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Want To Feed Squirrels? Here are the Food You Should Carry

Want To Feed Squirrels Here are the Food You Should Carry

Squirrels are quick critters who eat a lot due to their excessive physical activity of climbing up and down from a tree to its nest is extremely fast.

Due to their speed and energy levels, they need to eat throughout the day and not just nuts, but also other food items too.

You can feed squirrels by keeping a nest right outside your house and putting a variety of food in it that the squirrels can eat add maintain their Energy level.

There are a few foods other than nuts which you can feed squirrels taker list below:


Nuts are squirrels’ favorite food to eat, and you would find them eating mostly only that. Nuts like Walnuts, roasted Hazelnuts, Almonds, Acorns, and similar types of nuts are their special food.

These nuts are rich in protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and very fibrous for the squirrels.

They like to hold the nuts in their paws when they grab some, so you can keep the nuts every day for as many as six times during a day, and about a handful of them, as there might be more than one squirrel who would be your everyday guest.


Squirrels do not usually eat meat, Fish, or any other animal, apart from tiny insects which they can digest. They love to eat plants and are often found in the trees feeding themselves fully with it and even taking back some to their nest.

In a similar way, squirrels have a likeness towards eating legumes too. If we talk about legumes, then no doubt peanuts come on the top, since they love to nibble on them throughout their day.

Apart from peanuts, you can also feed them peas, lentils, and beans, as these all are an excellent source of protein which the squirrels would require in a great amount.

If you are hanging a nest outside your window or house for the squirrels to come by and eat, then keep few lentils like these, just a handful of each lentil and peanuts, five to six times a day.


Just like legumes seeds are also quite beneficial to a squirrel’s health. Seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower, flax, and more big seeds can be fed to the squirrel. Do not go for small seeds like chia seeds, as it will not be a proper food for them.

It is said that the seeds provide the most calories and nutrition for the squirrels, so whenever you are feeding them seeds, make sure you take a bit more than your handful. 

If you are feeding your squirrel only seeds, then it will hamper their health and make them overweight since seeds will not provide calcium, and other nutrients they will be requiring.

So, make sure to feed them the other listed food too, since they play an important role in their nutrition as well.


You can also feed a few fruits and vegetables to the squirrels without any risk. Fruits like apples, melons, mixed berries, oranges, and a few more. Since these fruits contain natural sweetness, it is preferred to give less than a handful of it to them, since they will have to maintain the carbohydrates in their diet.

The squirrels also love to eat vegetables like sweet potatoes, corn, radishes, tomatoes, beans, peas, and many more. Fruits and vegetables provide different nutrients to squirrels which seeds, or nuts will not. However, it is essential for you to always maintain the quantity of what you offer.


Since most of the time squirrels are in the wild, climbing up and down the branches of the tree, they might feed on small insects like mealworms, rodents, moths, coming in their way, and that is perfectly healthy.

Eating these small insects will provide Vitamin D and calcium to their diet, and it is totally not a risk factor.

And they are most likely to find all these insects in the trees or on the ground when they get out of their nest and go for an adventure.


Not only squirrels, but most of the animals require a few supplements apart from their daily food intake to make sure that they have enough nutrients and vitamins in their body.

For squirrels, supplements like Vitamin D3, and calcium is highly important for their daily intake. You can either mix these tablets in the water, or you can grind the tablets and pour some powder over the food you will lay for them.


Squirrels feed on various types of food and there are many day-to-day food items you can feed them. However, apart from all the items listed above, what you should not feed squirrels are foods that are rich in sugar like candies, bread, chocolates, Niger seeds, chips, etc.

Foods that are high in salt and sugar should always be avoided as these foods can disturb their system. Food rich in vitamins, nutrients will help them gain the strength they need, because of all the physical activity they do, the moment it leaves its nest.

You can always welcome squirrels, birds, in your home for a quick getaway, and keep highly nutritious and healthy food and water for them, to satisfy their cravings.

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