How Long Can You Store Grass Seed: Expiration Date?

How Long Can You Store Grass Seed

Planting grass seeds can be the best and cheapest option to garnish the lawn of any house. It almost required minimal effort to grow grass seeds. Some lawn owners store the bags of grass seeds in their garage so that they can fill the empty patches of their lawn. But most of them are unaware of the fact that every year the term does grass seed go bad inaction rate of stored grass seeds decreased by 10 times.

If you also don’t know about this fact then the following information may help you to store grass seeds for appropriate periods, without reducing their germination rate.

For How Much Time Can We Store the Grass Period?

The average time to store the grass seed depends on its storage conditions. Some conditions affect the life span of grass seeds. If you strictly store the grass seeds according to the given conditions then it can last for two to three years and still give you good results.

Avoid Direct Heat

Low temperature is considered the ideal temperature to store the grass seeds. Therefore, it must be stored inside a garage where the sunlight doesn’t extend.

Storing at low temperatures doesn’t mean you will store the grass seeds in your refrigerator. Instead, use a place that is naturally cool like the basement of your house.

No Contact to Moisture and Humidity

Always store the grass seeds in sealed plastic bags so that there should be no moisture and humidity. Because it can cause fungus on the seeds making them useless.

Also, humidity can make seeds sprouts in the bag only. That also makes seeds useless.

Take Care of Rodents and Pests

Rodents and pests can eat your seeds leaving them ineffectual. Have a careful look at the seeds after every two months. 

Because pests and rodents eat the seeds and leave the husk behind. Therefore it may seem that bag is full but the reality will be different.

These are the conditions that directly affect the viability of grass seeds. If you do not take care of these conditions then the grass seeds don’t even viable for six months.

Does Grass Seed Go Bad by The Type of Containers?

Yes, the containers used for storage can make grass seed bad. You don’t have to hustle for finding the proper container. Instead, go for a sealed container in which no moisture and humidity can enter. Be careful with the seal of the container because seeds kind of attract humidity, moisture, and rodents.

If you don’t find a similar container, then don’t worry and go for plastic bags. After putting the seeds inside it, do not forget to seal them properly. Now store the bag in the appropriate place. It will give you better result instead of storing in an open container or bag.

How To Check If the Grass Seeds Expire And, If Yes, Then What Should We Do with The Seeds?

if you have already stored the seeds before reading this article, find the bag and do a patch test. You can do it in two ways.

DIY Patch Test

For this test, take 10-15 seeds in a wet paper towel. After that place the paper towel in a sealed air-tight bag. Leave it for ten days and check if the germination starts or not. It will give you a rough idea of the seeds’ current quality.

Field Patch Test

If you do not hasten to grow grass on your lawn, then perform this test. It will give you a more accurate result. Spread some seeds in a patch of your lawn. Water it properly and wait for the germination.

These are the two tests you can perform to check the expiry of grass seeds. Every seed has an expiry period but, it does not like the expiry of food items. You can still use the grass seeds even after three years. The only difference will be that the germination rate can decrease to 40, 50, or maybe 80%.

Avoid throwing away the old grass seeds. But spread them twice or thrice as per the result of patch tests. They will grow according to their germination capacity.


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