How To Throw a Curveball with Wiffle Ball – A detailed Guide

How To Throw a Curveball with Wiffle Ball

Wiffleball sport which is like baseball played across various parts of the globe. This sport is played indoors and outdoors which drags the attention of sports lovers to play this game. Due to the usage of a lightweight ball and a plastic bat, it can be played by anyone irrespective of age and gender.

In this sports bowling is an art that includes various ways of throwing the Wiffle ball to make life difficult for the batsman. Out of many tricks in the book today we will focus on how to throw a curveball in detail. This helps a player to curve a ball up to two feet in the backyard wiffleball sport.

The amount of curve differs as it depends on the wiffleball field. For a better outcome, e one needs to be aware of how to make a wiffleball field as it helps the game of a player. The more you practice on different fields better the player. Conditions also matter when a player throws a curve, seam, swing ball to a batsman. A detailed guide is explained below which helps any sort of player special to the beginners.

Steps Involved in Throwing a Curveball with A Wiffle Ball:

  • Materials required for practice.
  • Choosing the right grip of the ball.
  • The throw of the ball.

Materials Required for The Learning of Curving a Wiffle Ball

Two materials are required for practice. They are a ball and a chair. A branded new Wiffle ball did not curve much than an old one as it is smooth. It becomes difficult to throw a ball with a new one. It is better to use a rough old Wiffle ball. It is not easy to get a rough used Wiffle ball in the market than a new smooth branded ball.

To make a smooth new ball rough use sandpaper and cover the ball so that it becomes rough. The other material is a chair, or any flat surface is placed where you throw the ball. In a real game, it is the strike zone. By using a chair as a strike zone there are more chances to do good in the real game by throwing a perfect curved Wiffle ball.

Choosing The Right Grip of a Wiffle Ball

Choosing The Right Grip of a Wiffle Ball

To throw a different kind of waffle ball a grip is required. The way a player holds the ball before throwing is the grip of a ball. Choosing the right grip is required to throw a perfect curved or swing or seam ball. The correct grip for a curved ball for both right and left-handers is to conceal three holes with a middle finger.

Ensure that holes must be facing the player’s eyes and butt. The seam should be opposite to your middle finger to get the maximum amount of curve. Once a player holds a ball in this fashion the grip is perfect, and half the job is done.

The Throw of The Ball

The Throw of The Ball

The last step is the way how a player throws a ball. A perfect throw is delivered when the wrist position is perfect and the angle you throw is right. The throw of a ball might be slightly different to sidearm bowlers, but the position is the same for any type of bowler.

Ensure that the wrist is kept straight and while delivering the ball bend your wrist downwards at an angle so that you can get the amount of curve for that delivery. Most of the force must be done by your middle finger to get the maximum result of that delivery. Practice more for better results as one cannot become perfect overnight. Patience is the key.

To curve a taped Wiffleball hold the seam like a fast-swinging delivery with two fingers together and the elbow position should be upwards to get the maximum curve while it is delivered.

Learning new skills improve the game of any player. It makes a player unique and special from others. There are higher chances to represent in higher levels of this sport. Keep practicing and have fun while you play.

Points To Remember:

  • Proper care and measurements are required while practicing.
  • Bending of the back knee is a must while delivering the ball.
  • Reach the ground by keeping the forefoot towards the target for better results.
  • Curveball is thrown from the over-hand direction of the bowler.
  • A curveball can come with a big break of either 12-6 or 12-5.
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