11 Best Places to Buy A Fire Pit Near You 

11 Best Places to Buy A Fire Pit Near You 

Firepits are the essential equipment one can have during winters. There are many varieties of fire pits available, be it in rectangle form, or on a table, or a stone pillar, or having a feature of both water and fire.

There is so much to choose from, but the most important thing is to find some right places, so here we will tell you some affordable places where you can not only buy your fire pits, but its accessories, glasses, rocks, logs, DIY kits, and so much more.

People get confused between a fire pit and a fireplace quite often. A fire pit is usually open, unlike a fireplace, which is always indoors. Fire pits are sure to contain the fire, which does not spread across areas. 

You cannot generally make a fireplace. However, with the new companies coming up, you can make your very own fire pit, just the way you like it.

Below are the websites wherein you can find fire pits available near you, have them installed, or install yourself, with affordable prices and amazing discounts, just for you.

Top Places to Buy Fire Pit Near You


What better place to go search for any possible item than amazon? Amazon is the one shop for multiple needs, be it for you, or someone else, or anything, amazon has it. 

It will automatically come on the top for buying goods, and fire pits are no strange item.

The best fire pit that you would find on Amazon is the Landman USA 21860 Bromley fire pit, and it has stunning diamond cutouts and a seven-inch deep bowl.

You can never go wrong with Amazon for any of your needs, and you can even search for fire glass, covers, and other accessory items that would go with your fire pit.

American Glass

If you want to up your game, then go and buy your fire pits from American Glass. You will never regret buying from the fantastic collection provided by the American Glass.

And not only the fire pits, but they also have fire glass, fire rocks, and DIY fire kits along with plenty of accessories.

You might find them a little expensive, but their product’s end quality, its construction is worth the cost.

Their fire pits come with glasses installed in them, but you can purchase new ones and install them too and covers to protect your fire pits when not using.


By the name, this company sells tractors, and it does, but it also sells some great fire pits, which are recommended by everyone and have huge ratings.

Their fire pits are available in every shape possible, like round, diamond, cylindrical, UFO, etc., because of which a person cannot settle on buying just one.

And the most significant benefit is that they are very affordable. You can shop on their website not only for items for your house or transport but also for your pets, hardware, garden, poultry, house, and many more. They also offer the same day delivery.


The second most important and significant retail website would be Wayfair, after Amazon. Wayfair works just like Amazon, showing you the best of best fire pits available, comparing with the others, and helping you pick out the best suitable for your needs.

Their fire pits are extraordinary, having steel mantels with beautiful decorations done on them. Some of them come with a burner kept inside the fire pit when you want to light the fire pit, and you need to turn on the switch. 

Wayfair also gives expert assembly an option while you buy your product, so you do not have to call anyone.


Etsy is a platform that is popular for handmade jewelry and other items. But you can also find some custom fire pits on them, which have some terrific reviews and are worth buying.

 One such fire pit that has received some fantastic reviews is the fire pit by Plantation Spoiled.

To clear your doubt, yes, it is a handmade fire pit made of metal, steel, shotgun shells, brass bolts.

The best part about this fire pit is that since it is handmade, you can customize it with any image or monogram you wish to have on the side of the fire pit, be it a dog or you and your partner’s initials, anything.


By its name, you can imagine what will be on this website. Fire pits, bird tables, fire and water, pedestal fire pits, fire pit kits, log sets, lava rock, accessories, and so much more.

You will not need to look at any other website than this one, and it will surely bring your A-game of fire.

They include fire pits with impeccable designs, features, and structures. You can choose from so much and not just the fire pits.

You can also choose from indoor and outdoor fire pits, burners, accessories, and so much more, so why wait? Search now.


If you know what type of fire pit you exactly want but are not sure about the price. If you have checked multiple sites, found the fire pit suitable for your needs, but is pricy, then overstock is here to help.

Great options with affordable prices are what overstock offers to you. Be it a fire pit, or jewelry, or your home decor, and anything can be found here at affordable prices. And what is excellent than having the best fire pit and the best price.


Firepit outfitter is always mean business when they sell their fire pits. The DIY kits have everything you would need, from selling some unique fire pits to the burners.

They have full-size fire pits and their accessories, and their fire pits are available in steel, copper, concrete, wine barrel, and whatnot.

They even help you understand the gas line sizing chart, provide tech talks, give a detailed perspective on manuals, provide basics on match lights, all so that when you make your informed decision, there is no turning back and no regrets.

They provide all the expert advice about their fire pits and their accessories on their website.


Are you the person who wishes to do everything on their own? If yes, then build your fire pit, be it on a pole, with a water feature, on the table, with just the right kits and equipment provided by EasyFirePits.

Imagine having a kit that can turn anything into a fire feature pot or torch. How cool would that be? Your friends will never leave your house.

They have an option wherein you can customize your burners; however, you want it. There is nothing better than to buy the DIY kits, check the videos on how to install them, and use them the way you want to.

Montana Fire Pits

If you want a website that majors in providing a wide variety of complete fire pits, look no further.

At Montana Fire Pits, not only can you get some terrific options of fire pits, but also patio heating, cannonballs, burners, fire glass, logs, covers, accessories, and ignition systems.

You can choose from selecting different products and trust us; they all belong to your yard and nowhere else.

They also provide their customers, their blog pages, which feature articles on their products, how to use them, how it will look in their backyard, etc.


How can we not include Costco in our list? Costco is like Wayfair and Amazon. It is a wholesale site having products of all your needs ranging from fire pits, to household items, to daycare, to the kitchen, pretty much everything.

And what is better than picking up your favorite fire pit and having them delivered straight to your house.

When you open the site, you can enter your zip code to ensure that the items are available in your area. If not this, you can also find a warehouse nearby and pick your fire pit.


Buying a fire pit can be a tricky business. However, with the help of these sites, we may have eased up your work just a little.

Whenever you buy a fire pit, make sure not to put it on any wood surface since the fire pits are made of metal, and keeping it directly on the wood will destroy it.

No matter whichever fire pit you buy, the most important thing is that it should provide you warmth, and you can enjoy those cozy evenings with your loved ones, roasting marshmallows, just the way you want.

All websites also provide the option of nearby local stores, and what is better than to find the fire pits near to you, than search for them far away.

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