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How Much Inground Sprinkler Systems Cost? A Detailed Analysis

How Much Inground Sprinkler Systems Cost? A Detailed Analysis

An irrigation sprinkler or sprinkler system is used to irrigate lawns, golf courses, crops, etc. They can also be used for cooling and controlling airborne dust. Water is ‘sprinkled’ to ensure water is applied in a controlled manner, just like rainfall.

A sprinkler system consists of valves, pipes, and sprinklers. Sprinklers are also used for residential purposes. If you are thinking about installing a sprinkler system on your lawn or backyard, you must be worried about how much inground sprinkler systems cost? We’ll make sure you get everything you are looking for here. So, let’s dive in.

Residential sprinklers vary significantly in size and cost. There are different sprinklers, namely drip sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, portable sprinklers, and impact sprinklers.

Garden Sprinkler

Do You Need an Irrigation System?

To decide whether you should install an irrigation system or not, look for the type of grass on your lawn. Some grass varieties require more water.

The soil type will also affect irrigation. For example, clayey soil does not absorb water, but sandy soil does. If you supply more water than the soil can absorb, it will result in a runoff.

How to Purchase the Right Sprinkler System Components?

You need to decide your specific requirements before buying a sprinkler system. You should know the water pressure (in pounds per square inch), water pump size or meter size, water service line size, water flow rate (in gallons per minute), and the type of backflow prevention.

You can determine these yourself with instruments or call a plumber.

How to Install a Sprinkler System?

Installing a sprinkler system has a lot of benefits. It is a great way to save water and money. It makes watering the whole yard very simple, just like flipping a switch.

However, it can be a complicated do-it-yourself project. It requires some work, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be done in a day or two.

Automating the watering process seems unusual but installing a sprinkler is not an easy task. Here are steps that you need to take while installing one yourself.

Before anything else, make sure your locality doesn’t require a building permit. Check for underground utilities and local municipal watering ordinances.

Mapping and Planning

Inground Sprinkler Mapping and Planning

You need to determine a zone, keeping in mind the size of your yard and water supply capacity. Take a map of your house and mark where the water meter is located.

Mark all the landscape features appropriately and make sure the sprinkler waters only the areas where irrigation is needed. It is essential to mark the slopes in your yard, if any.

The water pressure changes with the slope. It affects the amount of water delivered by the sprinkler. You may need to prepare more than one version of the map if necessary.

You don’t need any dry spots, so full coverage is essential. So, one sprinkler head should make contact with another head. Different kinds of sprinkler heads cater to different needs concerning the coverage required. Please do not mix the heads as it decreases efficiency.

Use one type of heads in a single zone. Arrange some flags and mark the yard with them where the sprinklers will go.


Once the planning is done, you are ready to dig for your sprinklers. You can also use a trenching device (or vibratory plod) to dig faster. The trenches required are shallow (6-12 inches). The shallowness also depends upon the frost severity in your area.

If you are not using a trenching machine, you can also use a garden spade and dig with your hands. Choose the one with a square edge.

The trenches must have the same height, or the sprinkler system will not be efficient.

Assembling the Components

Assembling the sprinkler system is easy when all the pre-planning and digging is done. Layout all the pieces and put them together.

It is advisable to put as many components together as possible before putting them in the trench. Then, connect the PVC pipe. Read and understand your model’s instructions carefully.

Before connecting the sprinkler heads, flush debris from the line because it becomes difficult to spot blockage after everything gets in place; the flush will help you check the leakages.

Connecting the Sprinkler to the System Line

This can be done in two ways. You can either connect the valve to an existing faucet located outside the house or connect the system directly to the service line. If you decide to do the latter, you may want to hire a professional.

When Should you Replace the Sprinkler System?

You will experience little breakdowns in your system every 3-10 years, depending on the sprinkler’s quality. But broadly speaking, sprinkler systems usually last for almost 20 years. There are some standard solutions to fix the minor inconveniences in the sprinkler system.

The problem is usually in the essential components like the water meter, valve box, sprinkler heads, etc. Since the sprinkler heads are exposed and can be tampered with, most of the issues are related. You can turn off the heads and check for clogs in the nozzle. Use tweezers to clear the dirt.

The sprinkler heads may start leaking too. This can be due to loose caps or damage from pressure. If this is the case, the head should be replaced.

How Much Inground Sprinkler Systems Cost?

How much inground sprinkler systems cost is a primary concern among people willing to modify their lawns. Sprinklers come in different varieties and prices.

It depends on which company do you prefer or what quality do you desire. However, on average, a new sprinkler costs around $2500. You can also get a sprinkler worth $500.

Other factors also decide how much inground sprinkler systems cost to you, such as permits and hiring a professional or doing it yourself.

You may also need to hire an electrician and a plumber to handle the electricity and plumbing. This adds to the overall cost.

Things to Consider While Deciding a Budget for the Sprinkler System

The size of your property

Naturally, if you have a smaller lot, you will create a smaller map, and your cost will be less. But if your plot has many flower beds, trees, etc., it would be a little expensive.

Soil Condition and Gardening Needs

The soil of your lawn is a huge factor that contributes to the budgeting of your sprinkler system. Clayey soil doesn’t absorb water, so it needs less irrigation, hence fewer sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads also come in different variants like plastic and steel. Steel ones cost more.


Different brands offer sprinklers at different prices. Make sure you don’t compromise on quality or have to spend a few bucks every year to repair your system, and it will add up to be even more expensive.

Hiring a Contractor and Renting Equipment

If you are not someone who likes to do things yourself, you will need to hire the contractor and do all the heavy tasks.

You will also need to pay him, so this adds to the cost. Renting equipment like the vibrating plod for digging is another added cost.

Deciding to install a sprinkler system in your yard is a big task. It not just takes a lot of work but also can make a hole in your pocket.

But this one-time investment is worth it since it brings a lot of benefits. Before starting the process, research everything that you need to know, including how much inground sprinkler systems cost.

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