How to Clean Solar Lights


Solar lights are a cheap and convenient way to harness light from the sun and transform it into energy to power a light bulb. Solar lighting is cheap to maintain and can be easily placed around your enclosed patio, making it a choice source of light for many homes and business owners. However, to ensure that your solar system remains bright enough, you must ensure that the lights are clean and well-maintained.

Solar lights are used to illuminate businesses that require a lot of light to keep running. Such places include casinos that need bright lights throughout the night. They also use solar-powered neon lights to attract customers from a distance. If you visit and do a search, you will find that many reputable casinos have turned to the use of green energy as part of their commitment to protecting our environment.

Step-By-Step Process of Cleaning Solar Lights

Solar lighting is meant chiefly for outdoor use, which means that the system is usually exposed to the elements. But cleaning solar lights is simple no matter where you decide to place them. Since the solar lighting system comprises three components: the solar panel, the battery, and the light cover, we need to look at how you should clean each part.

Cleaning the Solar Panels

Solar panels are an essential part of solar lighting. Usually, they are strategically placed to absorb maximum energy from the sun. Their role is to convert the energy from the sun into the power that we consume. Though a thin protective layer covers these panels, they can accumulate dirt and get cloudy, thereby becoming less efficient.

To clean the solar panel thoroughly, you should brush the dirt off the plastic cover with a piece of damp cloth or towel. After wiping the cover clean, use some soap and water to clean out any stubborn stains. Gently rub a piece of fabric over the plastic, and wipe any remaining soap with a clean piece of dry cloth.

Cleaning the Battery

The design of solar lights allows them to work well even in bad weather conditions. But if they get exposed to rain, extremely humid weather, and snow, there are chances that wires will start rusting. The moisture accumulated inside the light’s housing may also cause the battery to develop rust.

Ensure you check the battery regularly for any traces of white powder indicative of corrosion. If you find any powder traces, wipe them off with a cloth as soon as possible. The powder does not stick and comes off easily. But if the dirt sticks, use fine-grit sandpaper to remove it. Clean the battery housing and wipe it dry. A dry battery housing prevents any further rusting.

How Do you Clean the Light Cover?

The light cover is the plastic or glass protection that shields the LED light. The cap serves to protect the LED light bulb. As these light covers are usually exposed to the elements, debris or dirt is much more likely to settle on the caps.

If the light covers are dirty, the bulbs lose their shine. Dull light is something you wouldn’t enjoy, right? So, clean your caps regularly with water and a soft sponge. Use dish soap for satisfactory results. If you live in a place that is too dusty, you need to do the cleaning at least once a month.

Final Remarks

Though there is no recommended schedule for cleaning your solar lights, you should do a regular check-up to determine if your lights require cleaning and make sure that it doesn’t placed near any sprinkler system layout. Depending on the weather conditions of your area, you can come up with your schedule. Batteries do not require frequent cleaning, but you can check them once every three months.

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