 2 meters (6 feet). If you want to have one, then you need to have planning permission. This is a standard rule among most of the local councils. This law applies to both slope and steep land.
  • The fence is yours only if it is located on your property. Sometimes, we start using the neighbor’s fence, which is an appropriate way. Only do this if you have a perfect relationship with your neighbor.

Regulations for the Trellis

The rules regarding trellis are dependent on your local authorities. You must check their garden wall policy before attaching any trellis to your fence. The height of the trellis will depend on what your local council considers it.

Trellis as Fence

If your council treats a trellis as a fence or a garden wall, then the fence’s total height along with the trellis should not exceed 2 meters (6.56 feet). According to this, if your fence is 6 feet long, then you can put a trellis up-to half (0.5) meters.

Trellis as a “Temporary Structure”

In this case, the trellis on the top of the fence can exceed 2 meters (6 ft). Here, the fence itself is a “permanent structure,” and its height limitation is still 6 feet.

The trellises used to support plants for a limited period (Almost a month) are called Temporary Trellises.

Only Attached Trellis is Fence

Here, the trellis is considered as a fence only if it is physically attached to the fence. This is a rare regulation. You can install a free-standing trellis in your garden in such a regulation if you want a long trellis.

Other Ways to Increase the Height of the Fence

  • Install free-standing trellis and plant climbing dense vines nearby. These vines will quickly grow over 2 meters and help you soundproof the garden and avoid your neighbors’ gaze.
  • You can make a living extension as well. Plant tall-growing Plants like bamboo and grow bushes or vines nearby.
  • You can also build outbuildings like a small shed or a greenhouse next to the fence. This does not need planning permission if they are under 2 meters from the boundary/fence and less than 2.5 meters.


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