How Long Does Old Grass Seed Stay Viable

How Long Does Old Grass Seed Stay Viable

Lawns look beautiful, don’t they? But what goes behind creating a lush green lawn or garden is what we are going to talk about today. 

The first and foremost thing of creating a luscious green lawn or garden is to have powerful grass seed, but the most common question among gardeners and homeowners is that how long does grass seed stay good or does grass seed go bad quickly?

Answering this question is not simple. To answer this question, we must go through a lot of layers to make you understand the basic of grass seed and how to choose the right type of seeds for that green lawn you are longing for.

Apart from the seed type, some other things are also important such as the soil on your backward. The wisest way to choose grass seed for your backyard or lawn is to opt for the all-purpose grass seed, which is also known as multipurpose grass seed.

Its Dependability on Climate

On the other hand, grass seed also depends on the climate of the area you are waiting to put them in. If you live in a cold and chilly climate then cold season grass seeds are the best option for you.

While if the weather or climate is gloomy or sunny mostly in your area then warm-season grass seeds will be the best as they bloom great in this kind of climate.

Identifying the Seeds

Now your next question should be how to identify the type of grass seed whether it is warm or cold grass seed. It is not much to think of no matter where you are buying it from.

If you are buying it from any local departmental stores every detail should be labelled on the packaging itself. Or in case you are buying it from any nursery then you can directly ask about it to them.

While we are still talking about weather and climate let us inform you that all-purpose grass seeds perform well in every weather or climate, but the only setback is you cannot expect it to grow as it is all year round.

It might not be as bushy as particular grass seeds are, otherwise why would people opt for certain grass seeds anyways.

Soil Type Can Tell A Lot

Soil is also a solid concern as mentioned before. If you have the littlest knowledge about gardening, then you are already aware of how outturns can differ from soil to soil even after using the same seeds.

Suppose you have a sandy lawn with lots of pebbles whereas your neighbor has mostly clay in their backyard. Both of you will get different types of grass even if you use the same seeds and the same methods.

That is why like climate type you are suggested to check on the packaging or ask someone at the nursery about its soil type. Match it according to tour soil type for the lawn of your dream.

Kentucky And Perennial Ryegrass Seeds

You must be wondering about the above two names. Well, they are the names of the most popular grass seeds. These two are the most loved and talked about grass seeds because they are one step ahead of every other grass seed in the market, let us look at these pointers below to more about their specifications:

  • Both grass seeds ‘Kentucky Ryegrass’ and ‘Perennial Ryegrass’ grows best in 3 to 9 zones.
  • Both has an excellent shelf life.
  • Also, both grass seeds grow much thicker and longer than any other grass seeds you may find in local stores or nurseries.
  • Not to mention they also live way longer than all the other grass seeds combined.
  • You cannot guarantee their life span or quality as it is not possible at any cost, but they are known to be super adaptable.
  • If their availability is concerned, they are extremely easily available at any of your nearest places. They are mostly always available because of their high demand.

Things to Check on The Packaging Before You Pay the Bill

  • Checking the date is important. If you want your grass seeds to germinate very well then checking the date is a must. Now coming to the main question that took us where we are right now, does grass seed go bad quickly? Well, the answer is a big NO!
  • You can use any grass seed in 10 years. That is the standard time for any grass seed to germinate well. But our recommendation would be to plant it within the first year of its manufacturing date. Why so? Because the germination rate decreases each year with the rate of 10%.
  • Checking if it has any tear or leak is also important because moisture can ruin the seeds. So, check the packet very well before buying.


We have tried to cover every possible thing there is to know about grass seeds. Hoping this would be your ultimate stop for all the queries. Happy Gardening.

Sandy Jensen
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