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How To Clean and Maintain Outdoor Solar Panels On Garden Lights 

Clean and Maintain Outdoor Solar Panels On Garden Lights 

It is very important to clean the garden lights because they are a part of outdoor lighting and such lights need much more importance and maintenance twice a year. Specifically, if you have solar panels on your garden lights, you have to take extra care of them to function well. So, you might be thinking now, why do I need to put extra effort if I am having so? Let me tell you that your garden lights harness energy from the batteries and the solar panels. Hence, I think the garden lights deserve a bit more care than that usual. Read the article below to get enlightened!

How To Clean and Maintain Outdoor Solar Panels On Garden Lights

Regular Pruning

Make sure that the solar panels of your garden lights are experiencing full sun exposure! No plants, shrubs, or trees should block the sun. The plants are to be regularly pruned because such garden lights totally depend on the sun and as you know that there is no sun after the evening hours, the plants need the proper affection of it during the daytime. Depending upon the growth of the plants of your garden, you might have to get involved with pruning, maybe once a month.

Cleaning Of the Solar Panels

It all depends upon your care! You will automatically see the changes when it is functioning in the evening or the dark. However, the garden lights won’t shine as long as darkness will prevail after the evening because the batteries do not have much stored energy because of the layer of dust which every solar panel has. This thing at times also shortens the life of the batteries. Despite knowing the facts, people try their best to take care of it and clean the garden lights using a cotton cloth and soapy water.

Clean Everything

After cleaning the lights with a cotton cloth and soapy water, keep noticing whether any dust is present on the globes and fixtures or not! If yes, then brush out the dirt or clean it using the same above-mentioned items. Always use a soft hairbrush to do the task. Try cleaning during the evening time to ignore the heat of the fixtures. Keep the plastic and the metal parts of the garden lights neat and clean. This caring behavior might change your destiny, and your solar panel light may get an extended lifespan. Cleaning these parts ensures you that the appearing dirt is not causing any harm to your garden lights, and it is capable of living an elongated life.



While cleaning the components, if you find out that any of the globes of the lights are damaged or broken, maybe cracked, then immediately try changing or replacing the damaged part. If not now, then definitely after a few days, in the future, you have to go ahead for a change, even if you don’t want or are not willing to do so.

The Batteries

Garden lights are not functioning well? Want to know why? Ah! Come on, and everyone does not face the same problems. But there’s always a possibility of corrosion on your batteries. And mostly the lights do not work well due to this reason. Maybe the batteries are not getting charged properly, and you are facing the consequence every day. You may need certain tools to disassemble the fixtures and get into the battery lodging.

Once you are in, look for dust. Little presence of dirt can easily be removed with a soft hair brush, but if the corrosion is an adamant one, then you definitely need fine sandpaper for the removal. And if you see too much corrosion within, then it can no longer be cleaned but replaced. So, it is better to replace the weak batteries if expecting a longer lifespan.


Do keep in mind that replacing is not an option that is meant for all. Every three years, batteries are to be replaced. You will get to know about this easily because your garden lights will start to persist for a shorter amount of time in the dark and will lose brightness. This is when you need to understand it!


So, want brighter illuminating power? Want your garden to be more attractive in the dark? Follow all of the information mentioned above! Only this is the possible way by which you can have a garden you have been dreaming of all along these days. Still, wondering about how to make solar garden lights brighter? I think now it’s time to chill and things should be very clear about this fact because now you know how to bring brightness to your garden. By doing this, your heart gets elated too, therefore, bringing happiness and brightness altogether in one’s life.

Meta description – For several people, a garden is an emotion! They want to adorn their garden with all. So, know more about cleaning and maintaining solar panels for outside garden lights.

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With an M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy from the University of Edinburgh, Marigold Parker has enriched our content with her solar lighting expertise since 2020. Her professional journey includes over a decade of working with leading solar tech manufacturers, where she played a pivotal role in product development and research. Marigold's articles offer a blend of technical knowledge and practical advice, drawing from her experience. Besides her professional interests, she is an enthusiastic gardener, applying her knowledge of solar lighting to create environmentally friendly garden spaces.

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