How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh? Things You Should Know

How Much Does a Hot Tub Weigh? Things You Should Know

Hot Tubs are the best place to be after you must unwind from your work, are tedious, and want to enjoy a relaxed evening. Imagine coming from your usual shift and finding your partner in the hot tub all relaxed and started up for you.

Now all you want to do is jump right in and sit there for hours without the tension or worry about anything in the whole world. Oh, and enjoying a cocktail with your loved one.

Not just that, hot tubs are known to be suitable for home therapy sessions too. It helps in providing hydrotherapy for pain relief and healing. 

You need to find a particular spot to install a hot tub, be it in your backyard with the sunlight beaming so that you can get tanned too, or under a tent in your backyard, or indoors too, pretty much anywhere you want, and it also comes with a wide range of colors and sizes.

Before installing your hot tub, you need to make sure that you know its weight because the weight of a hot tub is different in every aspect, like when it is empty when filled when there are people in it, its weight material, etc.

We will discuss a hot tub’s weight based on emptiness and filled, Placement, materials, and cost.

Weight of the Hot Tub when it is empty.

Outdoor Bathtub

An empty hot tub weighs between 300-800 pounds, which carries 2 and 8 people, respectively. Empty hot tubs’ weight depends on the material you are using. If you want to know the weight of an empty tub, find what material it is of.

Being empty, an inflatable hot tub weighs nothing, and it isn’t essential. A standard 2–3-person hot tub will weigh around 272kgs, a 4–5-person hot tub will weigh around 340kgs, and a 6–8-person hot tub will weigh around 365 kgs.

Apart from this, the famous Hot Tubs selling company Hot Springs has a wide range of hot tubs models, their weight ranging from 205-425 kgs when they are empty.

Weight of the Hot Tub when it is Filled.

An average hot tub caries 4-5 people and, when filled with water, weighs around 5,000 pounds. An inflatable hot tub, when filled with water, weighs less than a standard company hot tub.

An inflatable hot tub weighs around 1000-1200 when filled with water. A 2–3-person hot tub weighs around 1134 kgs when filed, a 4–5-person hot tub weighs around 1680 kgs when filled, and a 6–8-person hot tubs weigh around 2000 kgs when filled.

Apart from this, the famous Hot Tubs selling company Hot Springs has a wide range of hot tubs models, their weight ranging from 1,200-2,685 kgs when filled with water.

Weight of the Hot Tub based on its Placement.

Hotspring bathtub

You also need to make sure where you want to place your hot tub. And from all the places you can keep your hot tub in, the backyard is the least of them all. Before purchasing your hot tub, make sure you know where exactly you want to place it.

You need to confirm this beforehand if you want to keep it outdoors, indoors, on the ground, on the grass, because products like these require a strong foundation to hold the weight of the tub itself, of the water, and most importantly, the people.

Some tubs are permanent by nature, which means you need to install them just once, and for that, you need to hire a professional in advance so that he can come and look at your specific area.

If you want a tub that can be plugged and played, you will have to research how to move them and what place is the best to install them.

Similarly, if you plan on putting your tub outdoors, like on a roof or deck, make sure to build or put it on a string concrete slab, which will act as your foundation. You can also place your tub down and create a deck around it.

Weight of the Hot Tub based on its Materials.

Waterview bathtub

Apart from when it is empty, filled, or placed, the primary factor when you look at the hot tub’s weight, and that should be considered is the material.

The weight of the hot tub is majorly focused on what its material is. Here we will tell you the weight of different materials the hot tub is made of. 


Wood was a widespread and popular choice of material for hot tubs in the early days. In today’s scenario, wood is not that popular choice, but the tubs made from cedar, redwood, and any other trees look beautiful.

No doubt a wooden tub is expensive. While wood is known for its naturally beautiful features, it cannot be molded into smooth shapes to create benches for people to sit in. Its weight will also not be of any use if you cannot sit in it.


Probably the heaviest material there is, acrylic is the most durable material for hot tubs these days. However, it is the heaviest of the rest of the materials and can cost more than other materials like fiberglass and plastic.

Although they have some fantastic features, it will make your time worse if you wish to move them, being the heaviest, it might take up a whole day.


You can move your hot tub made from vinyl easily, and it will also cost you less. However, you probably will not enjoy using this hot tub. The reason being that this material is not durable and can easily damage, wear and tear, and only sometimes gets repaired.

Rotomolded Plastic

, Unlike the proper plastic hot tubs, rotomolded plastic is a powder put on a mold, melted down, and rotated until the entire mold is shaped smoothly and covered.

The product has a matte finish, is very light, and affordable than acrylic. This has the lightest weight among all other materials, and you will spend less time moving it too.

Above were the points telling you the weight of the hot tub that you will end up buying.

The weight of a hot tub is an essential topic that you should consider before purchasing one. Now let us also talk about the cost of moving the hot tub.

Price of purchasing and moving the Hot Tub.

Buying a hot tub is somewhat straightforward and under-budgeted. However, moving the hot tub is pricy, more than buying it.

If the company or seller you are buying your hot tub from does not have any after-sale services, you will need to calculate the service charges and the purchasing price when you want to move your hot tub. That is how costly it gets.

These costs are based on what type of service you want, how many men will be there, what type of hot tub is it, etc.

On an average scale, you might have to spend $350-$400 for moving your hot tub. Oh, and there might be some delivery charges too.


Buying a hot tub or any other oversized item like that needs tons of research beforehand. You cannot purchase them and then try to figure out where to keep them, how much it will cost, etc.

Among other things, the weight of a hot tub is essential when purchasing it, and for that, you must make up your mind beforehand on where to place it and try to sit in the hot tub before fixing it in one place.

Although it is fun and relaxing sitting in a hot tub, watching games or TV, or getting tanned, it can cost out of your budget too. And there is no fun in enjoying something with your pockets being empty.

This article gave you a brief description of the weights of various hot tubs and how much they will cost you.

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